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The Billion Dollar Code (2021)

Biography | Drama 
Rayting:   8.2/10 2.6K votes
Country: Germany
Language: English

In 1990s Berlin, an artist and a hacker invented a new way to see the world. Years later, they reunite to sue Google for patent infringement on it.

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October 7, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
October 7, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
October 7, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
October 7, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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October 7, 2021star9.0 92 votesS1E4 Episode 4
October 7, 2021star8.7 81 votesS1E3 Episode 3
October 7, 2021star8.5 90 votesS1E2 Episode 2
October 7, 2021star8.2 116 votesS1E1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

pietclausen 18 October 2021

Being a fictitious story, it is difficult to judge which events really took place. The story had merit but the presentation was poor and drawn out. The only episode which stood apart from the rest was episode 4 in which the case was before the court. The eccentricity of the nerds throughout is probably very close to the behavior of the real geeks.

julianrosser-440-787839 10 October 2021

I don't think much of this series bears any relationship to a true story but it's well made and raises very interesting points about developing a start-up and protecting your IP.

Good acting directing and script. I'd recommend it.

javiergarcon 10 October 2021

We are the bad guy of the earth! Us Americans think we are the good guys instead we are the bad guys of the story. Look at what we do in other countries! We choose the leaders in other third world countries calling it democracy. Instead we are tyrants choosing the leaders for them. This movie is an eye opener that helps reveal the dirty laundry of the CIA and the horrible thing that the U. S. Government has done around the world as per Edward Snowden has explained over and over. There are no conspiracy theories this is a reality. Reality check! Set your pride aside! This series will have you thinking about all the patents that our American companies have acquired since Edison has been around since he stole patents from Tesla. Clear throat.

alexandermangoldt 11 October 2021

I'm like forty minutes into the first episode and I am already bored as funk, excuse my French. I can't help but to compare it to THE SOCIAL NETWORK which is so much better on pretty much all levels (score, storytelling, exchanges between the lawyers, dialogue, voice-over, etc.)

There is just way too much explaining. We have the voice-over that chronologically explains everything, and just to make sure, even the actors do their fair amount of explaining. One example: When the two hackers/ nerds have their first meeting with the Deutsche Telekom, one of the hackers says that his fellow hackers would be ashamed of him to ask the Deutsche Telekom for money and that he hacked their network just a year ago. But at this point, it is already very clear to the viewer that the people working at and for the Deutsche Telekom are totally different from these hackers. So there is really no need for this explanation. And this is just one example. When the lawyers ask questions or interrupt their counterparts, it never feels genuine but rather like a device or tool to explain something to the supposedly dumb viewer. And I don't like being taken for a ignoramus when I'm watching a film.

So, no, I believe this is a good story, but the film itself is dull and boring.

ghatbkk 13 October 2021

This is a story that everyone should see. Everyone.

"Don't be Evil" is stated as Google's catchphrase from their code of conduct- well, except when you are being evil and screwing people out of their intellectual property.

An eye-opening view of Google and their approach to IP.

Chris_Ego 17 October 2021

This German series tells the story of how Google acquired the technology for Google Earth from a small company. While the topic is very hot and the circumstances are intriguing, the script is well written and every episode has a special vibe that keeps you interested. I'm quite sure the producers explained the evolution of "Terra Vision" based on real life events. The tech we see from the 90's are absolutely authentic. The Onyx machine, the screens, the modems. It's like a time travel for me to see the first commercial 3D graphics and the fashion of that time.

I'm not sold to the acting though. Since the story is switching between the decades all the time and the older characters are played by different actors and I found they are mismatched. Honestly each time group is acting good on their own behalf but they are totally estranged compared to their older version. Especially the young Carsten Schlüter played by Leonard Scheicher is annoying at times, seems to be gay and is quite the opposite of his older self played perfectly manly by Mark Waschke.

Other than that "The Billion Dollar Code" is a fine production for anyone who is interested in computer tech and economics.

premmgor 15 October 2021

Based on the true story of Two German computer pioneers who go to court to be recognized as the real inventors of the 'Google Earth' algorithm. One of the best courtroom dramas with amazing performances and brilliant technical details but it is the story and execution that everyone should witness. Highly recommended! ❤

kcitraro 12 October 2021

This series was not drawn out. It had subplots and great character development. Based on true story of terra earth being around for 5 yrs when google stole it. I was hoping to see Netlist mentioned in the series as their memory saved google 1/2 electric cost and got search results in 1/2 the time. This gave them unfair advantage over other search engines. Everything google achieved was only because they stole, cheated and lied to get there. Squashing small startups daily. This 4 part series gives a great picture of what I'm talking about. Presented not as a documentary but rather a true story drama. I didn't get lost, or bored, or confused at all. Hope people watch this short series!

rohitarorra 8 October 2021

It is very important that stories like these which are true are shown to the world. People should know what these big companies are made off and that it is all deceit, lies and lawsuits.

shoshanim 8 October 2021

...followed by: "...Because We Have the Patent on It"!!

The facade of the truly fascist Google corporation once again revealed to anyone paying attention. They are killers in more ways than one.

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