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The Bear (2022)

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A young chef from the fine dining world returns to Chicago to run his family's sandwich shop.

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Season 1

June 23, 2022Episode 8 Braciole
June 23, 2022Episode 7 Review
June 23, 2022Episode 6 Ceres
June 23, 2022Episode 5 Sheridan
June 23, 2022Episode 4 Dogs
June 23, 2022Episode 3 Brigade
June 23, 2022Episode 2 Hands
June 23, 2022Episode 1 System

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June 23, 2022star9.6 98 votesS1E7 Review
June 23, 2022star9.6 86 votesS1E8 Braciole
June 23, 2022star9.1 67 votesS1E4 Dogs
June 23, 2022star9.1 62 votesS1E6 Ceres
June 23, 2022star8.9 63 votesS1E5 Sheridan
June 23, 2022star8.5 88 votesS1E2 Hands
June 23, 2022star8.5 75 votesS1E3 Brigade
June 23, 2022star8.1 132 votesS1E1 System

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User Reviews

christophersarles 23 June 2022

Yes, it's NOT a comedy BIG DEAL! So tired of people who think "oh that guy was in a comedy so this MUST be funny" grow up! This is sometimes amusing sometimes sad but the cast and characters are VERY intriguing and multi layered.

If you have EVER worked in the food industry or had a family full of problems this is a great look at how life just goes on and you do what you must to get on with it.

It shows the high stress of the food world and the addiction to the rush that comes with it. It looks at addiction and suicide and how it effects those you love. It shows how family always comes first. It shows how important tradition is. The cast is very realistic and the acting is brilliant. If you're looking for a comedy about a restaurant go watch "waiting", if you're looking to watch a realistic multifaceted show that should have been an hour long and BETTER return for a second season, then this is for you.

amyruggles-54721 23 June 2022

I am really enjoying this show. I've made it through six episodes and the character development is great. I am already rooting for so many of the characters. It's turning into a real feel-good show. The casting and acting are great. I love the writing and the setting/cinematography are as realistic as it can get. With so many choices out there I find it oddly difficult to find shows that I truly enjoy. But this is one of them.

othersidebar 23 June 2022

Playing virtually the same character he played on Shameless, Jeremy White (Lip in Shameless) continues in a somewhat tatted and physically and emotionally scarred role but this time replacing substance abuse with culinary school. An amazing actor, but will he ever break out of the Chicago kid role? That remains to be seen.

This time, White takes his talents to the role of a guy whose brother has died and left him a Chicago Beef restaurant. Having been trained in the ultimate of kitchens and worked in the ultimate of restaurants, and having been reviewed as an amazing up and coming chef, he now assumes the role of "chef" and owner in a fledgling Chicago sandwich shop trying to implement the techniques of both cuisine and management he learned in school.

The supporting characters and restaurant scenes ring true, the script and characters were very well researched as anyone who has worked in restaurants will attest. White as an actor remains compelling as ever.

The eight episode run is only 30 minutes per episode and is very addictive and watchable for fans of White and restaurant people. The music score is top notch. Enjoy.

redproton88 24 June 2022

Get out of the kitchen. This show is so spot on about how real kitchens function. Having worked in several high end and lower end restaurants. I can tell you this is the real deal. For all those low star reviewers, you just don't get it. This is not a glitzy Hollywood romanticized fantasy. Great acting, accurate terminology and technique. Absolutely love it! Hope there will be more.

jamesheniff 23 June 2022

I've worked in a family owned restaurant in Chicago for decades. The intensity among family members and the dialog between workers is extremely realistic. All the characters in this series have depth which makes it believable. This show has no "caricatures" or "cartoon-like" people for comic relief. Excellent show!

jordanjtoohey 24 June 2022

This is the first review I have ever written on IMDB. THAT is how impactful this show was on me. I completely forgot I was watching actors perform, and genuinely felt as though I was watching real people go through real life drama, and comedy. Jeremy Allen White (Carmy) and Ayo Edebiri (Sydney) were spectacular. Don't get me wrong, the entire cast was phenomenal, but those two had me GLUED to the screen. I finished this entire show in one day, and I regret nothing. This series draws you in with an opening reminiscent of the movie "Waiting," and after introducing heavy topics like suicide, addiction, alcoholism, familial stressors, battles with coworkers, trauma, and an overall feeling of existential dread, the series ends, and you just sit there and say, "Wow." I am SO happy I found this show. I'm going to tell everyone I see to watch this. Everyone needs to watch this. HARD 10/10.

briantsimonson-78218 23 June 2022

Most accurate representation of working in a kitchen i've seen in a tv show so far. The only beef i had was the main dude never wearing head covering, and you never see anyone washing their hands. The sous chef character sydney is more or less spot on. Also i get they are not trying to glorify excessive drinking because of the alcoholism backstory, but to not show then getting drinks once after work to decompress and complain about the shift is kinda weird and a big part of the culture for better or worse.

midtownwarriors 25 June 2022

Great acting, writing, direction. Shots and scenes are artful and not pretentious, soundtrack choice is excellent. Having worked in a kitchen and a fan of cooking/food shows, Bourdain, this is well conceived masterpiece.

Sure the episodes are short and only 8 episodes, but if that was its first and only season, it was short and sweet, and even the little bit of filler made sense. A nice tight package, a must watch!

spritals 23 June 2022

This is one of the richest, well developed stories of people. Given a high stress environment which we all know of as Life, how we all pick our ways through. Life is hard, unpredictable, complicated and messy. Our action and reactions make it brilliant, painful and exciting. Food is every humans center. And this show highlights the work it takes as individual people, with individual opinions, ideas and experiences to work together. Such a refreshing view of people, with all their layers, creating something so amazing!

I wouldn't call this a "comedy" though it does have many humorous portions. Every character is a complicated human-which we all are. So well put together, you can't help but see yourself in one form or another in every character, including and sometimes highlighting our defects, and how that can still makes us stronger together than apart.

Highly recommend! Especially if you're tired of seeing Hollywood "reality" which is never real at all! Kudos to the entire cast, crew, writers and so on that bring this brilliant show to us!

Thank you Hulu as well.

tx-graped 24 June 2022

Lip makes a sandwich. I really good sandwich. It would be funny to have it in the chicagoverse of all the shows based there. It does have that feel how Shameless was filmed. I've liked it all so far, good meal.

joshdavidson-14678 25 June 2022

This show is mostly in the kitchen...I come from a culinary kitchen experience background, from the dumps to fine dining so may e this show just speaks to me...idk but it's fun!!

jayj-70656 25 June 2022

I really enjoyed this show. Binge watched it. For those who think it's like Shameless, it's much more of a drama, not a comedy, although there was some comedy in it. It's been awhile since we've watched anything about cooking, and my husband even liked it.

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