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Suzhal - The Vortex (2022)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   8.4/10 3.3K votes
Country: India
Language: English

In a small South Indian town, a seemingly routine minor case explodes into a twisted crime thriller that rips apart its social fabric.

Episode Guide

Season 1

June 17, 2022Episode 8 The Silence
June 17, 2022Episode 7 Firewalker
June 17, 2022Episode 6 The Trance
June 17, 2022Episode 5 The Looting
June 17, 2022Episode 2 The Myth

Best Suzhal - The Vortex Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

June 17, 2022star8.9 62 votesS1E7 Firewalker
June 17, 2022star8.7 113 votesS1E8 The Silence
June 17, 2022star8.5 56 votesS1E6 The Trance
June 17, 2022star8.4 56 votesS1E5 The Looting
June 17, 2022star8.3 80 votesS1E2 The Myth
June 17, 2022star8.2 89 votesS1E1 Hoisting the Flag
June 17, 2022star7.9 76 votesS1E4 The Immersion
June 17, 2022star7.9 71 votesS1E3 The Procession

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User Reviews

manchuprasath 18 June 2022

Go for it!

It promises a gripping and complex thriller. One of the best whodunit murder mystries.

Actors were very good. Especially Kathir and Shriya did their parts well. The music adds to the fear tone of the series. Cinematography was great too.

An edge of the seat thriller which keeps you engaged till the ending.

It has a deep, complex and a well written script. Well written and well executed.

"Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge the character of a person within minutes."

If you are a fan of thrillers go for it without a second thought. It promises a not boring and engaging series.

BabySharkDoDoDie 21 June 2022

Now that's how you make an amazing crime thriller show while also connecting it with Indian mythology. Very good performances from everyone. The story & plot was simple but keeps you engaged & guessing throughout the running time. The music was also thrilling. It not only contains a better story but also delivers an important message too.

I binged watched it. Everyone did a great job & thumbs up to the entire team & everyone involved in this. Totally recommended.

cerelacholmes 18 June 2022

Rating - 7.5/10

Suzhal is a mystery thriller surrounding a missing person and a factory fire that happens in the same night. Like it's name, the narrative of suzhal makes a complete spin every two episodes. Except for the lacklusture 4th episode, all the other episodes are well made. One thing that stood out was the production design which was rich. Also the cinematography and music elevated many scenes. The performance of many leads were commendable too but few characters felt unnecessary. Editing could've been a bit better but overall it was good.

Except for few logic loopholes, Suzhal is a very good bingeworthy series on par to that of Vilangu.

SoumikBanerjee25 21 June 2022

Prime Video has been killing it lately on the regional front. By adding a bunch of great content consistently, they have been gradually making a stronghold in this particular segment. And now "Suzhal - The Vortex" should also be counted as another of those fruitful expansions. While the series itself doesn't quite reach the heights the makers might have initially aimed for, nevertheless, it is still a competent effort that not only speaks of an extremely delicate issue but it also spread awareness about the same in their very own articulated fashion.

Do not worry, I won't be giving any sort of hints let alone big spoilers cause that would jeopardize the intertwined mystery and the element of thrill they have so neatly organized. Just be aware of the fact that this has got a great production quality, some praiseworthy performances, and a tangible narrative that would keep you second-guessing up until the mystery unfolds itself. Till then, good luck assuming who the culprit could be and what might have transpired in this small village during such sacred festivities.

l-80790 19 June 2022

Pushkar-Gayathri are basically the Abbas-Mustan of south, the duo well known for their engaging yet filled with twists and turns thriller. Suzhal is exactly that.

This web series is made in such a way that the culprit is kept hidden till the last episode successfully. And ya, mind you, there are some hints in between as to who the culprit might be but then, the makers purposely put them to fool veiwers. On top of that the series is extremely engaging, thanks to a riveting screenplay and ofc unpredictable twists and turns that ultimately leads to an unpredictable climax.

Despite the series being pretty long, it feels to be moving very fast and in an interesting way. Moreover, the series beautifully brings out certain human relationships. Also, the fact the story itself gets linked to each day of the ongoing festival in the backdrop was also very interesting.

Pushkar Gayathri after Vikram Vedha have delivered another hit material.

dxb-21387 18 June 2022

All actors have performed very well. Few logical loopholes here and there but overall it was very engaging. Please someone let everyone know what happened to Ammani. Will there be another follow up season to this one to explain it?

sudheendranlakshman 18 June 2022

Very well scripted. And definitely must watch series, everybody have acted really well, looking forward for next season. So many twists in single script has made this series.

vibhus-17780 18 June 2022

Intresting crime thriller series to watch . It's eight episodes series , except 4th episode all other episode were engaging and well made . Twist and turns were well handled , credits to Pushkar and Gayatri . There were many characters in this series , each and every character was well designed . Performance wise each and every cast gave their best . Village festival travels along with the story , in this place cinematography played a major role . Technically well made . Sam CS's BGM was mind blowing . Drawbacks , 4th episode was poor and few loopholes . Overall a bingeworthy series . Good treat for crime thriller fans .

indvgr-73026 18 June 2022

I Binge-watched Suzhal - The Vortex 🌀. The storytellers did a phenomenal job with their writing and direction. It is an intriguing concept, and one of the best suspense thrillers. Each episode has surprising twists and the story takes an unexpected turn in the final minutes of the fourth episode. Background Music seizes you as the unprecedented spectacles of the story reflect each time. Exceptional performances from all the actors. World-class screen watch, unique drama with great definition 👌🏻. A MUST-WATCH.

karangurav-51555 19 June 2022

Unpredictable. Strong visuals, gripping BGM. Small different stories in a whole story, which connects at end. Wont want to miss a single second, amazing direction.

kamalbeeee 23 June 2022

One day a teenage girl and boy went missing and got fire 🔥 in one of the factory... After few days both r dead in pool and police are start to investigate all people who are suspected.. Slowly reveals all people story and finally culprit get caught.. All r acted soo well.. Must watch webseries...

planwayservicesind 19 June 2022

Thank you for bringing us a good entertainment thriller.. Story plot / writing / screenplay / camara work / location / music all great.. Looking forward for more creations.

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