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The Expanse (2015)

Drama | SciFi 
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Rayting:   8.5/10 123K votes
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

In the 24th century, a group of humans untangle a vast plot which threatens the Solar System's fragile state of detente.

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Season 6

January 13, 2022Episode 6 Babylon's Ashes
January 6, 2022Episode 5 Why We Fight
December 30, 2021Episode 4 Redoubt
December 23, 2021Episode 3 Force Projection
December 16, 2021Episode 2 Azure Dragon
December 9, 2021Episode 1 Strange Dogs

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Top 20 (Ranked)

February 22, 2017star9.5 4650 votesS2E5 Home
December 23, 2020star9.5 3482 votesS5E4 Gaugamela
May 16, 2018star9.5 3463 votesS3E6 Immolation
May 9, 2018star9.4 3439 votesS3E5 Triple Point
June 27, 2018star9.4 3298 votesS3E13 Abaddon's Gate
May 30, 2018star9.2 2916 votesS3E8 It Reaches Out
December 13, 2019star9.2 2460 votesS4E9 Saeculum
February 15, 2017star9.0 2948 votesS2E4 Godspeed
December 13, 2019star9.0 2585 votesS4E10 Cibola Burn
February 1, 2017star8.9 3006 votesS2E2 Doors & Corners
April 18, 2018star8.9 2938 votesS3E2 IFF
May 2, 2018star8.9 2719 votesS3E4 Reload
April 19, 2017star8.9 2709 votesS2E13 Caliban's War
June 13, 2018star8.9 2477 votesS3E10 Dandelion Sky
June 27, 2018star8.9 2323 votesS3E12 Congregation
April 25, 2018star8.8 2736 votesS3E3 Assured Destruction
April 5, 2017star8.8 2482 votesS2E11 Here There Be Dragons
December 16, 2020star8.8 2440 votesS5E3 Mother
December 29, 2015star8.7 3798 votesS1E4 CQB
February 2, 2016star8.7 3189 votesS1E10 Leviathan Wakes

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User Reviews

gogoschka-1 18 October 2016

Wow: This was by far the biggest surprise for me in 2016. And apparently, I was somewhat late to the party, as the show already began to air in 2015. I'm an avid sci-fi fan, but I hadn't heard or read anything about 'The Expanse', and yet it's one of the most ambitious sci-fi (or generally high profile/concept TV) shows I've come across in recent years.

First, I believe a little (spoiler-free) information might be helpful prior to watching the show, because the viewer is thrown right into an incredibly detailed world where much is shown rather than explained (which is certainly an elegant choice in terms of storytelling and world-building, but there's so much going on and every shot is packed with so much visual information that it can be a little confusing during the first 2 or 3 episodes). So what you need to know is this: A couple of hundred years into the future, humanity is spread out throughout the solar system and divided into 3 opposing forces who are on the brink of an all out war for political power and resources (mainly water - which is harvested in the form of asteroid ice). The 3 fractions consist of the two superpowers Earth (governed by the U.N.) and Mars; the third party are the "belters", which is basically everyone unfortunate enough to be living on poor dwarf planets like Ceres or other large rocks in the asteroid belt (hence the name "belters").

Those belters are the future equivalent of the 3rd World population, as they represent the poor, exploited and underdeveloped colonies in the solar system. Many belters feel represented by the "Outer Planets Alliance" (short: O.P.A.) which is a radical group demanding more autonomy and fairer distribution of resources for the inhabitants of the asteroid belt, but is viewed as a terrorist group by Earth and Mars. Belters are badly affected by the harsh conditions in low (or even zero) gravity (which is often referred to as "low-G" or "zero-G"), as well as low oxygen levels and the strict rationing of water; their bodies develop less muscles and their bone structure has less density compared to that of humans born and raised on Earth or Mars. The belters' life expectancy is roughly half of that of humans living on Earth.

So that's the backdrop to the story told in 'The Expanse', and it all may seem a little complicated at the start, because the plot unfolds through several separate story lines. The key parts of the story are told through the eyes of three different protagonists: a high ranking U.N. official on Earth named Avasarala (played by Shohreh Aghdashloo); a cynical belter police detective named Miller (Thomas Jane) whose story starts on Ceres; and a young executive officer named Holden (Steven Strait) working on an ice freighter in space. Although those three don't know it (yet), their stories are connected - and that's all I'm gonna say about the plot, because this show deserves to be watched unspoiled.

Featuring visual and narrative elements that reminded me of almost every sci-fi film I ever loved - 'Alien', 'Outland', 'Serenity', 'Blade Runner' and many more - this is an R-rated space opera no sci-fi fan should miss. And although it probably can't compete with 175 million costing blockbusters like the new 'Star Trek' movies in terms of visual effects, 'The Expanse' looks fantastic. Given the insane amount of effects work involved, it must have been a very expensive affair

philnoone21 24 May 2018

A few of the one-star reviews here say they gave up after 2 episodes, Dull acting, silly plot etc etc. Well, I did give up too. I concurred, and thought it was hopeless.

