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Supergirl (2015)

Action | Drama 
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Country: USA
Language: English

The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career.

Episode Guide

Season 6

November 9, 2021Episode 20 Kara
September 28, 2021Episode 13 The Gauntlet
September 21, 2021Episode 12 Blind Spots
September 14, 2021Episode 11 Mxy in the Middle
September 7, 2021Episode 10 Still I Rise
August 31, 2021Episode 9 Dream Weaver
May 11, 2021Episode 7 Fear Knot
April 20, 2021Episode 4 Lost Souls
March 30, 2021Episode 1 Rebirth

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Supergirl Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

November 27, 2017star8.8 3410 votesS3E8 Crisis on Earth-X (I)
March 28, 2016star8.7 4009 votesS1E18 Worlds Finest
February 23, 2020star8.7 1760 votesS5E13 It's a Super Life
March 14, 2016star8.6 3200 votesS1E16 Falling
December 8, 2019star8.6 3117 votesS5E9 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One (I)
December 4, 2017star8.5 1942 votesS3E9 Reign
September 28, 2021star8.5 405 votesS6E13 The Gauntlet
December 11, 2018star8.4 2214 votesS4E9 Elseworlds (III)
March 24, 2019star8.4 1329 votesS4E16 The House of L
October 10, 2016star8.3 2992 votesS2E1 The Adventures of Supergirl
May 19, 2019star8.3 1164 votesS4E22 The Quest for Peace
November 13, 2017star8.2 1996 votesS3E6 Midvale
March 21, 2016star8.1 2459 votesS1E17 Manhunter
October 17, 2016star8.1 2276 votesS2E2 The Last Children of Krypton
March 17, 2019star8.1 1275 votesS4E15 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
May 12, 2019star8.1 1113 votesS4E21 Red Dawn
December 7, 2015star8.0 2913 votesS1E7 Human for a Day
December 14, 2015star8.0 2820 votesS1E8 Hostile Takeover
January 25, 2016star8.0 2545 votesS1E11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet
November 28, 2016star8.0 2520 votesS2E8 Medusa (I)

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User Reviews

npfares 6 April 2020

The first two seasons were good...actually they were better than good.....But once season three started and started to push politics over a good storyline is when it went down hill quickly...

ken-1273 14 October 2017

Season 1 was quite good and held well to the superhero genre. Season 2 started well but drifted deeply into interpersonal drama. Season 3 started the way season 2 ended, with less emphasis on the superhero and deeply into character emotions/relationships and social issues. These are important discussions, to be sure, but I watch superhero shows to see action and fun, not for deep emotion or for a critical societal exposé.

Frankly I don't care who's straight, gay, engaged, in love, depressed, happy or psychotic unless it directly relates to the villain:heroine story line. Supergirl has, seemingly, fallen to influences (pressures?) far from the original comic book universe. It has become a soap opera.

bru-74936 10 October 2019

This was once a good show but it lost it's way entirely. The show has begun spiraling down fast, especially with this new season and the total disregard for original source material, the constant pandering to every group and minority out there and "political correctness". Diversity and such is all good but the show's producers have made it more important than the quality of the show itself, storylines, etc... At this point the show should be canceled ASAP.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 15 June 2021

Supergirl isn't the best superhero show available but I have to admit that I enjoy it more than I thought I would and that's mainly because Melissa Benoist is just about perfect as Supergirl. I love most Superhero movies and TV Shows so I thought I'd give this a chance and I'm glad I did because I really do enjoy it. It's not great by any means but it's also not as bad as some others here say either. I like most of the CW DC shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl, etc. The only one I really don't like is Black Lightening) and while this isn't my favorite I still enjoy it!

brileearch 28 February 2017

Why do I watch the show? I thought it was about superheroes and super villains. But no, I'm not sure what it is about anymore. This show continues to go downhill. The plot lines are simple and easy to determine within a couple minutes of the start of the show. I find myself shaking my head at the ridiculousness of the story line. The show has become all about relationship interactions that are on again and off again within a matter of minutes. The show used to be funny but now has turned into a lame drama. I don't usually write reviews but I have been very disappointed about where the show has gone. I don't think I'll be watching anymore.

Justreviewing2 4 May 2020

The second half of the season took a noise dive after Crisis. Full of filler episodes that have not anything to drive the plot forward. We are two episodes away from the finale and the villain is non existent. Lex is there (still) but his manipulations are going nowhere and it looks like the whole plot will be revealed and resolved in the final (with not build up). I don't care for any of the characters this season. Where is the character development for Kelly, Nia, and most importantly Alex? J'onn is phoning it in, William is there contributing nothing and could easily be removed from the season and whatever plot there is would continue as if nothing is missing. Lena who is supposed to have a huge impact is stuck in a lab or following her brother around. Where is the strong character we've seen in seasons past. Kara is especially weak, anyone can beat her in a fight. She's the strongest person on earth and also a genius but she's always losing and never uses her powers. Super hearing, super speed, super strength nah she has none of it. Romance ? Don't worry somebody will be there to tell Kara she likes someone, even if she visibly cringes near that person. At this point the show only continues because it's on the CW and standards are especially low.

ozlemozdemirw 11 April 2020

Only first season is worth to watch. I don't recommended.

CriticalOfEverything 26 February 2020

The acting gets worse and worse overtime, the plot is a mess with some of the most convoluted and mediocre writing I've seen come from a superhero related piece of media, the show has literally NO STAKES at all, and the CGI and effects are the worst of the worst. They are GOD AWFUL and dated by 2003 standards. Comparing the CGI in LOTR to this honestly makes me cry in pain. I won't get into the politics either because it honestly doesn't need to be mentioned. This is a hot, messy dumpster fire and I'm surprised that the new episodes keep getting approved.

mhartfor 8 January 2019

The first season was awesome. The second started drifting downwards and the third season continued it. Almost immediately the fourth season started pushing the Social Justice agenda with zero reason, zero actual need or addition to the story and the overall story arc went into the crapper as weak ineffectual writing.

It is a shame I so looked forward to this series and then enjoyed it even as the story arc got weaker and weaker. But 3 episodes into season 4 and it was dropped from our PVR in favor of stronger writing and stories in other shows.

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