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The Americans (2013)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.4/10 91K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

At the height of the Cold War two Russian agents pose as your average American couple, complete with family.

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May 30, 2018star9.8 3756 votesS6E10 START
May 23, 2018star9.5 1730 votesS6E9 Jennings, Elizabeth
May 9, 2018star9.3 1531 votesS6E7 Harvest
April 25, 2018star9.2 1424 votesS6E5 The Great Patriotic War
May 1, 2013star9.1 2156 votesS1E13 The Colonel
April 1, 2015star9.1 1567 votesS3E10 Stingers
May 16, 2018star9.1 1315 votesS6E8 The Summit
May 21, 2014star9.0 1549 votesS2E13 Echo
March 25, 2015star9.0 1514 votesS3E9 Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep
April 27, 2016star9.0 1293 votesS4E7 Travel Agents
April 22, 2015star8.9 1399 votesS3E13 March 8, 1983
April 6, 2016star8.9 1364 votesS4E4 Chloramphenicol
March 28, 2018star8.8 1459 votesS6E1 Dead Hand
May 2, 2018star8.8 1258 votesS6E6 Rififi
May 16, 2017star8.8 1141 votesS5E11 Dyatkovo
March 6, 2013star8.7 1947 votesS1E6 Trust Me
April 23, 2014star8.7 1442 votesS2E9 Martial Eagle
April 15, 2015star8.6 1192 votesS3E12 I Am Abassin Zadran
April 20, 2016star8.6 1169 votesS4E6 The Rat

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User Reviews

nufafa 5 June 2018

Although I have found the series a bit repetitive over the years, the final season has been exceptional, with a beautiful final episode that will be always remember. I think is one of the shows that better uses the silence to explain things, and in the last episode music plays also a big role. The acting of Rhys, Russell and Emmerich is exceptional and I'd love to see them in the nominations and awards' lists.

savannahkhan 2 February 2013

It is very rare that you have a near perfect episode, especially of a series on commercial television. But FX has done it here with The Americans. It is nearly flawless. Great mind candy for the thinking person, with something to come back to after the first viewing. I credit the success of The Americans to 3 things: Great script, great music, and Matthew Rhys.

The script is adult, no-nonsense storytelling built on an original premise, the Cold War. Those of us who are old enough remember this period, a period of the Russians-are-coming hysteria that was second only to the Civil Rights movement the decade before. An era very under- represented in film and ignored on the small screen, comes to life for a new generation.

Of course this era would be nothing without the music of this time and again, The Americans is flawless. "Harden my Heart" opens the series, and how appropriate. Disguised, and ready to perform sexual acts for information, we first meet the series heroine, Elizabeth Jennings whose heart is truly hardened. Fast forward to a back alley chase and we are introduced to our hero(?) Phillip to the pulsations of "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac. "Tusk" is appropriate here too. Just think about it.

Must mention these disguises too, which are not your silly, unrealistic mission-impossible disguises. No, the disguises in The Americans are really disguises and surprisingly, with very little disguise. What makes these disguises work for the Jennings is that the Jennings can act. With each disguise is a new personality. Elizabeth does her disguise well but the master of disguise is Phillip.

Phillip, played by Matthew Rhys, is special, or should I say, Matthew Rhys is special as Phillip. Rhys takes the art of disguise to the next stage. He is authentic, nerdy and funny in disguise talking to Martha, reminding you of a young John Ritter. And then as the kick-your-ass, baddest-ass-kicking daddy of them all over a barbecue pit, Rhys is wonderfully dangerous, stellar, and I can't get enough of him.

This series only has to live up to its pilot a little bit. The series has everything: originality, sex, espionage, suspense...did I say originality? And yes, Matthew Rhys who has the role of his life, I daresay, the role he has been waiting for, is the welcomed surprise here. Hat's off to casting. Can't wait to see what they are going to do with this.

jjrt-66178 18 January 2019

I've heard about this show countless times mostly in the US media. I figured it was a very politicized show with the same old message "US = Good, RU = Evil" This is what kept me from giving the series a go. Only in late 2018 I've started watching and to my surprise It's not the case. The show manages to give a fair and near unbiased view about Geo-politics, fractions, countries. espionage, ideologies. Without telling you what to think or how to feel about it. It doesn't demonize any side neither does it glorify the other. For those whom refuse(d) to watch for the same reasons as me, if still curious just give it a try! It's actually a good show

wgingery 22 May 2018

The fifth season's first episode featured the "Americans" digging a hole - a BIG hole. The scene goes on a long, long time. This is pretty much how the whole season feels. The show downshifts a gear or two, the payoff is elusive, and you wonder where it's all going; until, that is, the end finally does come, when it's a shocker. It is all done quite intentionally so as to set up the final season.

