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The Fall (2013)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   8.2/10 92K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

A seemingly cold but very passionate policewoman goes head to head with a seemingly passionate father who is in fact a cold serial killer in this procedural out of Belfast. The only thing they share is their common complexity.

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December 17, 2014star8.6 1713 votesS2E6 In Summation
October 28, 2016star8.5 1614 votesS3E6 Their Solitary Way
December 7, 2014star8.5 1533 votesS2E5 The Fall
June 9, 2013star8.3 1779 votesS1E5 The Vast Abyss
November 23, 2014star8.3 1479 votesS2E3 It's Always Darkest
June 2, 2013star8.2 1688 votesS1E4 My Adventurous Song
November 16, 2014star8.1 1447 votesS2E2 One Named Peter
November 30, 2014star8.1 1409 votesS2E4 Strangler
May 19, 2013star8.0 1874 votesS1E2 Darkness Visible
May 26, 2013star8.0 1750 votesS1E3 Insolence & Wine
November 9, 2014star8.0 1570 votesS2E1 Walk the Line
May 12, 2013star7.9 2175 votesS1E1 Dark Descent
October 23, 2016star7.9 1123 votesS3E5 Wounds of Deadly Hate
October 9, 2016star7.6 1177 votesS3E3 The Gates of Light
October 16, 2016star7.5 1135 votesS3E4 The Hell Within Him
October 2, 2016star7.4 1229 votesS3E2 His Troubled Thoughts
September 25, 2016star7.2 1547 votesS3E1 Silence and Suffering

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User Reviews

theredmare 13 May 2013

Detailed ratings: Non US users rating: 9.6. US users ratings: 3.6, so far.

The above is a very important piece of information, to make up your mind as to the actual quality of this series.

I've only watched the first episode so I'll make it short. I thought this dark BBC thriller was not only original, but extremely well filmed, suspenseful, realistic (real northern Irish actors and Gillian Anderson a word perfect English lady, in what clearly is Belfast itself), very well acted all round. It is not a whodunit, we're made to follow from the start both a MET detective and a serial killer's lives, as one tries to figure out, find and catch the other, and the other one fights his addiction to rape and kill on a daily basis. The tone is dark, the story is very chilling, but that's only because the protagonists are so very...ordinary. They could be us, any one of us.

It's nice to see a story set in Belfast that is NOT about the troubles, (even though there are - few - references and slang words only local to the north)

I really hope this carries on in the same vein throughout the next 4 episodes. While both series have nothing in common, it reminded me of that enthralling underrated gem Ultraviolet, another left-field BBC masterpiece that still has a dedicated following to this day.

10/10 for episode 1, can't think of anything yet to even give it a 9 to be honest.

Update episode 2, 10/10. Unexpected twists! Update episode 3: 10/10; Infinite shades of grey. Update episode 4: 10/10; I'm bolting my front door and double-checking all the windows. Update episode 5: 8/10. A slightly weaker link to the next season, which I can't wait for, now.

I must add a warning for sensitive people: There are a few graphic, realistic, upsetting scenes.

abeburnett 30 May 2013

This show, as many British shows, takes its time developing. It's not in a rush like American TV.

This happens to be one reason why I like British television. Anyway, this show scared the bejesus out of me showing everything in such stark, real detail.

It's very very scary to see someone who has such an ordinary life (wife, kids, job) being such an evil person on the inside.

Anyway, if you like British television and you like VERY DARK shows, this show will probably rock your socks off. Me? I don't know if I can handle how dark it is in spite of its excellence.

themonotonebrit 13 May 2013

This is my first review on IMDb but I have used it for years.

I wanted to write about this amazing first episode I just watched, I decided to watch this because it was a featured item on BBC Iplayer, so I went into this completely in the dark.

After the 60 minutes was up I came away some what disturbed, this show really made me fell uneasy. The people who made this hit all the right notes for me, specifically in the pacing and the wonderful casting.

