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The 7 Lives of Lea (2022)

Crime | Fantasy 
Rayting:   7.5/10 1.5K votes
Country: France
Language: English

Follows a woman who stumbles upon the body of Ismael, a teenager who disappeared thirty years earlier, with the event taking her back to 1991 and seeing her wake up every morning in the body of a different person.

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Season 1

April 28, 2022Episode 7 June 21st
April 28, 2022Episode 6 June 20th
April 28, 2022Episode 5 June 19th
April 28, 2022Episode 4 June 18th
April 28, 2022Episode 3 June 17th
April 28, 2022Episode 2 June 16th
April 28, 2022Episode 1 June 15th

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April 28, 2022star7.9 42 votesS1E7 June 21st
April 28, 2022star7.8 37 votesS1E6 June 20th
April 28, 2022star7.5 38 votesS1E3 June 17th
April 28, 2022star7.4 57 votesS1E1 June 15th
April 28, 2022star7.4 36 votesS1E4 June 18th
April 28, 2022star7.3 44 votesS1E2 June 16th
April 28, 2022star7.1 35 votesS1E5 June 19th

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User Reviews

Tweekums 5 May 2022

As this French series opens a large group of teenagers are partying in and around a river. One of them is Léa; she walks away from the group and is about to take a large quantity of pills... she stops when she sees a skeleton partially buried in the sand; on its wrist is a silver bracelet. She goes to bed and when she wakes up she isn't herself... she isn't even a she! She has woken in 1991 in the body of Ismael, the boy whose body she found. It turns out he was a friend of her parents. When she/he goes to sleep again she wakes back in the present. This pattern repeats over the next six days with her alternating between a day in 1991, in a different body each time, and a day in the present. Over the week she learns more about Ismael and her parents' past. She determines to try to find a way to prevent his death.

I really enjoyed this series. It brought something new to the time travel genre along with providing an interesting mystery. Having Léa wake in a different body each time provided a means for her to learn more about the individuals as well as providing some amusing moments... especially when she wakes as a boy. There is a fair amount of sex but this isn't too gratuitous; it is understandable that she is curious about what it is like to be in a male body. The question of what happened to Ismael is intriguing; did he kill himself or was he murdered... if the latter was the case there are plenty of suspects. The locations used are impressively scenic. The cast is solid, bringing the various characters to life in a way that is believable within the fantastical nature of the series. Overall this is definitely worth a watch if you are looking for something a little different.

These comments are based on watching the series in French with English subtitles.

sarathshiner 30 April 2022

Wow I love these type of time travels, especially the one which you will be given a knot to release one by one, exploring episodes, character and finally getting a chance to reveal the last knot with full of surprises. I binged this series in a day and loved the way it moves with time travel and love. It's magic. Do watch it if you are an time travel fan.

david_stever 3 May 2022

Nicely written, with a group of actors I've never seen any of them before, and hours of breathtaking scenery. Is this the Rhône river? Is that the Ardeche Gorge? I don't know there's no credits anywhere as to where it was filmed, but it's utterly fantastic. The music is good- a series of flash backs to 30 years ago that was handled well.

You will not regret watching this, it's very entertaining!

yohibadash 30 April 2022

Its been a long time since i binge watched a tv series, but i gotta say this series got me hooked from the start to the end, i watched the entire show in one weekend and i still have a taste for more. Its well written,actors are also very good and the storyline is completely interesting as well as the soundtrack. Made me miss the 90s and also miss france. I hope they will make another season with another story like this.

jgardiner-871-726729 28 April 2022

I just started watching this and already it's playing to my science fiction fantasy, time travel vibe. I think I'm hooked on it. Sort of a crazy teenager mixed up world has started. As the synopsis said she found a dead body and she doing time travel.

She found the book/journal she had buried 30 years before. Now she knows that she wasn't dreaming. This is so good.

It get kind of crazy as she go each time and gets to live one day of their life back as a different person. They never remember what happened when she was them.

She is trying to save the guy she found dead from dying because she has fallen in love with him.

Then school life is so weird compared to our countries school.

So much sex in it though. She is just a mixed up little girl but an interesting one. It, the story keeps you mesmerised. Are a viewer you just can't let it go. You just must keep watching. It is really fascinating. It will just hook you in.

The thing that makes it so believable is the strong theme of drug taking and that alone takes you into the realms unknown.

The scenery and cinematolgy is so good. You want to just stop and suck it all up. Bit too much sex but maybe important for the detail of the story.

felixnkubi 3 May 2022

Just finished the show, I loved it so much that it took me almost a week before I saw the last episode cos I was so afraid for Lea but it ended well, the cast were phenomenal, the plot was so intriguing and it kept you guessing till the end.. I don't see it getting a second season, but if it does, I will be over the moon.

Real_Mrs_JonSnow 2 May 2022

I loved this show. Some of the sex stuff was a bit too much, but hey, they're French. It also could be a little juvenile at times, but the story is still charming and original, it will still draw you in. Time travel is one of my favorite genres, I'll watch almost any show that revolves around it. So if you love time travel, you may love this show.

The characters are likable and relatable, the cinematography is breathtaking, and the pace kept me engaged the entire time. It even has a perfect ending. All the actors are good, not to mention gorgeous. They each did a convincing job as the confused Lea transferred into a different body, and with the perfect amount of humor too. The scenery is also a character of the show. What a beautiful landscape.

I was surprised I liked it this much. I hope more people give it a chance so it's picked up for a second season. Many of us need to see what happens to all these great characters, especially Lea. I do wish they had explored why and how Lea was able to time travel. Maybe next season we will get more answers.

ryan-99937 1 May 2022

This show manages to be enthralling both in its premise and its execution. The character development is strong and the world building is fascinating. The mystery builds in a way that feels natural, and the tension built as the consequences of Leas reality become apparent is excellent.

As for the conclusion of the season, I find it difficult to imagine a more devastating, intriguing, and satisfying end to Lea's journey of 7 lives.

tarawoiderski 29 April 2022

Good show watched it seamlessly in one night. Interesting story line and good actors. Fabulous music, brought me back to my rocker days in Detroit haha.

haveanothertwo 3 May 2022

Like the adolescents at its center, the series is a bit all over the place. But if you indulge, it totally works. Bonus for the France based 90s références, which surprise and delight - even if buttered a little thick.

The cast is engaging, the story moves along and there's some cool ideas explored here and there. Worth it!

kathryn-88751 30 April 2022

Watched all episodes in a day :) Find it interresting that the main character changed in each episode but stay the same at the same time. A little addictive.m xD Want another season please!!!

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