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The 100 (2014)

Drama | SciFi 
Popularity 175
Rayting:   7.6/10 231K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

Set ninety seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re populating the planet.

Episode Guide

Season 7

September 30, 2020Episode 16 The Last War
September 9, 2020Episode 13 Blood Giant
August 19, 2020Episode 12 The Stranger
August 12, 2020Episode 11 Etherea
July 15, 2020Episode 9 The Flock
July 8, 2020Episode 8 Anaconda
June 23, 2020Episode 6 Nakara
June 10, 2020Episode 4 Hesperides
June 2, 2020Episode 3 False Gods
May 26, 2020Episode 2 The Garden

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best The 100 Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 7, 2018star9.6 5581 votesS5E13 Damocles - Part Two
March 11, 2015star9.3 6273 votesS2E16 Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2
May 24, 2017star9.3 4058 votesS4E13 Praimfaya
May 3, 2017star9.2 3550 votesS4E10 Die All, Die Merrily
July 8, 2020star9.2 3345 votesS7E8 Anaconda
May 8, 2018star9.0 3053 votesS5E3 Sleeping Giants
February 4, 2016star8.9 5686 votesS3E3 Ye Who Enter Here
June 11, 2014star8.9 4955 votesS1E13 We Are Grounders, Part 2
December 17, 2014star8.9 4915 votesS2E8 Spacewalker
July 31, 2018star8.9 2538 votesS5E12 Damocles - Part One
February 25, 2015star8.8 4677 votesS2E14 Bodyguard of Lies
March 4, 2015star8.8 4557 votesS2E15 Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1
February 4, 2015star8.8 4095 votesS2E11 Coup de Grâce
May 1, 2018star8.8 3018 votesS5E2 Red Queen
May 17, 2017star8.8 2668 votesS4E12 The Chosen
May 28, 2019star8.8 2510 votesS6E5 The Gospel of Josephine
February 18, 2015star8.7 4015 votesS2E13 Resurrection
April 24, 2018star8.7 3582 votesS5E1 Eden
May 15, 2018star8.7 2586 votesS5E4 Pandora's Box
July 10, 2018star8.7 2136 votesS5E9 Sic Semper Tyrannis

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User Reviews

sahildhull-97561 16 October 2020

Perfect example of a show with amazing concept but very pathetic screenwriting. The story is so so so good. I mean it is outstanding. But screenwriting meh... Were the writers drunk during writing tue script. The characters written are so shallow. And Clarke.. She is the most irritating person in the group. She just degraded the show. Who the hell she thinks she is. From season 1, she acted like she is the boss of the 100. She is taking decisions. Only character worth applause is Raven. In every season it is only her who saved people in the end. And people are killing each other for no reason. The decisions taken by the leaders are so pointless. Seriously, this show would have done wonders if the character writing and the scripts were better. The story is so so so so good. Such a fresh and different concept. But writing. Oh my god. Save us. If you have already started watching the show, then you cant resist yourselves from watching because of the story. But the writing is very very very very bad.. Yuck. I mean there is no such thing as sepsis. People are pumping the pateints heart that too without any aseptic precautions. That was the funniest part of the show. No blood group matching before giving the blood. Wow. Hahahaha..

nohomo-82650 24 May 2018

I've never watched a tv show before where the writers literally make every single character bi polar its outrageous. One episode you like them and the next you don't. It's literally like this for EVERYONE they portray in this show. That being said it makes it damn near impossible to like a single character. The show has a ton of potential, but the writers do a GREAT JOB of ruining it. 5/10.

robinmosley-47812 27 September 2020

This series is not flawless. It hasn't oscar-winnig performances, but solid actors who are not bad at all. Sometimes it's a little melodramatic, but hey, they're still teenagers. This series has good and likeable characters, a cool and unique style and really, i mean really good moments you shouldn't miss. I totally enjoy watching it. I would recommend it. Binge-worthy.

Splarke22 24 September 2020

Seasons 1-4 were phenomenal. Seasons 5-6 weren't as good, but still really solid seasons with some fantastic episodes. Season 7 started out great with its first two episodes & a few other gems, but for the most part was downright horrendous. The 100's final season ruined the entire show arguably more than Game of Thrones' 8th season did for itself. It's as though everything that made The 100 what it was for the first 6 seasons got thrown out of the window in favor of spiteful, terrible writing. What was once my favorite show has no rewatchability after Season 7.

toxinok-77914 5 March 2015

Seriously stick with this show. I watch a lot of TV and when I first started watching the 100 I found the dialogue/accuracy questionable and it seemed like just another CW show. I stayed with it mostly for the interesting concept.

And wow, the second season develops into one of the most exciting programs out there right now. The storyline moves around like lightening, the characters go on believable arcs which deliver amazing transformations in some cases, it's highly original and creates some fascinating dynamics between characters which you don't see anywhere else. OK it's not perfect (sometimes the science makes me frown) but it does so much right I barely pay attention to the increasingly rare blips now.

Heading towards the end of season 2, every scene is compelling and feels important and you care about what happens because they have built it in the right way. Don't expect the fluffy love stories CW is famous for, this is in no way a show just for teenagers, it's not afraid to kill people, and deaths are permanent (thank goodness). The way they bring up questions of morality and strategy, the ambiguity of the characters, the head on approach to the subject matter, all are fascinating. It's gritty and edgy with excellent production value and the only other program I'm getting the same level of epic from right now is Game of Thrones.

I've never written a review before but I just had to support this show and want it to get past any stigma it created in the initial episodes. Check out the ratings in season 2, those are earned and well-deserved.

Binge watch it people! You won't regret it.

jaspersmit-13447 28 May 2019

The 100 does something not many series can do, it gets better with every season, the character development is great and realistic. Honestly I don't know exactly what to say other than that this is a great series with an actually good story and writing that makes sense. There aren't huge plotholes which is extremely important for a sci-fi show.

koga-judo 31 October 2020

Poor content, poor backdrops, scenes without a meaning, predictable outcomes and a plot that is a recycled loop. If it's gonna be one of the first series you will ever see it might look good. Otherwise naaaaah!

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