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The Bold Type (2017)

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Country: USA
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A glimpse into the outrageous lives and loves of those responsible for a global women's magazine.

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saradoree 15 March 2021

I don't want to ruin pleasure of watching an average background show to anyone who agreed to Netflix late years sub-standard, but this show is too unreal to be true and the potential got wasted straight in the beginning. First, I'm sure there's more to a young female journalist than being constantly angry and giving their boss the attitude before an adequate performance. Second, one of the topics was apparently feminism, yet the actresses were chosen according to every teenage series standards saying young women are just fine out there wearing their lashes and mini skirts, with almost no emphasis on their character whatsoever and making them say whatever they want with no consequences at all. Third, why not to show off some harder and more complex stories they could be working on? I think we are way beyond the tutorials on how to apply the lipstick in 2021. Again, I missed the feminism part in their work completely. I'm a young woman in her early 30s and yet find it very hard to relate to these characters slash career women. It's an amazing opportunity worth exploring much more beyond the surface. Sex and the city may seem easy to copy, but you shouldn't miss the complexity of how to make a show work. Once I'm up for background fillers, I will probably get back to it.

mizzybie 17 August 2018

Choose an episode, any episode. Let me tell you how it goes. 3 girls start of confident, "bold", cocky. Something happens to each of them. The confidence is shaken. Woe is me. One will yell at/cry on/ completely disrespect their boss. One will make a tech mistake of some kind. One will make a relationship error. They talk about it together- except it's never a discussion, it's a monologue where each one is self obsessing and generally ignoring the others' problems. Then they work through the episode feeling bad, having no confidence, wanting to quit and all of a sudden... it all works out perfectly!!!

Jane is the neediest person I've ever seen with a boss- how is that showing empowerment when she can't write a single article without her hand being held.

Sutton is an alright character but for someone who works in fashion, she has awful taste at times.

Cat is an interesting character. Stubborn and headstrong with the arrogance of youth that her way is the best way. she always has a mission, always got a new thing to change the world on. Regardless of who it might hurt.

It's watchable fluff but entirely unrealistic. These girls do so little work, and are so emotionally distracted and mess up so frequently that they should totally get fired.

fuleruth 11 March 2021

The friendship, events, setting, scenarios etc just don't flow naturally. The I can't breath without my friends theme is not natural. It was an easy watch but just too unreal.

lilac-31582 9 February 2020

Could be better. Looking at their "age," they would never be this far up the totem pole with their careers. Its a very millenial show meaning that they say whetever comes across their mind regardless of the supposed outcomes should be but never are and if they meet resistance they complain of how unfair it is and everything should change. They show didn't seem too liberal to start with but as the seasons have passed, everything makes a hard left; opinions are now being guilted into being politically correct so you have to change your opinion or you're a *gasp* Republican or against the majority. Jane literally can't use the word "woke" now b/c her half-black counterpart said no. Kat, as social media director at a whopping age of early-20-something tried to stick it to the man (ie the president of the board of directors for the magazine). Honey, please, if you were this direct as an adolescent women trying to show everyone they're wrong and you're right, you'd be fired in a jiffy. I feel like it depicts women as these highly emotional, fly off the handle creatures. Trying to make everything "right" as they all do, really just looks like you tattle-tale. As a another reviewer said, women literally burned their bras and stood up for equality, and these girls/writers forgot to put their big girl panties on and play hard-ball. As I wrote that, they literally made me think of my 2 toddlers... "Mommy! He threw my toy! Mommy, she hit me." Then again, these main characters are millenials so what else could I expect from those toddlers.

rhedyn-ingate 28 February 2019

This show is the perfect mashup of all the good things from 'the devil wears prada', 'gossip girl', and 'sex and the city' with the added bonus of more contemporary, feminist, political and identity issues leading the plot. Yes, some of the twists and turns seemed too good to be true, but it's one of those shows you can just put on to feel good, although you'll probably end up getting hooked on it! I'm obsessed!

veronikave 26 November 2020

When the editor in chief and a board member is the most relatable and likeable character, you got your characters wrong.

If verbally abusing your boss gets you an intimate dinner at their place, then I've got this life all wrong.

Lack of maturity and unrealistic scenarios make this tv show quite annoying but somehow realistic at the same time. I guess it's the realisation that the arrogance of young people who still have a good way to go to mature end realize their own attitudes that makes this show tolerable to watch.

rhgdesigns 13 June 2018

The only reason I can think of for those ridiculous glowing reviews is someone promised them something good, because this show is atrocious! I guess they were aiming for Sex In The City for young millennials, but this doesn't even raise to the level of that garbage show. There is nothing feminist about three gorgeous and perfect young woman who want to succeed in fashion, that is just playing into a stereotype that we only care about fashion and looks. And where is the challenge? They have a caring, nurturing boss (which rarely exists in real life) and they easily succeed with few obstacles in life- everyone is cheering these pretty girls on. Stupid, vapid and shallow. Skip it.

aekfastline 19 April 2021

This series tries to it set/determine the "new" norms of femininity, but the only feminine value presented is "model like" beauty and toxic friendship. How to solve a problem? Change of clothes or alcohol. Those three characters are stripped of any depth, emotions, insight, hobby or interest. They are just a job title, but even the job isn't realistic. There is nothing normal in this show, even hangover is solved by intravenous nutritional treatment. Eggs are frozen, food is served exclusively as a single use plastic wrapped salad and only "good" mother is a dead mother. I personally have no sympathy for Barbie's with carrier, no matter how well they are dressed. /they are not even that well dressed in this endless shallow emptiness! /

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