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The Flash (2014)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   7.7/10 305386 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

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georgechasapoglou 27 February 2020

I really liked the first three seasons but since season 4, the show really changed. Season 6 is probably the worst. They have added so many characters that we don't even get to see Barry Allen as the Flash anymore. The last seasons have focused so much on Iris that I started hating the show! P.S. I apologise for bad english, It's not my native language

johncarson-44057 20 February 2020

This use to be my favorite show. It was really compelling early on, but went downhill after about season 3. I see other people's complaints are mainly about Iris. I do see what they say and agree to an extent - this show has quickly evolved into some weird comic book soap opera. The relationships have become really childish. The script sometimes feels like it was written by a team of 15 year old girls. I'd say my biggest complaint, is how stupid its become. The logic has become mind numbingly dumb. Soooo many plot holes. Sooo many inconsistencies. In one episode, called "Flash Time", all the Flashes are running near the speed of light. Then, in other episodes, Flash slips on some marbles and goes "Darn it, the bad guy got away because I fell down. There is no way I'd be able to catch up with them now!" I've forgiven them alot over the years for using dumb logic in their plot devices, in all their episodes , but its become way too much. The writers don't even care anymore about making sense. They've relegated this show to pure stupidity. The crisis crossover has been the dumbest thing I've seen on TV. I mean seriously, in 1 scene, Barry must run on the treadmill to save the multiverse. I use to watch all the arrowverse shows, but I've dropped all of them but Flash, but soon I will be dropping flash. It's obvious their target demographic for this show are 10 yr old girls. It's become 90% relationships 5% dumb logic 5% flash stuff... I mean really, CW, if you're going to make a comic show, why not make it primarily for the folks who watch this stuff? Why target 10 yr old girls? I know people want to hate on Iris, but I'd say she is 10% of the problem. The writers and the showrunner is the main problem.

qiu_xinzhi 16 May 2018

When it first started, the flash was an exciting new addition to the arrowverse, with its first season being exceptional. Viewers immediately fell in love with Grant Gustin's Barry Allen (AKA The Flash). The first season was amazing and enjoyable, and the story was very complex, yet felt smooth and even.

Well, how the mighty have fallen. Over the seasons, we see a decrease in quality. As the producers churn out more and more episodes, the drop in quality is apparent. This is especially so in Season 4, which is by far the worst season of the flash. The excitement has all but faded, as each episode repeats the same things over and over again, with the plot being extremely predictable.

It is my hope that the main villain was given more time and that the number of episodes could be decreased, to reduce the number of filler episodes and to end up with a more concise story, that is better told.

beefakhan 1 January 2017

If you had asked me a couple of years ago what the best super hero TV show at the time was, I would have said The Flash.

The show started excellently well with a gripping pilot and a good story line. It starts with how Barry Allen becomes The Flash starting with how he gets his powers, then learns how to use/control them and then tries to solve the mystery of his mother's death to avenge his father. Overall season 1 was superb! Season 2 was weak when it comes to the story line but the excitement of seeing new metas, cross over episodes and 'team flash' developing some individual abilities of their own makes watching the season worthwhile.

Season 3 has been average at best and my rating of flash that started from a full 10 has dropped to 7 over two years. Constant time traveling and meddling with things not only gets confusing in my opinion, but also makes you lose interest.

I would definitely recommend people to give this show a go (especially if you are a DC fan) but the eventual and constant decline of the show is pretty obvious as you go on with the episodes.

goelm-90908 10 May 2020

Remove iris, remove season with devoid, and introducing meta tech was dumb, first few seasons deserves a 9 rating but after that this show deserves to be cancelled

shishirbh-46133 29 October 2018

1st season was really good , with great story. And slowly started to loose pace in the upcoming season . And the "Iris"character is very annoying , the effects were good, Sometimes the jokes are very silly and are very immature, the series are Good for kids under ten , but very silly and immature for teens and adults.

thujan 13 March 2019

First 3 seasons of the show was great but now it's starting to get boring and unbearable to watch with Iris calling herself the leader of Team Flash.

Caitlin would make a better leader, if they really wanted one.

The show lost it after season 3.

edkav 17 January 2019

You make this series worse every day. We are bored with the absurdities of Iris and Iris. Barry's doing nothing but hanging around and beating. Grant Gustin is an excellent actor, but I don't want to follow the series anymore. What I want to see is the flash and flash team. Iris should be separated from the series because it reduces quality.

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