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Succession (2018)

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The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company.

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Season 3

December 12, 2021Episode 9 All the Bells Say
December 5, 2021Episode 8 Chiantishire
November 28, 2021Episode 7 Too Much Birthday
November 21, 2021Episode 6 What It Takes
October 31, 2021Episode 3 The Disruption
October 17, 2021Episode 1 Secession

Season 2

Season 1

Best Succession Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

October 13, 2019star9.8 4674 votesS2E10 This Is Not for Tears
September 8, 2019star9.4 2535 votesS2E5 Tern Haven
August 5, 2018star9.2 2504 votesS1E10 Nobody Is Ever Missing
October 6, 2019star9.2 2011 votesS2E9 DC
July 8, 2018star9.1 2447 votesS1E6 Which Side Are You On?
August 25, 2019star9.1 2235 votesS2E3 Hunting
September 1, 2019star9.1 2168 votesS2E4 Safe Room
September 29, 2019star8.8 1792 votesS2E8 Dundee
September 15, 2019star8.8 1785 votesS2E6 Argestes
August 18, 2019star8.6 1875 votesS2E2 Vaulter
July 29, 2018star8.6 1833 votesS1E9 Pre-Nuptial
July 15, 2018star8.5 1956 votesS1E7 Austerlitz
August 11, 2019star8.5 1951 votesS2E1 The Summer Palace
September 22, 2019star8.4 1653 votesS2E7 Return
July 1, 2018star8.3 1940 votesS1E5 I Went to Market
July 22, 2018star8.3 1867 votesS1E8 Prague
June 24, 2018star8.1 1948 votesS1E4 Sad Sack Wasp Trap
June 3, 2018star7.9 2633 votesS1E1 Celebration
June 17, 2018star7.8 2009 votesS1E3 Lifeboats
June 10, 2018star7.7 2199 votesS1E2 Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

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User Reviews

cynthiacaton 5 July 2018

It is true that most - if not all - of the characters are unlikeable but I think that is part of Succession's charm! The casting is spot on and the dialog is tight. It is well nuanced and I'm looking forward to where the plot is going.

Highly recommended!

amrouten 3 July 2018

As I binged watch this, I realized HBO packaged this as their answer to Billions. However, this show is not about the business of industry; it's about the business of family. The characters become more likeable as season progresses. This is a great show and I bet the final episode is going to be a jaw dropper.

jeroen-106 21 June 2018

Characters are actually not one-dimensional as some people state here. Everyone is imperfect in this show. And even if they all seem greedy, they all have their weaknesses and their motivation is rooted deep in their personalities. For example the son who is temp CEO only wants his father's approval and pride, but gets rejected time after time. He plays the character very well. It's a healthy dose of drama and humor. I'm not sure yet about The Office - ish camerawork (sudden zooms) because it gives the impression of a mockumentary, as if the cameraman is there and just recording what is happening in real-time. It clashes a bit with the overall style of the show. Same for some of The Office style humor they brought to this show. But these are minor things that don't get in the way of the story.

Definitely recommended. Give it a few episodes!

DiCaprio-HardyFan 5 August 2020

Succession is not only one of the best shows currently on TV but it's one of the best shows of all-time! I heard such great things about it and saw all the awards it's won but still put it off until recently. I can't believe how much I was missing out on, I binged the entire series within a week. You have to give it a few episodes before you really get into it because it starts off pretty slow but before you know it you'll be addicted! It absolutely deserves all the awards it's won and more!

mosnowvt66 3 July 2018

I didn't know what to expect from this show but I'm hooked. It's uncomfortable to watch and hilariously sad. Greg the outsider nephew is perfect and I do love Tom, Shiv and Roman but it's Kendall who is the tragically watchable.

maniepranav 4 August 2020

Why I was attracted to watching Succession in the first place was because I had heard that it had no likeable characters. Coupled with a backdrop of corporate America, it seemed like a show right up my alley. I had absolutely no idea that the show would exceed my expectations by a large mile.

Not since The Sopranos have I seen an interplay of character dynamics this good, especially the toxic traits of those characters. Every little interaction is important, and affects another character on some or the other level significantly. Succession makes sure that behind the gaudy, showy nature of the Roy family, the ugliness of their existence is visible to you, even in the most subtle ways. The show both revels in and critiques the world it bases itself in. And I don't remember a character-driven drama being this thrilling. Hostile takeovers are usually not exciting to people uninterested in the financial world, but this show makes sure you understand the stakes involved. Like, Breaking Bad-level of tense.

