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The Crown (2016)

Biography | History 
Rayting:   8.7/10 153454 votes
Country: UK
Language: English

Follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century.

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Season 4

November 15, 2020Episode 10 War
November 15, 2020Episode 9 Avalanche
November 15, 2020Episode 8 48:1
November 15, 2020Episode 6 Terra Nullius
November 15, 2020Episode 5 Fagan
November 15, 2020Episode 4 Favourites
November 15, 2020Episode 3 Fairytale
November 15, 2020Episode 2 The Balmoral Test
November 15, 2020Episode 1 Gold Stick

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User Reviews

TouchTheGarlicProduction 4 November 2016

The Crown boasts no action sequences or big movie stars, and yet it is one of the most expensive shows of all time. Why? Because of the sheer attention to detail. Aside from the fully historically accurate costumes and locations, the show is just gorgeous to look at. The lighting, the cinematography, and everything else visual about it is on point. It's quite apparent none of that money went to waste.

The show doesn't just look gorgeous, though. It is also compelling, well written, and well performed. In fact, almost every element is perfectly executed, which means that no single one stands out above the rest, but rather they work in harmony. And that is the show's greatest success; the fact that it all comes together smoothly into a neat, binge-able, high quality package.

Mind you, the reason I enjoy the Crown so much is that I knew what to expect when I went into it. This is NOT a fast-paced, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat experience. It is a character drama about the royal family. It runs at a slow pace. Yet it is gripping all the same.

That's why it is so good to know that Netflix made such a large investment in this series; they're taking chances and funding original and unusual things in an era when Hollywood is afraid to do anything that isn't already an existing intellectual property. I hope that the Crown blows up like Stranger Things. I hope it gets all the attention it deserves.

dsmithchesterfield 4 November 2016

Where to start is very difficult when it comes to what I can only describe as an amazing feat of production and acting. The cast are absolutely outstanding and are nothing but professional.

You can tell a lot of effort has been put into the research and accuracy of the story line. The attention to detail also has to be credited.

I can't find a fault and believe me I've tried. Having watched previous biopics/Dramas regarding royalty I will have to put this at the Top and that is including The Queen which again I would rate at 10/10.

In summery a must watch if you are looking for a great piece of production and a stimulating story line. I would recommend this to anyone.

debij-97775 5 November 2016

I just watched the first two episodes and I already am in love with the story and characters! The acting is excellent as well as the directing, story line, costumes, sets, filming locations and everything else that has gone into the making of this series. It is well written and filmed and I am looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes. I have always been fascinated with history and this series takes you back in time. It has such powerful emotion and a lot of surprises which held my interest tremendously. So far, the episodes I saw went by quickly with me wanting to see more. If you are a history buff or interested in the Royal Family, don't miss this! It is a down to earth version of their lives and responsibilities. And so far, there are many things I did not know or appreciate. Definitely a learning experience and thank you for such a beautiful story! This is an addition to my previous post- I am now on episode 9 and if there aren't any awards for acting, I will be extremely surprised. John Lithgow's portrayal of Winston Churchill is award winning as well as Claire Foy playing the Queen. All of the acting is superb in my opinion and I don't want this series to end...

linnet100 16 November 2016

Every so often a drama comes along that takes away your breath. Sometimes that's subjective, other times objective. Dramas such as The Jewel in the Crown, The West Wing, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, House M.D. have all stood at the pinnacle of television drama.

The Crown is right up there at the very top. It is outstanding in every way: faultless. From brilliant dramatisation to acting to score to cinematography: everywhere you look it commands.

Watch it. You won't regret it. You will remember one of those television 'moments' that come along all too rarely.

lisacarlson 11 November 2016

Regardless of what you may think of the Royals Netflix has poured a ton of money into this exquisite production about the life of Queen Elizabeth. It is a show which requires fixed attention as things progress at a unhurried pace. The opening musical evolution is enchanting and never grows old. Actress Claire Foy is beautifully riveting in the role of Elizabeth; someone who wants to have a normal life and yet is made to feel her duty as Queen should be the highest priority. It has been suggested the Queen is warm, has a sense of humor, is compassionate and this portrayal conveys it. She is wise enough to realize she's going to have to forge her own way as those around her are stymied in their own limitations or ignorance. John Lithgow transforms into Winston Churchill and is equally stellar. Their scenes together are superb. If Peter Morgan's research is accurate I can fully appreciate how Princess Diana must have felt. The show is rounded out by a wonderful supporting cast. This show is my favorite Netflix production so far.

welikeitjt 11 December 2019

There are a lot of things i like with season 3. Most of it is good. The stories, the characters, the actors.

Colman is a good actor, no doubt about it. She played the part really well.

The problem for me is:

Claire Foy played the part like she was born to do it. I've never seen anything like it on tv.

20 hours of portraying Elizabeth II made Claire Foy the real queen in a young age for so many of us.

And the fact is; Every actor who comes next needs to portray Claire Foy. Not The Queen.

heloaalling 6 November 2016

To be very honest, when a friend told me we should watch the crown, a series about Queen Elizabeth ll life, i was not excited, im normally not a very good person to start watching a new series. However, so glad i watched this. Me and my friend watched 3 episodes, and i watched the rest on my own, latter that day.

The series is exciting, fast past, amazing cast, beautifully shot, beautiful costumes. Besides all that, The Crown , have made me look with another eyes to the royal family, specially Queen Elizabeth, to be honest i did not know much about her personal life . The series shows the struggle of the royal family, and make us realise they are all people in the end, with their problems and feelings.

I truly hope they will make another season, to continue this extraordinary show. Thanks Netflix.

qais_kawar 20 November 2019

By season 3, the series has kept a high level of professionalism, acting, and story even when they changed every single actor !! Such an extraordinary series !!

mccann3010 20 November 2019

I watched with bated breath as Olivia Coleman took over from Claire Foy. Coleman embodies a mature Elizabeth, one who is calcified into a Royal with a stoic countenance, dowdy wardrobe, and a hint of what the crown has given and cost her.

What really blew me away was the lavish attention to detail and period. The public and private spaces are painted in luscious colors, the furniture upholstered with richly hued brocade (so are the women come to think of it). The salons and libraries decorated with massive wood furniture. It's not comfortable - you can almost feel the drafty cold circulating throughout the palace, but it is a showstopper. No wonder they wore wool sweaters and tartan wool suits while lounging about.

cepruett-80615 29 November 2020

Brilliant in every way with one exception. I wasn't happy when the actors changed. I wonder why the original actors couldn't just remain with makeup to show aging. I became quite fond of the first Queen, her sister Margaret, and Philip. Not used to the second set yet.

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