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The Girl Before (2021)

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Jane falls in love with an extraordinary minimalist house, but when she discovers that another damaged woman died in the same property three years earlier, she starts to wonder if her own story is just a rerun of the girl before.

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December 22, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
December 21, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
December 20, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
December 19, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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December 21, 2021star7.2 48 votesS1E3 Episode 3
December 20, 2021star7.1 52 votesS1E2 Episode 2
December 19, 2021star7.0 75 votesS1E1 Episode 1
December 22, 2021star6.8 53 votesS1E4 Episode 4

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User Reviews

Sleepin_Dragon 29 December 2021

The story of two women, Emma and Jane, linked by a house, and a man, Edward.

I came away from part one so confused, but curious, by the end of episode two, I was totally gripped and desperate for more, and to know the outcome.

It is pretty tough to follow, you need to be on your A game, as there is a lot going on. It does jump about quite a lot, back and forth, side to side, so watch it sober. Pacing may be an issue for some, but personally I enjoyed the way the story was told.

So many random events, drama, chaos, curiosity, you'll ask why, how and who, but ultimately there is just one single question, what happened that night? Easy to get sidetracked here in some of the strands, and there are many, but the core of the story is excellent.

I think the cast are fabulous, David Oyelowo is impressive throughout, charming and sinister.

A strange choice for The BBC I thought, putting this out Christmas week, it does deal with some pretty bleak themes, however it is worth your time, 8/10.

Xavier_Stone 23 December 2021

So slow, so very slow. An updated house with a long list of rules and this girl falls in love with it. Then seemly endless upon endless pointless dialogue.

Couldn't even finish the first episode. I'm sorry, but if a show can't bother to get anything going in a pilot show within it's first 40 minutes there is no hope.

frukuk 22 December 2021

Ibsen this ain't; nor is it anything approaching a modern masterpiece. But, in parts, it's mildly entertaining -- provided you can accept it as pure fantasy, far removed from reality.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw gives a strong performance as Jane. But neither Edward, Emma nor Jane are convincing characters.

This starts with a very boring first episode, that almost dares you to watch no more. But perseverance pays off and the second episode is more interesting.

I'm not sure what the author of the source novel, JP Delaney (actually Tony Strong) was trying to achieve here. This is essentially a pedestrian whodunit with a thin veneer of psychobabble and architectural atmosphere applied on top. So we're presented with several people who may have had a hand in Emma's death and you can amuse yourself by trying to decide who is the guilty party. (It became obvious who was responsible for Emma's earlier trauma, before it was confirmed in the fourth episode.) So is the big reveal worth the wait? Not really; it's rather cliched. (And the "epilogue" feels more tricksy than profound.)

It's worth reading some of the reader reviews of the source novel, just to see how many people saw the flaws in it.

kris-gray 20 December 2021

It couldn't get much slower, so much so I kept falling asleep.

Who would rent a house, no matter how cool, with a list of 200 things you couldn't do? I mean no books? That would have been a no no for me as I read constantly.

So 2 stars for the acting, good to see Bed Hardy after seeing him in Bo Rap.

The rest was like watching paint dry.

Can't be bothered with the rest, I don't care if it is a slow burner, the flame went out for me about halfway through.

zac-68274 22 December 2021

David Oyelowo can do no wrong(Doesn't Get The Accolades He Deserves) Exceptional writing with a great cast! This is how you write a psychological Thriller!

samthejudgeamos 1 January 2022

And really only did because 8 couldn't find anything I really wanted to watch. So glad I did, dark and very clever, it had me on the edge of my seat. Great acting and an interesting plot, a little away fro the norm with its complexity, it needed concentrating on, rather than half watching. Definitely worth a watch.

kagey-28769 23 December 2021

This is a 1hr bit of a thriller DRAGGED out to 4 hours !!

All I can say is that the miserable looking house would probably have Kevin Mcloud excited beyond belief !!

Best idea watch the first one then skip to the last 10 mins ! You can easily fill in what you didn't see !!

grahamf-55542 26 December 2021

A quirky and different drama, and I'm pleased I persisted beyond the rather slow and tricky first episode.

A story of pure fantasy, but if you accept that, the other problems are just about tolerable. What I found hardest to accept was the character of Jane, who lurches from being quite smart to extremely naive. This gets worse as the drama unfolds.

But I liked the idea of how the house and the architect's personality are enmeshed. Makes it very different from a standard thriller.

rich-mac 28 December 2021

I suppose that in a way it doesn't much matter where the inspiration for this 'thriller' came from, but it has all the hallmarks of someone seeing the house and then building a story from it (yes, I know its actually an adaption from a novel...but)..

The implication of that is that the house didn't inspire liberation, rather a didactic constriction - which is the overarching mood of this series - it's meant to be stylish and smart in its minimalism, but instead it's barren.

'The Girl Before' could easily have been told in two episodes. Dragging it out to four only served to undermine the 'who dunnit' aspect. The characters lacked sufficient dimension to justify the four episodes, as a result, the pace of the show suffers. It seems to either move way too slowly, or it's forced by the proximity of ending to move too quickly.

Ultimately though, this show fails because of realism - it's just not remotely believable, and it's not capable of surpassing that lack and enticing a suspension of disbelief.

This should be a 7-8, but I couldn't justify more than 5 - all style, no substance.

somethingreal81 24 December 2021

As others have said, the story is a bit slow and the series probably could have been at least 1 episode shorter. I stuck with it, though, because it seemed to be building to an interesting conclusion. Unfortunately, it doesn't. In fact, most of the mystery elements wind up being irrelevant and or just never addressed. A total waste of 4 hours.

hodgedeh 26 December 2021

Absolutely nothing unexpected happened. Knew the ending at the start. Classic example of well known good actors signing on to a project that should have never been made. BBC could, Should, and does do better.

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