Damn, though, my niece, son and a friend said it was the best TV series they had seen. Respecting their views based on previous recommendations, I persevered out of respect only, and recommenced watching the series with great reluctance and bemusement that they could be so misinformed.

At some point, and certainly into Season 2 I became aware that I was watching the best TV series I had seen. Firefly used to be may fav, but this has swept past. The architecture is spectacular and importantly grounded. Not the fantasy (apologies to fans) that is served up in Star Wars but a grounded realism that hooks one to the possibility.

It's just awesome, truely, I'm mesmerised.

What ever you do, stick with it to Season 2 and I promise you wont be disappointed. If you are, then my profuse apologies for making a promise that I thought could not possibly be compromised.

alexodisea 3 March 2017

The Expanse is not an easy series to start. The first couple of episodes are slower because there are a lot of world building to do and character to present. That can threw off a lot of people, but if you keep watching, the series shows everything one can hope in a Sci-fi and space opera series. I also realized that the first slowest episodes are much better in a re watch when you know the characters and what is going on.

The first season is a more paused space opera, but in the 2nd season the brakes are off, the stakes are higher and its being an even more awesome show. The 5th chapter of 2nd season "Home" is one of the best chapters in the history of sci-fi without a doubt.

The series follow several mayor characters across the solar system:

Miller, a burn out cop searching for a missing girl in Ceres in the asteroid belt, Avasarala, a ruthless Earther politician who wants to stop a possible war between Earth and Mars, Holden, the 2nd officer in an Ice hauler who sees himself in a situation he never saw coming...

Later more characters join the plot with the same level of importance like Bobbie the Martian Marine, Fred Johnson, Tycho station head project and one of the OPA leaders and a lot of other complex characters.

The plot and characters at first feel disconnected and random, but when the series develops, you realize they they fit incredibly well.

The special effects are top notch with some incredible gorgeous shots, and and incredible attention to detail. That shows in how smartly they use real physics in a way that is almost a character and plot in itself.

The acting is great for the most part. Specially Thomas Jane, who simply nails it in a way that makes Miller one of the most compelling and charismatic characters in TV in a long time.

So to summarize:

  • Great plot

  • Great Characters

  • Stuning Special Effects

  • Great use of real physics

  • Hard to follow at the beginning, but with a great payoff later

  • Great re watch value

  • The series is gonna be a CULT SERIES, mark my words-

ccudahy-67636 15 April 2018

This is possibly (probably) the best television or even cinematic experience I have ever seen (particularly in the sci-fi realm). I am very stingy when it comes to TV shows since I feel that often they are inconsistently realized. I created an IMDB account just to drop a review for this one.

I just finished an episode in season 2 that made me cry and just stare at the credits for 2 minutes, motionless. No other show has ever so consistently provided the following for me:

  • Non-stop realistic character development and exposition
  • emotional gravity and consequences; every action has a reaction and every single second of seemingly unimportant exposure or backstory is relevant to building character and stakes in the story. No fluff here.
  • a real and believable world with new thoughts and a reason for everything
  • delivered creative, thoughtful, new ideas and plot points which make me question the nature of life and humanity
  • great acting from all levels of character

This series reminds a lot of the video game series Mass Effect but with even more consistency and thoughtful execution. Don't miss this, very much underrated in my opinion.

prakharone 16 May 2018

Starts a little slow but builds a whole believable universe. And WHAT a universe it is. Rarely does one come across characters and worlds with so much depth. Cannot recommend this show enough.

nyutkamarko 2 March 2017

I'm a very lazy person when it comes to reviews, basically it is my first one. But I just really want to support this show as much as I can!

I've never seen any space opera TV show with the same attention to details, high quality graphics, mind blowing storytelling. Gosh, even costumes are superb! Usually I like to search for some holes in the story or illogical stuff, but here everything comes together just precisely like it should.

The show combines everything that I love in TV shows - politics, intrigues, technology, controversial but solid characters, multiple "worlds" etc. And I really didn't expect that level of bad-ass production from SyFy, great job guys! I'm looking forward to the next episode and really hope there will be more seasons to come.

jeffrey-46 4 April 2018

OMG I love this show. I've seen up through S02E03 on Amazon Prime.

I only gave it a 9 because I don't like to give anything a 10.

