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Superstore (2015)

Rayting:   7.8/10 25176 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A look at the lives of employees at a big box store.

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Season 6

February 25, 2021Episode 10 Depositions
February 11, 2021Episode 9 Conspiracy
February 4, 2021Episode 8 Ground Rules
January 28, 2021Episode 7 The Trough
January 21, 2021Episode 6 Biscuit
November 19, 2020Episode 4 Prize Wheel
November 12, 2020Episode 3 Floor Supervisor
October 29, 2020Episode 1 Essential

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

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User Reviews

almosthalo 16 September 2018

I decided to give this shot one day while surfing Hulu. OMG I am so glad I did. It is one of my favorite shows. I've seen it so many times that I have it playing in the background while I work. All of the actors are fracking hilarious. Being able to watch a show that lets me escape the realities of life is such an awesome thing. Please give this a shot.

livebeyond 21 January 2021

I had never even heard of this show until it was suggested for me on Netflix, and I cannot believe how surprising it is that it is not much more popular. This show is such a pick me up. It's wholesome and sweet and romantic. I audibly laugh out loud at least once every episode. The writing is smart and quick. The characters have unbelievable chemistry, though, to be fair, America Ferrera is such an amazing actor, I would find it shocking if she ever didn't have chemistry with anyone.

On a slightly more serious note, as much as Jonah is considered dweeby by many of his coworkers on the show, I think, overall, his character is such a rare, excellent example of a decent man - which is so rarely seen on television. On tv men are often depicted as narrow, one-dimensional caricatures: domineering, facile, weak, or stupid. Jonah depicts a man with a full spectrum of emotion, strong, kind, gentle, and genuinely concerned about other people - a person of character and real conviction. It adds depth and quality and substance to a hilarious, fun, and often silly show.

aracj-10211 5 February 2021

Started watching this after it was added to Netflix UK, and we've finished all 5 seasons in a week! Can't believe it's been cancelled after 6 seasons, it is so hilarious and easy to watch. I hope Netflix commission more seasons for their platform (fingers crossed).

cameronlynn-19511 4 March 2021

Really funny and 1000000% recommend to anybody you should watch it immediately

supermaggie 28 January 2016

I disagree completely that the plot is underdeveloped, and the characters might be somewhat cliché, but that's the idea. In my opinion this is what every story with a message does. It takes archetypes as representatives of all people in a society and shows their reactions, no one would say that Breakfast Club is clichéd because it plays with the archetypes to convey the message. And Superstore does the same, it shows prejudice, narrow-mindedness (from poor to educated and the other way round, both sides!!)wrongly understood sense of love or duty etc. etc., in short: all the topics that emerge between people at a workplace or in society and it does this very cleverly, very holistically and most of all: with a lot of great and refreshing humor -and without mocking its characters - great fun with sensitivity and a message, perfect entertainment, 10 points!

kaymillar 1 March 2017

The more I watch it, the more I like it. The characters are all progressively more defined and interesting and they all mesh well together. Anyone who's ever worked in the service industry might feel nostalgic watching it-- crappy corporate jobs bring the little guys together and you become a family without even realizing it. This show is an inside look on that. It's fun for the whole family to watch and the jokes are always fresh. Definitely recommend it.

meemail 3 December 2015

Honestly, I throughly enjoyed watching the first three episodes of this show. The jokes were funny, the visual humor was great, and the acting is at minimum, decent. The show itself is a funny concept. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this show. In my mind, it's the best new comedy I've seen on TV all season.

I mark this show down for two reasons: first, some of the jokes and plot points are a bit cliché. However, there is a lot of new material here as well. My other concern is the fast pace. A fast moving episode is fine, but the first episode seems to lack a plot because there are so many different things going on. I think both issues of these improved with the subsequent episodes.

If you enjoyed The Office or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, I would definitely consider watching this show. It's got quirky humor and a unique blend of characters. If you like those things, this show may be for you.

jenny-jd 11 January 2021

Instantly became one of my very favorite shows soon after starting to watch. At first I thought it was too strange for me but I just had to get into the vibe. It's just so entertaining and easy to get into. The characters that they've created and the way the actors bring them to life is just delightful. I have watched the whole series through multiple times 😃

japierce3 5 February 2021

Why is this show ending? It's still sooooo FUNNY!!!

mlimufranklin 4 February 2021

This came up on my Netflix suggestions and I had never heard of it before.

I'm so glad I gave it a shot, every episode is consistently as good as the one before. Characters ate hilarious and unique. The support characters play small roles but you never forget them.

One flaw, Amy is always the annoying one. Gets a bit old. Other than that, perfect show!

frederick_payette 1 March 2021

I'm on season 5 and Jonah is just getting more and more annoying. I like it mostly for all the supporting characters and there is definitely a LOT of good / great jokes per episode, but the two main characters are mostly annoying to me.

Still would recommend!

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