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The Girlfriend Experience (2016)

Rayting:   7.1/10 9022 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Anthology television series based on Steven Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience."

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tigerfish50 6 December 2017

The excellent Season 1 (7/10*) of 'The Girlfriend Experience' related how a law student ventured into high-end prostitution while interning at a big-city legal firm in order to pay the bills. Riley Keogh's portrayal of the main character Christine won a Golden Globe nomination, as her understated performance depicted the psychological cost of pretending affection to entitled executives while selling them her body. The scripts for each episode remained focused on the escort work throughout, with Keogh's micro-expressions betraying inner conflicts and guarded emotions as Christine subtly adjusted her persona to please various clients, lovers and employers. The series revealed how prostitution affected her personal life and law career, and ultimately derailed both.

By contrast, Season 2 (1/10*) lost almost all meaningful connection with the call-girl theme as it followed three different protagonists in two separate narratives. In the first, an escort named Anna embarked on an obsessive lesbian love affair with a corrupt campaign finance operator called Erika. In the second, former escort Bria got marooned in witness protection limbo as she awaited the trial of her gangster husband. The characters failed to generate any sympathy, the plots were neither believable nor interesting, and subtlety was entirely absent.

pepetiebosch 2 May 2016

When I first came across 'The Girlfriend Experience' I didn't know what to expect, I hadn't seen the movie, and reviews were very mixed, some calling it a great show, others commenting on its apparent blandness and cold feel.

When i finally came around to watching it, it really intrigued me, I really enjoyed shows like house of cards, and I thought Paul sparks (who was also in HoC) was great is his role, his cold, more absent way of presenting himself was in my opinion great for his role.

The same goes for Riley Keough, while a lot of others seem to dislike her cold, detached personality as Christine, I found it rather fitting. Someone who gets extremely intimate with strangers would have to be like this in my opinion. Because of this the show is quite realistic, and the admittedly rather lacking story, (there is one, but its not as well developed as it could be) fits with this genre. It really isn't a regular TV- show story, but a look at a life, a life that ís cold and impersonal.

The grey-ish lighting and set design also really works with this detached feel, and the music (or lack thereof) really helps sell the seriousness and loveless acts and conversations.

I really enjoyed watching the show, and although I haven't seen the ending yet, thus far I have really enjoyed the realistic approach to this girls life.

It gave me a feeling comparable to the later seasons of house of cards, or maybe even Mr. Robot, the same dawning, almost depressing, but realistic approach, that, although not everything goes well and ends positively, creates a situation where one can really understand and feel the position the character is in.

vivianmenjivar 27 November 2017

I loved season 1 but I have no idea what they were thinking this season. It is boring as hell and I want the story line from season 1 back please. Season 2 is a is uncomfortable and just plain boring to watch. Riley Keough in season 1 was so good. She is beautiful, dark, and mischievous. She really carried this show. Louisa Krause in season 2 is not suited for a part like this. I am so mad this show has been ruined.

cstaum 19 April 2016

The show is delivered in a cold, unemotional manner that sets the tone. It seems similar to Mr. Robot and American Psycho in a lot of ways. People going through motions of life but mainly pretending. There is no intro for the show - the episodes start and eventually the title of the show displays on screen.

Christine is a law student and dresses in boring and mundane business attire, has basic professional hair, and seems pretty boring. You can tell she is intelligent however.

From the first sex scene we see the lead character's need and desire for control. Control of men, control of situations, and control of opportunity. What follows is the delving into the world of sex for hire, and beyond that a "Girlfriend" experience. Christine dives into this secretive world with both feet and develops an persona named "Chelsea". Chelsea is beautiful with long flowing hair, is feminine, attractive, well dressed, and poised; almost a counterpart to her day to day self. Her clients get to feel that they are important and cared for in her presence. For her it is an act. She is always on top; in the bedroom and in the relationship. She takes notes to remember small details of her clients, she edits her words and reactions to her client's wishes.

We see the main character position herself to always profit in some way in her interactions. In reality she is cold, distant, and calculating. How far will she go? How deep will she sink to get what she wants? What will the ultimate price be?

I've only seen 4 episodes of the season but it shows great promise. It may not live up to expectations in the end but I hope it does.

