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The Blacklist (2013)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.0/10 197502 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, has her entire life uprooted when a mysterious criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has eluded capture for decades, turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her.

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Season 8

June 24, 2021Episode 22 Episode 22
June 10, 2021Episode 21 Episode 21
June 16, 2021Episode 20 Episode 20
April 23, 2021Episode 14 Misere
April 16, 2021Episode 13 Anne
April 2, 2021Episode 12 Rakitin
March 26, 2021Episode 11 Captain Kidd
March 5, 2021Episode 9 The Cyranoid
February 26, 2021Episode 8 Ogden Greeley
February 19, 2021Episode 7 Chemical Mary
January 29, 2021Episode 4 Elizabeth Keen
January 22, 2021Episode 3 16 Ounces
November 13, 2020Episode 1 Roanoke

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User Reviews

shuang-34698 11 October 2020

Almost through the second season and as far as cop shows go, this one is a great watch so far. Reddington is badass and I like the side hustle he's got going while the FBI is investigating cases. Liz Keen is the worst though. Watch the show and you'll understand why.

fsimone-97383 17 October 2020

The only possible end for this serie, and I mean the only one. Is that Red gets sick and tired of Elizabeth betrayals, put a bullet in her head and just get with his life. How a character can be so stupid. My god I just hate her.

drlaurabirceanu-80361 11 August 2020

We all know the answer to that, so kindly stop annoying audience with the stupidity of Keen's character. We are all watching the show for Redington. It's not that complicated: we like Redington and we genuinely dislike Keen. So stop with the mommy melodrama and the "I deserve to know the truth", it's ridiculous and BORING. Bring Redington forward, it's what we all want to see.

akiarora 24 September 2020

Can someone kill Elizabeth? She's the most annoying character. After betraying Red so many time, I really hope he shows her where she belongs.

mlphi715 19 July 2019

James Spader is superb in his roll as Raymond Reddington. I find all the characters in the show top rate and believable....except for Megan Boone and the character Elizabeth. This character is so sanctimonious and self centered it just grates against my nerves.This character does anything she "feels"is the best thing even if it's against protocol and puts the team in danger. Then berates Reddington, who is actually helping her, because he colors outside the lines.The fact that the show went from an interesting "get the really bad guys" show to all about "Lizzy" has gotten really very annoying and is starting to get old. There are 6 other characters to shed some focus on. I understand the background story between her and Reddington is important....I get that. But all the drama and, not to mention, all the dumb selfish things Elizabeth does is really starting to be a turn off. Whoever the writer is for this character needs to be fired. Also, what's up with Lizzy's miraculous healing powers? She can get punched in the face by a man and not only get up right away, but never has a scratch on her. She should have had black eyes for at least a couple of weeks. Everybody else on the show gets realistically (believably) injured and goes through the healing process. But not cast iron Lizzy. Come on guys, give it a rest. Please don't turn a great show of intrigue,espionage and edge of your seat stories into a soap opera with a bad leading actress. I TRULY want to continue watching this show. Needless to say, this is why I gave a 9 rating instead of a 10.

gdaskalou-32516 16 March 2019

This is indeed one of my favorite shows and one of the best i have seen. Spader is insane and the character is amazing. But for the love of god can someone please kill elisabeth and get her to dissapear from the show?? Terrible acting and iritating character makes a bad combo ... let her die so we can enjoy the series and not want to pull our eyes out ...

oneiljas 22 February 2019

Created my account just to come in and praise James Spader. I'm late to starting the show but binge watched it and love it. He definitely knows what he's doing and it's been a pleasure watching.

brianehill 19 September 2015

Once again I see people criticizing a good enjoyable show because it's not like reality and "Real governments and law enforcement organizations don't operate that way!!!!" Get a grip people! Batman isn't real either but he's fun to watch! The delineation of James Spader's Raymond Reddington is more important than any hang ups you could possibly have with the plot. I just can't see passing up such a good performance and character study because a fictional show isn't reality. It's not often a real good character comes along and I feel Spader has pulled this one off excellently in every respect. Don't cheat yourself people. It's a good show.

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