With out giving to much away imagine "A lion stalking it's prey" which has been done countless times before, but in this show it's really frightening and there are some very clever camera shots, particularly the scene with the swooping camera overheard in the house.

The build up throughout the episode made the end scene ever more scary, once you see it you will know what I mean about disturbing, there is only one out come, scary stuff.

I really liked The Fall and I like being scared, I hope the other episodes live up to the first.

Good job all involved.

macktan894 6 June 2013

And note that both my nods to great crime thrillers were directed to British productions. The hunt for a serial killer gets a complicated but teeth-gnashing treatment in this beautifully produced series, The Fall. Gillian Anderson plays Stella Gibson, a focused, rather humorless, detective who takes control of the investigation once she ascertains that recent murders are indeed the work on one killer. She doesn't have to fight the battles that plagued Jane Tennyson, however. The male officers pretty much cede control and follow her lead & respect her authority and insight. But she is like Tennyson in that she's sacrificed the personal for the professional, indulging in the occasional "sweet night" to satisfy her sexual desires.

The first episode will definitely hook you. It is as creepy as anything I've seen as we watch the killer stalk his victim and commit his crime. Like the film, The Boston Strangler, we know who the killer is upfront--the thrill is in wondering if he'll succeed in thwarting the hunt. On many levels, the killer remains enigmatic through the season.

How I wish American shows--like the recently launched Hannibal--were as top-drawer as this one. Wonderful writing, good subplots, deftly drawn characters that present realistically, not cartoonishly. It's astonishing that yet another serial killer hunt series can provide a story that so skillfully hooks an audience.

c-kelsall 10 June 2013

This series had me gripped from start to finish, and I couldn't be happier that a second series has been green-lit. As a senior police officer leads the hunt for a serial killer in Belfast, we see the similarities in these two amoral protagonists. The story unfolds with an economy of scene structure which never omits important details; every scene drives the narrative, but it never feels unreal or stretches credulity. Beautifully paced, tension abounds with spine-tingling murder scenes. The characters are very well written, and played with pitch-perfect performances from the leads, Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Another reviewer on this strand didn't like the ending, but for me it was spot on. The story took the time to include complexities and unresolved events which are reflective of real life. Are we to castigate every TV show production team who leave a show on a cliffhanger ending to give them somewhere to go with the next series? If the next one carries the universally excellent production values of the first, then I for one can't wait.

dikaea 27 May 2013

"The Fall" is a very well filmed and developed story. The acting of all the cast is accurate and right where it needs to be. No more, no less.

For all of you that are used to the fast paced American type of the genre and everything that it includes, the directing will seem a bit/quite slow.

But actually it is not because it is very realistic. Real serial, real police people, real police building, with no unnecessary details, no unnecessary high tech gadgets or theatrics. It is purely European (british-irish) style.

So, do watch it for what it is and not for what you are used to and what it is not.

This is an addition for the second season of the show. The review remains the same except the pace of the episodes. In comparison with the first season they have become faster and tighter. The second season is more personal for both the leading characters. The ending was somewhat ambivalent and can definitely bring a third season if so decided from all parties.

Gillian Anderson's performance was even better than the first season. Jamie Dornan's as well. Everything was just as good and a little bit better. In conclusion "The Fall" is TV at its best!

ceri-edwards2 5 June 2013

One more episode to go, odd time to write a review but I just cant wait to express how good this show is.

I love detective stories, and have grown to accept a certain number of stereotypes if the plotting is good, it seems to go with the territory.

Not here though. The writing is fantastic, the tough old duffer cops show emotion, the strong female lead is a strong woman with dimensions slowly emerging as the series evolves. Without unrealistically ignoring the sorts of prejudice extant in our society the writing avoids her being a typical 'ballbuster' and allows her to develop meaningful relationships and respect among her colleagues.

The anti hero is fantastically normal and so much more menacing for this, especially outside of the killing 'events'.

The plotting is pacey and involving, the series has become more gripping with each episode. Fingers crossed for the denouement. I have very high hopes.

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