Of course, much of this is possible because of the phenomenal cast. I want Jeremy Strong to win an Emmy this year so badly. Kendall Roy is one of the most brilliant (and surprisingly sympathetic) characters I've seen, a mixture of Christopher Moltisanti and Jesse Pinkman, with a slice of your average venture capitalist. I just hope it doesn't typecast him as a Wall Street-type, although I love him in The Big Short too. I want him to win more than Brian Cox, who scares the living daylights out of me as Logan Roy when he merely enters a room. Then there's Sarah Snook as the prideful Shiv, an excellent, pitch-perfect arc like no other. And my man Kieran Culkin as the foul-mouthed-but-concerned Roman, another truly surprising sympathetic turn. And of course, when I talk about Roman, I will talk about Gerri, a role that actress J Smith Cameron absolutely kills, and should have received an Emmy nomination for. And this paragraph is incomplete without my love for Matthew McFadyen and Nicholas Braun in the most hilariously paired people that are Tom and (cousin) Greg since Chris and Paulie Walnuts.

Succession doesn't mince words (or chicken hahahaha). Nothing on the script feels wasted. And the insults are ingenious. As long as Jesse Armstrong remains showrunner, this show will surprise us in the most insane of ways. The research shows (the writers' room is apparently asked to read the Financial Times everyday), and it adds to the authenticity of the show, one which I appreciate. I would also be stupid not to talk about the best original opening theme I have ever heard in any TV show. Nicholas Britell has made a masterful score which does not sound excessive at all. Much like in Mr Robot, the score amplifies the mood.

If you're watching Succession, don't be thrown off by the first 2 episodes of the show (I actually like them). Give it time, because by the 6th episode you'll probably fall off your bed. And come season 2 (which I consider one of the greatest executions of anything in television history because it's flawless), you'll drop your jaw every 25-30 minutes of screentime, which is basically every halftime moment of an episode.

Succession deserves every honor coming its way. HBO has landed another absolute winner in its roster, one that will likely age extremely well with a season or two and be compared to the other Golden Age dramas of this generation. Yes, by that, I mean shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Leftovers, and maybe, just maybe, The Wire

jeroen-106 15 August 2018

Early on this show is trying to find its tone. Too many weird zooms imply a mockumentary style and the humor clashes with drama early on. This show is at its best when it resolves around the sadness of each character, all trying to earn dads love, who just might not be capable of giving it. The acting is phenomenal, especially after the first couple of episodes. In some instances it reminded me of Festen (Thomas Vinterberg). I strongly disagree with some reviews here stating that the characters are two dimensional. On the contrary! It just takes a while before things come together. I highly recommend this show and I hope you do too.

katlynnhahn 15 August 2018

I could not stop watching this show and certainly hope there will be a season 2. The entire cast was fabulous but Matthew Macfadyen's character Tom was my favorite. Macfadyen had me laughing, cringing and cheering throughout the series. Can't wait to see what happens next!

alicepepperpot 25 August 2019

I'm surprised there isn't more positive reviews.

Its well written, nice amount of dark humour. The characters are mostly horrible people you'd never want to meet in your life.

I love it.

maria-ricci-1983 8 October 2019

Everything in this show is fantastic. Second season is even best than the first, if this could be possible.

From the mesmerizing title score by Nicholas Brittell (Chopin of the 21st century) to the tremendous, really tremendous performance by Brian Cox (he deserves every award for his composition of Roy Logan). But then every character... I had never watched Jeremy Strong before, and I have to say his Kendall is, as another reviewer said here, tragically fascinating both with empathy and pity. Kudos! And Nicholas Braun as grandnephew Craig-Greg is a most welcome box of surprises (is he a naive fast-learner making his way through the game, or a machiavellic master chess player?) The casting people have made an impeccable, perfect choice for every character in the show.

Very complex characters, intriguing plot even with the cards on the table, outstanding pace. Don't miss this show redolent of quality, skill, intelligence and theatrical tension. Some of the episodes have been remarkable jaw-droppers!

shellquirke 2 November 2020

It's been a long time since I've watched anything so tense, gripping and literally sitting on the edge of my sofa. Gutted there is only two seasons and can't wait for the third. Kieran Culkin is my favourite character - made for the role.

utrock02 26 July 2020

I cannot say enough good things about this series and the cast. After Game of Thrones ended (season 7) Billions was my favorite show. Succession was a close 2nd, but sometime during season 2, it took over as the #1 show. Brian Cox is amazing like always. The characters Greg and Tom play off each other so Damn well, I'm ready to start laughing as soon as I see them in the scene. I was expecting to see Jeremy Strong be more like his character in the Big Short, but surprised to see him more like his broken down character from The Judge... Nonetheless, his performance is terrific and can't wait to see if he truly becomes the man with the killer instinct his dad obviously wants from him. I really hope season 3 isn't delayed too long from this crap pandemic... B/c I'm desperately wanting more and I can only re-watch the first 2 seasons so many times. I'm kidding... I can keep watching them over and over, but still thirsty for more. HBO definitely did it again with this series!!!!!

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