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Station 19 (2018)

Action | Romance 
Rayting:   6.6/10 11K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

This spinoff of the critically acclaimed show Grey's Anatomy follows the lives of the men and women of firehouse station 19 in Seattle, Washington.

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Season 5

October 21, 2021Episode 4 100% or Nothing
October 14, 2021Episode 3 Too Darn Hot

Season 4

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Season 2

Season 1

Best Station 19 Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 2, 2019star9.2 385 votesS2E15 Always Ready (II)
April 9, 2020star9.1 328 votesS3E12 I’ll Be Seeing You
May 9, 2019star8.9 267 votesS2E16 For Whom the Bell Tolls
April 18, 2019star8.5 234 votesS2E14 Friendly Fire
April 16, 2020star8.5 230 votesS3E13 Dream a Little Dream of Me
November 15, 2018star8.3 251 votesS2E7 Weather the Storm
May 16, 2019star8.3 243 votesS2E17 Into the Wildfire
March 21, 2019star8.3 237 votesS2E10 Crazy Train
April 4, 2019star8.3 212 votesS2E12 When It Rains, It Pours!
May 17, 2018star8.2 348 votesS1E10 Not Your Hero
April 1, 2021star8.2 245 votesS4E9 No One Is Alone
April 11, 2019star8.2 221 votesS2E13 The Dark Night
May 14, 2020star8.2 220 votesS3E16 Louder Than a Bomb
March 5, 2020star8.2 200 votesS3E7 Satellite of Love
June 3, 2021star8.2 182 votesS4E16 Forever and Ever, Amen
March 7, 2019star8.1 234 votesS2E8 Crash and Burn
December 3, 2020star8.1 233 votesS4E3 We Are Family
March 19, 2020star8.1 225 votesS3E9 Poor Wandering One
March 28, 2019star8.1 219 votesS2E11 Baby Boom

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User Reviews

itsmetif 2 June 2018

Breaking news - this is not a documentary. For anyone looking for a highly realistic show about firefighters or paramedics, police or doctors, this is not the show for you. This is a show designed to entertain not inform. It is a spin off from Grey's Anatomy so you're looking at the same level of melodrama that has kept that show on air for 13 years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode of the first season. I have loved the charater development and the interactions between the characters. I wonder if some people have an issue with this show because it features so many strong female characters and they feel uncomfortable with the concept that women are people too and highly capable of doing the same jobs as men. Sometimes they even do that while other women also occupy positions in the same department. Shocking, I know.

If you're looking for something not too serious to entertain you then this is a good option. While I wouldn't take it too seriously it does touch on a few important issues and there's a few tearjerker moments. Can't wait for season 2.

jackbenton2 23 March 2018

Chicago Fire has nothing to worry about with this trash. Unreal. As a Firefighter, I'm Truly embarrassed.

LiquidPoetry1921 24 March 2018

Perhaps because 'Scandal' is coming to an end, and 'Grey's Anatomy' is in its 56th+ season, Shondra Rimes is looking for a new venture to undertake. If she's trying to turn Seattle into what Dick Wolf did with Chicago, 'Station 19' is a COLOSSAL fail.

Not only is the acting abysmal, the storylines are as well. Where 'Chicago Fire' is packed each week with firefighters/paramedics attending to car crashes, gas explosions, building fires, etc., ~ with the occasional romantic/personal situation thrown in, 'Station 19' is exactly the opposite ~ an hour long soap opera with the occasional fire related incident gratuitously worked into the plot line.

Note to Ms. Rimes: Just because you can, really doesn't mean you should. Gave a VERY generous 1* out of 10.

Shellymartinez08 23 March 2018

I was excited about the show , but seriously disappointed . I expected more ! Main actress character is the worst protagonist ever . I can't watch anymore

MrsLoring 17 June 2018

Really can't understand why there is so many negatives towards this show!?

I'm really enjoying it and hope it continues! I love Chicago fire but both in their own way!

sonicvoodoo 23 March 2018

I NEVER write reviews. I like sappy melodramas. I don't expect much from network TV and settle for most anything when I'm bored. All this being said, this series is just plain awful/terrible. I find it absolutely incredible that ANYONE would invest time and money and then decide to air this junk. It really baffles me.

acsnyder19 23 March 2018

"I used to see this all the time when I was a doctor..."

Said no one ever...

This show blows.

privateangel 30 March 2018

I hope this show goes down in flames as it's horrible.It makes females FF look incompetent sex driven babies .No FF would work under her daddy unless a small volunteer Dept and no one would respect daddy promoting her.They picked many diffterent individuals to try and make this boring show intersecting but it failed .It appears they are leading Ben to cheat .Its so unrealistic and so poorly done it's not entertaining and the acting sucks .I watch Grays ,Chicago Fire as although not totally factual not so off base that watching it is a huge waste of time .In her interview the lead said she interviewed 2 female captains and then said how said it was for us females to be assulted .I am a veteran as well as Fire Instructor and it has not always been easy but I was not abused .Respect is earned and experience takes years .This show is embarrassing and sends the wrong message .

c_sims76 15 April 2021

Station 19 was such a good show. It was a well-balanced mix of first responder drama mixed with personal drama. At the start of season four it became 80% personal drama mixed in with political BS. Trying to be super politically correct and woke. It's more BS than the daytime soaps. Hate to have to stop watching something that was different and well written at the start.

mfjacks 23 March 2018

Station 19 is nothing but a politically correct relationship drama with unrealistic emergency responses thrown in for good measure. Been there, seen that. We have watched much better dramas that are similar to this one come and go. Third Watch is one that comes to mind. We don't need more of the same unimaginative, unrealistic, politically correct driven shows. Pull it now before you get more embarrassed. ABC's ratings could only get better by doing so.

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