Others have gone into good detail of what is good about this show so I'll just add some bullet points that I didn't see covered (although with 250+ reviews I probably just missed 'em)

In no particular order other than stream-of-consciousness:

* Detailed, realistic science fiction * Space behaves like, well, space * Gravity. They did a stellar job with gravity. It isn't perfect. But they emphasize realistic ways to simulate gravity (ships under continuous acceleration, spinning, ring-shaped space stations). And they shut gravity off when appropriate. * Space ship battles are incredibly thoughtfully designed, with an eye for small details. They pump the air out of the ship before a battle, for goodness' sake. I can't think of *any* other scifi space show that goes into these details * Consistency. Characters act consistently. Environments act consistently. * Details. So many details! Mag boots. Ship maneuvers. technology such as computer/handheld devices. All so believable. * Mormons! There are mormons, because, of course there are. And they aren't even the bad guys! (I only state it this way because too often, mysterious religious groups are used as hollywood shorthand for "bad guys"). The presence of Mormons just enriches the worldbuilding. * I love the fact that Eros station just looks like a giant potato with a porthole on its butt. It isn't polished. It isn't flashy. It's grimy and utilitarian. * I love that every move made by a spaceship has corresponding thrusters pushing it in that direction. The space ships do not fly like fighter jets, like they do in other typical sci fi shows. They fly like rocks. * I love the fact that space craft tracking screens look like legitimate space object tracking screens, with curved, mathematically drawn projected trajectories.

I can't gush enough about the "hard" sci-fi elements. I haven't even gushed about the production yet:

* Story is detailed, in-depth, and engaging. It's basically a political/war drama, but it is very well written. * Acting is great. Seriously. Even the throwaway characters are great. * Anyone can die at any time. Very Game-of-Thrones-y in this regard, in a good way. Builds tension very realistically. * Costumes, sets, graphics, cinematography are all excellent

Star Trek. I used to like Star Trek. Have you seen Star Trek Beyond (2016) though? That was terrible. Everything that is done wrong in Star Trek Beyond is done correctly in The Expanse. In fact, I'm not sure I can watch any Star Trek show or movie again after The Expanse.

Ultimately The Expanse feels like a combination of Battlestar Galactica (2005 one) and Firefly, more than any other series I can think of.

dschmi-64533 16 December 2019

I binged the entire season 4 in one day. Absolutely hooked. It's rare to find a scifi show these days that has a good storyline. The cast is perfectly chosen. Please please give us 10 seasons!

ocika 9 August 2017

I was so tired of new sci-fi shows until this started. Luckily I had whole 1st season. Show starts little bit slow, but getting better and better every passing episode. Excellent story and casting. Very refreshing. The best science fiction series in last decade. I highly recommend you to watch with English subtitles on.

scott-265 16 December 2020

Season 5 back with a bang today. Bigger budget is clear, amazing cinematography. What a series. Amazon finally the story justice. Its perfect.

wtf_is_god 8 December 2015

Highly recommended. I have never written reviews, although I've had an IMDb account for a long time. I give all the new sci fi shows a try, but I end up not following most. So I have a good idea of what's out there for fans. Most new sci fi is ... unscientific, to put it kindly, or just techy stage furniture with soap-opera dialogue and character development. Like most fans, what I want to watch is a great sci fi story that seriously takes into consideration the effect of technology on the world around us, and intelligently explores the possible futures of humanity. I'm also interested by stories that consider the social issues of an alternative world shaped by different forces -- what would happen if, say, people lived on different planets, or if water was scarce, or if you had to live in 0g all your life. I know no sci fi will ever rise to the standards of physics PhDs, but it would be nice if writers occasionally paid attention to one.

This review is based solely on one episode so hopefully this was not a fluke, but the quality and writing are outstanding (better than most good high budget movies). Just based on this, and the fact that it is genuinely science fiction done with care, which shows great attention to detail and love for the project, I think this show should get the best word of mouth it can get. I warmly recommend it to everyone.

cobra61 6 July 2017

This show makes other Sci-Fi shows seem bad. I can't get into Dark Matter, which otherwise would be a decent show, but after watching the Expanse, it pales in comparison.

I don't have issues with the accents. I like that the Belters have unique accents. The accent sounds a bit Afrikaans but it is distinctly unique. I think it adds to the realism. Of course after years apart, people will have new accents.

This is the only show I watch where I can't be doing anything but watching the show. I often multitask while watching programs (I am actually watching an episode of Dark Matter while I type this), but The Expanse has too much going on. I must devote all of my attention to it.

I always had Babylon 5 (well the first 4 years at least) up on a pedestal as my favorite Sci-Fi of all time. The Expanse isn't there yet, but it is getting close.

My only complaint is why aren't Earthers so much stronger than Martians and Belters. I understand that Martian Marines train in 1G, but Earth Marines live, breathe and sleep in 1G. Earthers should be far, far, stronger than any Belter. (Am I wrong in my thinking here?)

It sucks having to wait 9 months for season 3.

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