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Tehran (2020)

Action | Drama 
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Rayting:   7.5/10 14K votes
Country: Israel | USA
Language: English

A Mossad agent embarks on her first mission as a computer hacker in her home town of Tehran.

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May 12, 2022star8.4 8 votesS2E3 PTSD
May 7, 2022star8.1 84 votesS2E2 Change of Plan
May 7, 2022star8.0 118 votesS2E1 13,000
June 22, 2020star7.6 696 votesS1E1 Emergency Landing in Tehran
July 27, 2020star7.6 527 votesS1E8 Five Hours Until the Bombing Run
June 22, 2020star7.5 561 votesS1E2 Blood on Her Hands
July 6, 2020star7.4 450 votesS1E5 The Other Iran
June 29, 2020star7.3 488 votesS1E4 Shakira and Sickboy
July 20, 2020star7.3 423 votesS1E7 Tamar's Father
June 29, 2020star7.2 526 votesS1E3 Yasamin's Girl
July 13, 2020star7.2 426 votesS1E6 The Engineer
May 19, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E4 The Rich Kids
May 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E5 Double Fault
June 2, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E6 Faraz’s Choice
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E7 Episode 7
June 16, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E8 Episode 8

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User Reviews

ruth44 21 July 2020

Tehran is a tense and very well made series with excellent performances from mostly Iranian actors now living abroad. The fact that the characters all speak in their native language (Persian or Hebrew) adds authenticity to the atmosphere and they are very convincing performers. Yet another excellent Israeli production which shows a great deal of sympathy to the Iranian characters in the production. Original and intelligent entertainment.

p.s. Watched the final episode in this series - marvellous ending, took me completely by surprise. As for all the posters claiming that this show is 'anti-Iranian' - well it's nothing of the sort. Very sympathetic characterization of the Iranian characters and I'm delighted that there will be a second series.

dromasca 29 July 2020

'Tehran' is one of the most ambitious productions of Israeli television in recent years. Israeli series have not shied away from subjects related to the conflicts in the Middle East, and 'Fauda' is the best (but not the only) example that the 'local' problems of this turbulent area are of interest to the international public and are doing quite well in what concerns the rating when they are well written and done.'Tehran', which is produced by the public television channel, is boldly addressing the conflict that has become central to the Middle East's balance of power in recent years, between the Islamic Republic of Iran engaged in reaching atomic capabilities and Israel which considers this an existential threat which it seeks to prevent by all the means at its disposal, including the Mossad's secret actions and cyber activities. It's a perfect material for a techno-thriller, and the Israeli series complies with most of the rules of spy movies and will please many fans of the genre. However, the best moments of the eight episodes series of the first season are not necessarily those that relate to action.

We are in the 21st century and it is almost natural that the main heroine of the series is not a super spy but a young Israeli woman born in Iran, named Tamar Rabinian (Niv Sultan), computer expert or in other words hacker, sent on a dangerous cyber sabotage mission in order to paralyze the Iranian anti-aircraft systems. I will leave aside the aspects related to the technical veracity of what we see on the screen, after all it is a fiction film, and as spectators we accept the rules of the genre. What is more important in this series is the situation in which Tamar, alone but enjoying the support of local collaborators and permanent communications with her home bosses, faces the Iran she had left as a child, and the realities of the Islamic Republic, a police state in which women have a different status from the egalitarianism in which she was raised. Her life is permanently in danger, as the infiltration, ingenious in her way has not gone unnoticed, but Tamar decides to continue her mission with the help of some of the regime's opponents. Among them there is Milad (Shervin Alenabi), a local hacker, with whom a romantic story will unfold. Another 'tick-box' of the genre can be checked.

The espionage and action plot itself is quite interesting and well-constructed, including enough upheavals, pursuits, shootings, corpses, double agents and failed missions. The most interesting part, however, seemed to me the confrontation between the two worlds that are political and military enemies, and between the two cultures that have many points in which they differ, but also enough that unite them. For many Israeli viewers, this film is a rare, perhaps even a first visual encounter with the realities of Iran and its capital, a huge metropolis with a diverse population living their lives in a complex political atmosphere. Of course, viewers of Iranian films by excellent directors such as Abbas Kiarostami or Asghar Farhadi already knew this world, but they are not too numerous, their films being intended for the circuit of so-called art cinemas. The filming took place mostly in Athens, and the effect was in my opinion quite realistic and authentic. The international cast, which includes several Iranian actors living in exile, also contributed to this, as well as the flexible and relatively objective approach of the screenwriters. Of course, this is an Israeli film, and at so

grlym-46849 17 November 2020

If you like homeland, you'll like this. But subtitles are a must.

I love it. Great suspense and intrigue and it bout an F word in every sentence

footing12 4 August 2020

I started to watch the series because there was so many reviews in Iran especially in the conservative newspapers. Most of them wrote negative things about the new, as they called, "anti-Iranian" show in Israel.

The first episode wasn't quite accurate to me especially the part where she first came to Iran and saw an execution scene in the middle of the city (I have lived in Iran for 24 years and have never happened to see such a scene in public, maybe I don't go out very often!). But as I continued to watch I get so excited of how accurate the show is. Especially from the cast and crew who don't live in Iran and even can not come to the country to do some research. It is very true. The details and the story. It is not perfect for sure but it's very similar to reality.

