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The Crown (2016)

Biography | History 
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Rayting:   8.7/10 175K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

Follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century.

Episode Guide

Season 5

November 9, 2022Episode 10 Decommissioned
November 9, 2022Episode 9 Couple 31
November 9, 2022Episode 8 Gunpowder
November 9, 2022Episode 7 No Woman's Land
November 9, 2022Episode 6 Ipatiev House
November 9, 2022Episode 5 The Way Ahead
November 9, 2022Episode 4 Annus Horribilis
November 9, 2022Episode 3 Mou Mou
November 9, 2022Episode 2 The System

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best The Crown Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

November 17, 2019star9.4 5660 votesS3E3 Aberfan
November 17, 2019star9.2 4716 votesS3E6 Tywysog Cymru
December 8, 2017star9.2 4507 votesS2E8 Dear Mrs. Kennedy
December 8, 2017star9.2 4206 votesS2E6 Vergangenheit
November 4, 2016star9.1 5662 votesS1E2 Hyde Park Corner
November 4, 2016star9.1 4846 votesS1E9 Assassins
December 8, 2017star9.0 3925 votesS2E5 Marionettes
November 15, 2020star8.9 3199 votesS4E6 Terra Nullius
November 15, 2020star8.9 2737 votesS4E10 War
November 4, 2016star8.8 4236 votesS1E7 Scientia Potentia Est
December 8, 2017star8.8 3981 votesS2E9 Paterfamilias
November 15, 2020star8.8 3275 votesS4E3 Fairytale
November 4, 2016star8.7 4571 votesS1E4 Act of God
November 17, 2019star8.7 3989 votesS3E4 Bubbikins
December 8, 2017star8.7 3917 votesS2E4 Beryl
November 15, 2020star8.7 3315 votesS4E2 The Balmoral Test
November 15, 2020star8.7 3233 votesS4E5 Fagan
November 4, 2016star8.6 4281 votesS1E5 Smoke and Mirrors
November 4, 2016star8.6 3851 votesS1E10 Gloriana
November 17, 2019star8.6 3799 votesS3E2 Margaretology

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User Reviews

cepruett-80615 29 November 2020

Watchseries; Brilliant in every way with one exception. I wasn't happy when the actors changed. I wonder why the original actors couldn't just remain with makeup to show aging. I became quite fond of the first Queen, her sister Margaret, and Philip. Not used to the second set yet.

cepruett-80615 29 November 2020

Brilliant in every way with one exception. I wasn't happy when the actors changed. I wonder why the original actors couldn't just remain with makeup to show aging. I became quite fond of the first Queen, her sister Margaret, and Philip. Not used to the second set yet.

mccann3010 20 November 2019

The Crown watchseries. I watched with bated breath as Olivia Coleman took over from Claire Foy. Coleman embodies a mature Elizabeth, one who is calcified into a Royal with a stoic countenance, dowdy wardrobe, and a hint of what the crown has given and cost her.

What really blew me away was the lavish attention to detail and period. The public and private spaces are painted in luscious colors, the furniture upholstered with richly hued brocade (so are the women come to think of it). The salons and libraries decorated with massive wood furniture. It's not comfortable - you can almost feel the drafty cold circulating throughout the palace, but it is a showstopper. No wonder they wore wool sweaters and tartan wool suits while lounging about.

qais_kawar 20 November 2019

By season 3, the series has kept a high level of professionalism, acting, and story even when they changed every single actor !! Such an extraordinary series !!

heloaalling 6 November 2016

To be very honest, when a friend told me we should watch the crown, a series about Queen Elizabeth ll life, i was not excited, im normally not a very good person to start watching a new series. However, so glad i watched this. Me and my friend watched 3 episodes, and i watched the rest on my own, latter that day.

The series is exciting, fast past, amazing cast, beautifully shot, beautiful costumes. Besides all that, The Crown , have made me look with another eyes to the royal family, specially Queen Elizabeth, to be honest i did not know much about her personal life . The series shows the struggle of the royal family, and make us realise they are all people in the end, with their problems and feelings.

I truly hope they will make another season, to continue this extraordinary show. Thanks Netflix.

welikeitjt 11 December 2019

There are a lot of things i like with season 3. Most of it is good. The stories, the characters, the actors.

Colman is a good actor, no doubt about it. She played the part really well.

The problem for me is:

Claire Foy played the part like she was born to do it. I've never seen anything like it on tv.

20 hours of portraying Elizabeth II made Claire Foy the real queen in a young age for so many of us.

And the fact is; Every actor who comes next needs to portray Claire Foy. Not The Queen.

lisacarlson 11 November 2016

Regardless of what you may think of the Royals Netflix has poured a ton of money into this exquisite production about the life of Queen Elizabeth. It is a show which requires fixed attention as things progress at a unhurried pace. The opening musical evolution is enchanting and never grows old. Actress Claire Foy is beautifully riveting in the role of Elizabeth; someone who wants to have a normal life and yet is made to feel her duty as Queen should be the highest priority. It has been suggested the Queen is warm, has a sense of humor, is compassionate and this portrayal conveys it. She is wise enough to realize she's going to have to forge her own way as those around her are stymied in their own limitations or ignorance. John Lithgow transforms into Winston Churchill and is equally stellar. Their scenes together are superb. If Peter Morgan's research is accurate I can fully appreciate how Princess Diana must have felt. The show is rounded out by a wonderful supporting cast. This show is my favorite Netflix production so far.

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