FinneganBear 15 May 2016

There are two things going on in this series: the story line and the acting of Riley Keough. The series is done in 13 half-hour episodes so there is little time for providing background or explanations. Rather, the intent and motivations of Christine/Chelsea/Amanda are expressed entirely in the body language, vocal tones, eyes and expressions of Ms. Keough. It is a complex character but by the end of the series I felt I understood this character as I have understood few others. Being previously unfamiliar with Ms. Keough, I was frankly stunned by her acting talent. In the later episodes, the story line transitions from the inner turmoil of the main character while living a dual life into her life entirely as a call girl. This gives Ms. Keough less to do in terms of portraying the multiple aspects of her character. The series suffers for this. Many viewers will focus on the sex scenes, some of which are probably too long if not unnecessary. This is a shame because it takes the focus away from the incredible job Ms. Keough does in realistically portraying a character trying to exist in two vastly different worlds while trying to prevent those worlds from colliding. With a less gifted actress, GFE would be a run of the mill drama. What sets this series apart is Ms. Keough's fascinating portrayal of a complex character. She makes it well worth watching and I look forward to her next project.

privateinformation-84218 26 November 2017

Really enjoyed season 1, but season 2 is incredibly boring. Even more sex scenes have been added to each episode, which I always skip because they are incredibly uncomfortable. The characters show so little depth, there's no insight into the characters' background, motivations, personalities. Why does everyone live in impersonal homes with little to no furniture and no personal items? Once you've skipped through the awkward stares and bland sex scenes, there is approximately 10 minutes of actual talking.I hate what they have done to this series.

sesbjorn-241-62754 13 November 2018

Very interesting series, well crafted, thought-provoking, both intriguing and depressing to watch... As I see it, it's very much about being obsessed about material wealth and the independence in having money and how that can be a very addictive substitute for real intimacy and trust in one's life. And it's about being addicted to different sorts of short-term pleasures, arising from as well as creating more loneliness. And it's about power, having control and protect oneself in an environment, where everyone are objects or means to an end for each other... The world of lawyers, corporates etc. And it's about a modern society, where basic human needs for connection, sharing our whole being including our sexuality, are capitalised... A society where friendship and love often are substituted by professional relations... The series main focus is on sexual relations and the sex business - but the same dynamics also applies to how therapists, coaches and other professionals can be substitutes, when there's a lack of trust in friends and family...

alex_van_beek 15 April 2016

If my summary title of this could be the whole review, then I would leave it at that. I enjoyed watching this show, I did so during a day and I was compelled each time to follow up with the next episode- and not just for the gorgeous and fantastically sexy Riley Keough (I felt like seeing Elvis' granddaughter's tits was kind of something I wanted to do) but also for the storyline which really built up nicely ...only to sort of let it down in the end and just do nothing with all that tension, missing out on a massively rewarding and expected treat. The finale was anticlimactic and made me think that the more thought provoking and emotional aspects of this show were an accidental byproduct of just creating a vehicle to showcase Riley Keough's tits. I don't want to believe that but the cynic in me more than entertains the possibility of a TV network hoping to rope in some higher ratings by just conceding to the lowest common denominator. This show really had some terrific moments and whether clumsily or accidentally discards them in a faux-ironic act of having a bland bit of light neo-pornographic airtime substitute for a resolution, twist, or at the very least anything that resembled the conclusion of a coherent train of thought.

Once again, I did like it, it wasn't bad. It had a lot of interesting and great moments that had it's finale ultimately betray its potential that made it more than prettily aesthetic fluff. It was a nice and enjoyable way to pass the time of day but I really felt disappointed by the ending. It's like they had filmed all the sex they wanted to and just gave up on excusing it with anything resembling what previously seemed to be a promising storyline.

Riley Keough is amazing though, and it is solely due to her efforts that allow me to give this a 6 instead of the bare 5 that it would otherwise have deserved.

granthhall 2 March 2020

Cold. Sterile. Mean. Cynical.

Evocative, in an exaggerated way, of an atmosphere I've swimmed in for many years in the past. It almost makes me feel physically sick, the way it cuts so deep.

The naturalistic dialogue. It makes it feel so real. this real? Is the naturalistic style tricking me into thinking it's real?

Is this real or is this a cunningly executed exaggeration?... I just don't know.

Are the people incapable of smiling in this world? Of laughing? People were capable of laughing in the Soviet Union, for christ's sake.

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