I really liked the series so far, it is both smart and entertaining to watch. Politics aside I love the people of Israel and like the multi culture atmosphere in there. As I watch the series I also know more about the country.

I also have to say that I don't like how Israel's secret agency sabotage Iran. Not exactly sure how many of those events, that happen in Iran once in a while, are from Israel but some of those are from them for sure.

Overall, to the makers of the show, thanks for the series that pictures Iranian people (with all of their paradoxes) similar to the truth. Most films that take outside of Iran sadly portrait us too evil.

dalescotbates 26 October 2020

I really was expecting a lot of Anti-Iranian, pro-Israeli propaganda. What I got was one of the best spy thrillers I have seen in a very long while. Also, the characters are extremely well done, given the kind of show this is so, hats of to the writers and the actors for carrying it off so well. The little plot twists, when they happen, are also well done.

Another things is the treatment of the revolutionary guard detective/case officer, whatever his job title is. Just wonderful! At times, I even started routing for him. Basically, this series shows you that the world of espionage is a very dirty world.

The part when the hacker/agent dresses up as a man did seem a little ridiculous although, to be fair I have seen many Middle Eastern youngsters who are fairly androgynous, and the show was so good, that if that was the only slip-up, then it gets a pass from me. I really hope they do a second series, and judging by the ending, that looks set to happen.

Horror_Flick_Fanatic 13 November 2020

I found Tehran to be a very good espionage tv series and a bit refreshing. Instead of yet another American/British vs Russian spy thriller, here we have something different. In Tehran, we have the Israeli Mossad verses Iran's Revolutionary Guard spy thriller. What I love even more is that the acting cast is authentic middle eastern actors speaking Persian, Hebrew and some English which adds to a feeling of authenticity. Not a bunch of white guys in robes speaking British English like a Bond film. The actors are all very well cast too and excellent performers.

I don't speak or understand Persian and Hebrew, but I found the English AD audio, not to be confused with the standard English soundtrack very helpful because the original voices remain intact thereby keeping vocal stresses, inflections and tensions compared to a Netflix style dubbing. You get more out of it because the English AD audio has a narrator that speaks over, not in place of the actors voices describing what is spoken and describes the action better.

What I did find at first as an obstacle from enjoying the tv series was the speed at which Persian translates into English. During the first two episodes I had a difficult time keeping up and I watch many foreign films with subtitles. But the subtitles in this show were faster than what I was accustomed to. I don't like voice dubbing because you miss out on the vocal tension, stresses and inflictions of the original voices.

I am not a native speaker to either Persian and Hebrew. But I liked how the show handled this problem for western audiences. Their are two English audio tracks for each episode. Actually, they have two audio tracks for multiple languages including Spanish. The second audio track called the English AD track describes the action and what they are saying but without removing the original voices like a dubbed audio track. Unfortunately, it seems I have to switch on the English AD audio for each episode because it defaults back to the regular non-AD English.

I guess what I am trying to say is FYI, if you are not a native speaker and you find the flashing subtitles to fast. Give the audio English AD track along with the English AD subtitle track a try. I found I was able to keep track of the dialog and enjoy this good spy thriller. You can enjoy the series like a native speaker with this helpful hint.

gabore9-428-222670 21 November 2020

First three episodes have great tension and good direction than loses momentum completely and gets really slow and boring. Took a month to get through episode four

canuckteach 18 October 2020

Niv Sultan stars as Tamar, a young Israeli military officer with elite hacker skills, tasked with infiltrating Tehran Hydro & shutting it down. The idea is to black out Tehran so that Israeli Air Force can fly in on some kind of bombing mission (to be honest, I am not yet clear on the objective, nor has the practical value been explained clearly). Nonetheless, Tamar flies in & pulls an identity switch at a Tehran airport washroom and sets out to recruit a young male Iranian hacker to aid her.

Things start to go wrong from the beginning & a determined and clever Iranian counter-intelligence officer named Faraz (Shaun Taub) starts tracking her movements. They make a careless arrest early on, but Tamar fashions a daring escape and the chase is on. That's all I should share about the plot. The acting ensemble is terrific and the cinematography is marvellous, with Athens, I believe, standing in for the Iranian capital.

Here's what I hope is some unique perspective:

1) both sides in this cat & mouse game can be ruthless. The Iranian secret service is much more clever than most Westerners realize, & they are not to be trifled with. The Israelis have more assets (and firepower, of course), but escapades like this one are not for the faint-hearted. 2) one thinks of the Israelis as the 'good guys' in this presentation, but they callously execute one of their sources when things go awry and they kidnap the wife of Faraz as security in a side plot. NOT 'good guy' stuff, but it's obvious the Israelis would justify the monkey business as necessary to their cause. Hmmm: you might win, but you can't WIN FRIENDS this way. 3) the series is reminiscent of a Netflix series FAUDA ('chaos') which chronicles the amazing exploits of the Israeli secret service in their homeland, struggling with control of the Palestinians, creating 3 problems for every one resolved. As the spymaster remarked in the Bourne series, THE GAME WILL BE OVER WHEN WE WIN. What I see in Tehran (once more) is: you might fare better if you just stayed home.

heibeinh 5 November 2020

We were searching for something & happened upon Tehran. Good for us. Well acted, written & directed. We enjoyed it a lot!

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