The Sixth Season of "The Americans" continues to fire on all cylinders: character development, acting, suspense, photography, writing and spy craft, all are splendid.

The focus is increasingly on Philip and Elizabeth, their relationship and inner development, while the other characters recede somewhat into the background, like subsidiary planets orbiting about a double star. Under extreme pressure to prevent disaster, they commit acts that may cause many viewers actually to come to hate them. in the end, no one gets off unscathed, and everyone is simply striving to stay afloat amidst the wreckage....

Which, in a way, is the point:

On the surface, "The Americans" is one of those "mismatched buddy" shows: a young couple teamed together purely for reasons of expediency. However, it runs much deeper than that. Beyond maintaining the charade of a false identity and masquerading as someone you are not, lies the complexity of their developing relationship: exploring the nature of love when you live with someone who lies for a living; understanding what drives them, the far reaching consequences of their choices, & the rationalization of their acts of violence.

At the heart of "The Americans" is a family infected by the conviction that loyalty to country overshadows family or one's own soul. As viewers, we're asked the tough questions: If the couple wore blue instead of red, would it change anything? Are spies heroes - or pawns? Is patriotism formed by rational choice - or the product of where we're born? At what point is the loss of one's humanity too high a price?

DiCaprio-HardyFan 10 February 2021

There's a reason that The Americans is one of the best reviewed shows and that's because it's fantastic! There have been a ton of spy shows over the years but The Americans is without a doubt one the best of them! It's easily one of the 2 or 3 the most thrilling spy show ever created! Loved it!

hemril 26 February 2013

I don't want to repeat everything that has been already said about this series.

However, I think Keri Russell's presence in this series is the key to everything. Only her could have this cold outside look hiding a wounded soul that hangs on to what she believes in.

It is not only about the plot, but also the human toll the Cold War claimed in its path.

I think the series is very well rounded in terms of casting and writing. It has a rhythm that keeps the audience on edge.

This is, in my humble opinion, the best of the genre since Alfred Hitchcock gave us Topaz and The Torn Curtain. I give it a 9.

mrblumis 23 February 2013

I'm not going to spoil any of the episodes so read on. I'm just saying I've been waiting for years for a television series that sets the hook and does not let you go. Very intense, great social issues, Keri Russell is spectacular. I just started "Nashville" the series this year and thought that was the answer, but "The Americans" has bumped Nashville down to number 2. Some of the younger crowd who does not know the 80's, or the cold war between the USSR and the US, might not feel the intensity compared to us who felt the tension of the time - when WWIII felt on the doorstep. The first ten minutes of the series opener was the best ten minutes of any television series opener in history. The pounding music, the action, the mystery, the excitement was unbelievable. I just hope the writers can keep it going for the next ten years.

3aleks 13 October 2018

I was born in the Soviet Union and would like to notice that they managed to capture emotions and atmosphere of The Cold War. Thanks to the cast and creators for memories and having a great time.

jenmatsui 26 April 2013

Who doesn't love a cold war drama set in the early days of the Reagan administration about deep cover KGB spies posing as a wholesome "all American" family living in a DC suburb? And in a perverted twist of fate, next door to the FBI counter-intelligence agent tracking these rumored agents, who exist primarily as mere urban legends in the paranoid imaginations of overly-thinking spooks. Needless to say, they ARE real and even more deeply rooted in Mom and Apple Pie than their believers would think possible. Not just disguised infiltrators, but perfect replicas of the Sears portrait American family in a simulacrum America as imagined by a Soviet espionage agency. That is to say 'Mom' and 'Dad' carry out often brutal espionage missions against the enemies of their Soviet homeland on American turf, while raising their 'American' kids, often with the unintended sit-com inducing results inherent in trying to maintain harsh Soviet-style discipline while pretending to be the indulgent and "decadent" parental units of innately suspicious, wise beyond their years 'tweens. Their situation is further complicated by a newly sworn-in US president with a more aggressive, anti-Soviet foreign policy, and their newly appointed handler "Claudia" - a matronly old Stalinist whom neither trust, and who will test the limits of their loyalties with far reaching consequences.

