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Sweet Tooth (2021)

Rayting:   7.9/10 42K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A boy who is half human and half deer survives in a post apocalyptic world with other hybrids.

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June 4, 2021star8.6 1361 votesS1E8 Big Man
June 4, 2021star8.5 1197 votesS1E7 When Pubba Met Birdie
June 4, 2021star8.2 1522 votesS1E2 Sorry About All the Dead People
June 4, 2021star8.1 1856 votesS1E1 Out of the Deep Woods
June 4, 2021star8.0 1328 votesS1E3 Weird Deer S**t
June 4, 2021star7.9 1161 votesS1E6 Stranger Danger on a Train
June 4, 2021star7.8 1209 votesS1E5 What's in the Freezer?
June 4, 2021star7.7 1309 votesS1E4 Secret Sauce

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User Reviews

skitofit 5 June 2021

I recommend starting this series early in the day. It's binge worthy to say the least, the characters are lovable, the story is addictive, and the visuals are really great. The only qualm I have with this series is a bit of lack of dedication to some of the costumes, not any main characters costume, but I really expected to see more details on the 2nd and 3rd hybrid extras that don't take the spotlight much. Usually in films extras get less attention then leads, but with this particular series you'll find yourself captivated by them all. Despite this I'm still giving this series a 10/10 rating, simply because I imagine I'll be watching it again soon. And that doesn't happen very often with series' i love and consider memorable. Even the best of the best series iv seen typically don't get a second watch in my books. But this one was touching, inspirational, insightful, and very very captivating. So I think I'll make an exception. Even just the first few episodes had some really beautiful shots of a off grid forest. Very cool.

trashley22 12 June 2021

Awhile ago I read an article about the show, prior to it being released, and I thought it sounded kinda interesting... fast forward to now and I'd forgotten all about it, but when I saw the poster I was like oh yeah, I remember I wanted to check that out! I said to myself, I'm just gonna play the first 5 minutes, if it's good I'll come back and watch it later, if it's ehhhhhh then I'll just pass - well I didn't stop it after that first 5 minutes, I watched the first 4 episodes instead. I see the complaints that it's "not like the comics" it's based off of, and if that's important to you then you probably won't enjoy as much as myself and plenty of other people who had no clue there even was a comic. I think the story is original, poignant & heartfelt. The acting is flawless; Gus, Jep & Bear are great on their own and when paired in combination or all together they bring their characters, & their world to life. Gus is the embodiment of innocence, hope, joy... and who couldn't use a little more of that in their life right now! I can't wait to see all the different story lines finally converge in Season 2. If you are looking for closure at the end of Season 1 it's not there - & all I can say is, Netflix better be working on Season 2!

crstuder87 12 June 2021

First, the virus in the show is beyond ridiculous, even for a comic book. They ask A LOT from the viewer to accept this. I almost didn't watch the show because I thought it was just too stupid. I'm very glad I gave it a chance. Within the first 20 minutes I was hooked. The story telling, plot and characters are just well thought out and interesting. I always wanted to know what happened next. I also came to realize that the virus and how crazy it is was just a very interesting set up to be able to create a lot of intriguing situations. It isn't perfect by any means though. Sometimes the costumes look a little cheesy. It also can be a bit kiddish from time to time, though at other times it is definitely very "adult". It's like they couldn't decide exactly what age demographic they wanted to go for, so did a little of everything (I wouldn't recommend it for kids under 13 at the very least). All that said I'd definitely recommend it. It was a fun ride with some situations that you'll find yourself thinking deeply about without even realizing it.

homgoblin 6 June 2021

After 10 min of the firts episode I couldn't stop watching.

Sweet tooth his a great show, the cast did an amazing job, the story is magical and thrilling and the all production, especially cinematography, is so good.

Netflix, you better not cancel this one because is a winner, highly recommended.

mariapedro-20771 12 June 2021

I feel that I was needing this show. Although the environment is familiar with the one we're living on (a world pandemic), this show warms our hearts with friendship, innocence and hope. The story is binge worthy at the same time you always get the feeling that everything is gonna be okay. And that's so refreshing. I was very surprised with how good the show is.

Rated after Season 1. Hoping S2 keeps up!

jonniespeed-54154 6 June 2021

No words that I write down will do this series justice. This is the kind of show that makes Netflix worth it a million times over!

The story captivates your mind and tugs at your heart strings from the first five minutes and never lets go. Everything about this seems to have been a labor of love, those who wrote this, directed this and acted in this loved what they did and it shows. This will become one of your favorites if not your absolute favorite and is definitely destined to be an instant classic. 5 stars! Two thumbs way up! A must see!

DiCaprio-HardyFan 6 June 2021

I wasn't sure what to expect with Sweet Tooth but after reading through all the positive reviews I thought I'd give it a chance. I'm glad I did! After watching the trailer I thought it was a show designed for kids/teenagers but it's a show for all ages. I never read the comics so didn't know anything about the story but I found it very entertaining. If you're a fan of fantasy or sci-fi then give this show a chance! It pulls you into the story from the very first episode and holds your attention to the end. Glad I gave it chance!

abhishekrathour-29501 13 June 2021

I did not expect too much from it. But once I started it, there was not a single moment where i got bored. Amazing series with some amazing new concept.

aakashsen 5 June 2021

Honestly, I think this belongs in the list of top 10 netflix originals.

I watched all 8 episodes in two sittings - It was that good. I haven't read the graphic novel before so I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Positives: The Soundtrack was Brilliant. Watch this with the best earphones you have. I'M NOT KIDDING.

They spared no expense with the visuals and it shows. EVERY shot was beautiful (reminded me a lot about Farcry 5).

The actors were pretty solid, especially the main character himself!

Negatives: The plot as a whole is very slow, the show takes its time developing the various characters. We don't know anything about the bad guy (yet). The entire season feels like a pilot episode.

But every episode was interesting to watch with our main characters interacting with other people in different circumstances.

Overall: This is one show i will never forget! For a second, it looks like it's made for kids and at the next second, it has gritty scenes.

It has beautiful visuals and soundtrack. If you're missing the outside because of the pandemic, this IS the perfect show to watch!

I swear, if netflix cancels this for some reason, I'm rioting.

arod_85 15 June 2021

Very interesting take on a pandemic, yet a very endearingly. Acting is superb and good storyline. Manages to appeal to a large age range. I didn't give the show enough credit when I first watched the previews. Far better than it appears. Give it a try. It's enjoyable.

sicek 13 June 2021

Probably one of the best productions Netflix has ever done so far. By the way it's not just for kids or teenagers I'm 56.. Very good show .

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