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The Equalizer (2021)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   4.2/10 5049 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An enigmatic figure who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.

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Season 4

August 24, 1989Episode 22 Suicide Squad
August 10, 1989Episode 21 Endgame
April 13, 1989Episode 15 Starfire
April 6, 1989Episode 14 17 Zebra
March 8, 1989Episode 12 Silent Fury
February 15, 1989Episode 10 Past Imperfect
February 1, 1989Episode 9 The Visitation
December 14, 1988Episode 6 Splinters
November 2, 1988Episode 2 Sea of Fire

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

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User Reviews

fredwmeyer2 9 February 2021

The concept of "show, don't tell" was completely lost on the writers room. Every character had to describe every other character as "the best of the best", "the best the agency ever had", "the best I've ever seen".

If you have to tell your audience someone is the best, then they are probably not. The writers are just getting in their own way with excessive dialogue when some simple staging would allow viewers to come to their own conclusions., Instead, we're being TOLD everything.

Also, Queen Latifah is a good actress. She is, however, remarkably miscast in this series. The writers aren't writing to her strengths-- rock solid persona and strong delivery. Instead, they're trying to portray her as a seasoned fighter and are putting her in scenes where she's shown being physically violent. Those scenes fall flat due to the excessive jump cuts needed to compensate for the actress' lack of natural physicality. The classic 80's series did this well-- writing for McCall as a seasoned veteran in his late 50's vs. a modern spec ops warrior. As such, the original McCall used intimidation more than direct physical violence as his key weapon.

This series could be saved but it needs some heavy reworking. Right now it feels like "Equalizer in Name Only". Branding this as a remake of the original series is a disservice to all involved. Instead, create a brand new character for your very talented lead and stop trying to retread the past.

littlesatanhooves 22 February 2021

I watched the 1st episode hoping to rekindle some of that magic from the 1985 TV series starring Edward Woodward. Everything about that series was stellar, including the electrifying theme music composed by ex-Police Stewart Copeland. Everything about this remake is the opposite. The plot's simplistic beyond credibility, the protagonist hardly finds herself in any life threatening situation, and because everything from point A to Z appears as contrived as a 10-piece jigsaw puzzle, there's no suspense to speak of. Sad. I had expected much more from this and from 'Clarice'. Thank goodness for WandaVision. My opinion is based on the first two episodes.

catfashionings-94332 11 February 2021

Queen Latifah is poorly cast in this role. She's just not believable as a skilled CIA agent. Also the writing is blah... absolutely zero nuance. You are directly told what pretty much every character's traits are.

The fight scenes are edited rather poorly as well. Jump cut after jump cut, it's not stylized it's just annoying.

It's unfortunate because the source material is quite strong, but, this attempt is very weak. Perhaps it'll get better after a few more episodes but the first two were bad enough that I'm not going to stick around to find out.

peekaboobaskets 11 February 2021

I love "The Equalizer" TV series and the 2 excellent movies... this... this is not the Equalizer. It is like none of the writes - directors - people in the show saw the originals. It is very sad actually. Fight scenes that are chopped up - dialog that is lame - OVER dramatization of everyone...oh so-and-so is BEST of the BEST - and so-an-so is SO BEST of the BEST...Robert McCall never had to tell others he was BEST OF THE BEST or the people he worked with were BEST OF THE BEST... his action did it for him... when you have to be told every step of the way what you need to see or what you need to believe or what you need to know... there is something wrong.

HDWrench2 18 February 2021

Wow! I can't think of anything good to say. Bad acting, bad casting, bad writing, the reason I gave it a 2 was because of the hilarious fight scenes.

a_apelqvist 9 February 2021

Its bad, really bad. Watch the series from -85 or the two movies with Denzel instead.

cdeanroane 18 February 2021

Queen Latifah is totally miscast in this show. Add to that she playing a divorced mom trying to raise a kid., There was potential for a decent show but kid and he family drama ruins this show. Hopefully this will be s short lived show!

benchseat 8 February 2021

Queen L is a decent actress but this show is a waste of time and talents of her and Chris Noth. The original series with Edward Woodward was good. The films with Denzel were good. This incarnation is not. All the scenarios have been run. Don't waste your time. Update as of 5/23.... I am not surprised it was renewed for a season 2. Whoever is pushing this one has obviously not read the user reviews here. I only watch free streaming services now and don't waste my money for crap like this that I don't want to watch or help fund.

pmkenny 11 February 2021

I had a feeling this was going be terrible but not this bad!

bennedictt 22 February 2021

Nothing much I can say, just disappointed.........

rwfanj 19 February 2021

I decided I'd go ahead and stream the first two episodes...we're snowed in right now so I have plenty of time. I'm sorry I wasted the time. It's just not even worth watching! The fighting is unbelievable and is obviously's like a bad movie. Queen Latifah is an awesome actor but this role is too contrived for her, she doesn't come across as a former "secret squirrel" type and just not convincing. It's just a bit of a downer because she always does a good job. I was certainly expecting this "reimagining" of the series to have some of the same "feel" as the original, but it's just too forced. It just tries too hard to make everything fit and like I said, it all feels too contrived. I don't see it getting the ratings it'll require to be renewed.

nielsenpete 12 March 2021

This was as terrible as Ashton jumping in for Charlie Sheen on 2 and half men.

Drop the show. We rather watch the original series again than this terrible reboot.

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