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Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Fantasy
Rayting:   8.9/10 4515 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The 'Bad Batch' of elite and experimental clones make their way through an ever changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Episode Guide

Season 1

August 13, 2021Episode 16 TBA
August 6, 2021Episode 15 TBA
July 30, 2021Episode 14 TBA
July 23, 2021Episode 13 TBA
July 16, 2021Episode 12 TBA
July 9, 2021Episode 11 TBA
July 2, 2021Episode 10 TBA
June 25, 2021Episode 9 TBA
June 18, 2021Episode 8 TBA
June 11, 2021Episode 7 TBA
June 4, 2021Episode 6 TBA
May 28, 2021Episode 5 TBA
May 21, 2021Episode 4 TBA
May 4, 2021Episode 1 Aftermath

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User Reviews

flippydakillet 4 May 2021

I'm a Star Wars nerd. I fangirl over The Clone Wars, and the final story arc of The Clone Wars is my favorite Star Wars property story. In the first 1 minute of this show, I screamed from delight at seeing the opening. 30 seconds after that, my heart sank lower than it's ever been. Only The Clone Wars could make me ecstatic then shook to my core with despair in such a short amount of time. This first episode is everything I've wanted from Dave Filoni and more- great worldbuilding, story, characterization, and entertainment. Dave Filoni's potential seems the most unleashed here, as he seems to have more creative control now that the show is on Disney+. I am beyond thrilled watching this, and have very high hopes for the rest of the show. Long live The Empire!!

sko_op 4 May 2021

I know some are coming into this show relatively hesitant after the bad batch arc in season 7, but this first episode will make everyone more than optimistic. This show will explore so much of the rise of the empire, something that is relatively new on screen. With 15 more episodes, there is bound to be great character development with each of the members- this first episode already started off strongly. As always, god bless Filoni.

ericplatteel 4 May 2021

The bad batch returns to the characters first seen in clone wars season 7. This first episode is an amazing buildup to what I believe an even better rest of the season. It is packed with some nice action, big suprises and gasping for air moments. I am very interested to see where it is going. Definitely worth the watch.

Cliffykus 4 May 2021

Great start! Dave Filoni can do no wrong. As he is one of three that is the future for Star Wars. Jon Favreau and George Lucas being the other ones. I'm excited for what await us in the coming weeks.

JTReviewsPlus 4 May 2021

Star Wars The Clone Wars is easily one of the best animated series of all time thanks to its stellar cast, animation, and writers. Bad Batch is no different. Dave Filoni, all the voice actors, and LucasArts deliver another amazing story about the events after TCW and Order 66. Dee Bradley Baker shines as the Bad Batch among every other clone they encounter. It's truly remarkable how he can express so many different emotions and personalities for the clones. Without his voice acting range the show can easily fall flat but no clone feels like the same person thanks to his performances. The visuals and action are taken up a notch thanks to Disney Plus's improved budget (I can only presume) and advancements in animation since the original series's debut. Not only do we get tie-ins with characters and plot points from the films but we are also treated to interesting storylines that we didn't even know we needed. The hour long pilot truly help it feel like an epic tale set in the Star Wars universe. Much of what happened between Episode 3 and 4 were left to Legends but now we get a phenomenal animated representation of some of the events that had taken place. Dave Filoni's apprenticeship under George Lucas is clearly shown through the story, you get that classic Star Wars vibe that is absent from Sequel Trilogy. If you are a Star Wars fan then don't miss out on Bad Batch!

dahmaidan 4 May 2021

Great first episode! I love the direction they're going in terms of plot. Always cool to see things that we've never experienced on-screen before.

clinton-41531 4 May 2021

Like the Mandolorian, This show gives me Hope for the future of Star Wars! Such good writing in this first episode and I have faith that Filoni will keep this rolling through the episodes. Lucusfilm is so lucky to have Filoni and Favreau producing such quality content!

maynkarora 4 May 2021

The show picks up right where the final season of clone wars left us. The clone wars have come to an end and Clone force 99 is trying to understand and deal with the aftermath of Order 66. The show clearly is filling the gaps between the prequels and the original trilogy, as well as establishing a base for Star wars rebels. Is the show more than just a Segway for the transformation of star wars? Is it worthy of being a standalone series? We'll find out as new episodes surface.

Elisej93 5 May 2021

I didn't care much for Clone Force 99 in Season 7 of Clone Wars so I wasn't excited for this show. To my surprise, it was a fantastic first episode that instantly hooked me. Starting the series off during Order 66 from the clone perspective was a great move by Filoni, and the characters were quickly made likeable. Can't wait to see where this goes!

ki-45838 4 May 2021

It was so good and I'm glad to see the reintroduction of some characters.

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