By the first episode, the emotional complications of their own arranged-in-a-KGB training camp marriage are starting to take their toll on 'Catherine' and 'Philip' with the latter showing signs of a flagging fealty to the Motherland and a deepening emotional bond with his de facto wife. Catherine, for her part, while still the mentor-pleasing star pupil of her Soviet special agent training academy maintains her stealth focus on the mission. If her heart is with the former Panther she had recruited years earlier, her body is a machine that belongs solely to the state, functioning simultaneously as a sexual weapon and a shape shifting, blow- deflecting device that can pack a school lunch. Kerri Russell, even in her '80's 'mom jeans', could serve any Bond girl her dinner in a dog dish.

Long story short: I'm just loving the s#*t out of 'The Americans', which could have just as easily been another 'Homeland' - in other words, more paranoid post 9/11 agitprop about the heroic government agents doing battle against a stealth enemy and his prayer beads. Unlike the aforementioned 'Homeland' that centers on Carrie Mathison's bug-eyed certitude of a turned 'evil-doer' in her imaginary-seeming cross hairs, 'The Americans', with the "blink and you'll miss it" sly humor so emphatically absent in the 'counterterrorism' genre it subverts, tells the story of subterfuge on American soil through the eyes of a Cold War nemesis. Where Homeland's Claire Danes channels Ann Coulter playing a Gena Rowlands 'woman-on-the- verge' protagonist you want to shoot with a horse tranquilizer, 'The Americans' - both husband and wife - dispenses with the Emmy-baiting histrionics, allowing the complexities of their characters to take shape through their interactions with each other, their children and the Americans they emulate. 'Catherine' can't seem to pronounce the A-word without revealing her contempt for her adopted homeland, while 'Philip' is at pains to conceal his love of hot dogs and a burgeoni

scotthd-84406 12 April 2019

I always have the feeling that endings to series are predictable and never have the wow factor. I gave just seen the last episode and I can't stop thinking about it 2 days later. Brilliant ending loved it ! Just wow and thank you for making it a great series.

mohan59 31 January 2013

It is early days yet, but the pilot was so engrossing (and Fox infuriating with its endless barrage of commercial breaks), it deserved a review.

Set during the Cold War when relations between the Big Two are still ebbing and flowing, we are taken on an intriguing ride on the back of an American couple: Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell). They make an everyday pair but there is something brewing from (and between) them. Their motives are ulterior, the tension palpable, the strain of a highly dangerous mission clearly burdening them. Despite two kids, Elizabeth has a singular purpose, a determination not as concrete in Phil's heart which is in a state of mental flux. He is getting weary of the masquerade but is a thorough professional, as his slick talents in hand-to-hand combat and imposture bear testimony. Not every step goes perfectly to plan, though. A tricky hurdle comes their way and as Phil and Elizabeth eradicate it, she begins to understand Phil's dilemma and choses to defend him from her superior.

Meanwhile, the FBI is hot on the trail of three people suspected of espionage, one of whom has a description. Through a cruel twist of coincidence, the Jennings become neighbors to one agent Stan (Noah Emmerich) whose sixth sense makes him doubt and investigate them, even as Phil gathers intelligence that the Feds have them on their radar. As the stakes in this fascinating game of cat-and-mouse rise, there are glimpses into who Phil and Elizabeth really are, what brought them here, and how they end up together.

It is an engrossing story, interspersed with great moments of tension, decadence, and charm (who would've thought Phil Collins and Fleetwood Mac could make such inspired choices for background score?). The writing is top-notch. Matthew and Keri are excellent casting choices, since portraying enemies as genuine people is not as easy as it looks. A very positive start from the show's makers.

Can't wait for the next episode!

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