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The Good Doctor (2017)

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Country: USA
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Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.

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October 18, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
October 11, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
October 4, 2021Episode 2 Piece of Cake
September 27, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

jeepz65 28 October 2017

To Pberry-17501 I disagree with your review and i find it rather an insult .there are different types of autism .your going by your personal experience with your son ..autism affects people in different ways and if an autistic child takes an interest in something with encouragement they can be and do anything they want ..This program for instance is an example brother and my self have autism my brother was a gymnast and i am self employed with a successful business obviously don't understand your son and have never encouraged him as we where by our loving family ..anything is possible this is a brilliant series and i hope it gets another season ..part of autism is determination to see something through..I don't like is people comparing his character or expecting him to go all norman bates ..Autism in this day and age is looked at as incompetent ..well if you see us as been not the norm then i would ask what is normal ..people can be cruel and i have ran into situations where people think i am slow ..

babyk-44846 11 November 2017

I, for one.... can not Believe the reviews I have read. It is totally unfathomable that people have such narrow minds. First off. It is a television show. Nothing more People! It is a refreshing insight to all that autistic children, adults face on a daily basis. It is thoughts of what is possible for ANYONE with any type of disability they may face to have a positive outlook for what they stand for and fight for at any given time in their life. Although, it is extreme... It is the possibility that something greater can happen in the life of someone with disabilities no matter how great or small. I find a learning experience in every episode I have watched and that is to learn more about autism from every aspect and have compassion enough to care ... as a human being. I would be very sad if this show doesn't continue and show it's full potential. I will be forever watching as long as it is aired!

oneabello 24 November 2017

RANT Alright, I saw some reviews talking about how this show doesn't portray autism correctly and that this was made by "leftist-whores" pardon my French. First of all, autism is on a spectrum. Everybody who has autism experiences it differently and acts differently. Second of all, there's no need to bring politics into this. I don't see how this program is leftist at all. There are no politicians in it, no controversial methods dealing with abortion etc, nothing about the LGBT or race or feminism. Nothing in this show is about politics so I don't see how it's leftist. Anyway, thirdly and lastly, please learn grammar first before trashing something. There's a difference between "your" and "you're".

Someone also said that disabled people shouldn't be shown as "superheroes". That is an insult to all amazing disabled people such as Hellen Keller and Stephen Hawking. The people who trashed this show are probably neurotypicals with no sympathy for those with setbacks, whether mental or physical.


Now, I should stop my ranting and actually talk about the show. Shaun Murphy is a doctor with autism and savant syndrome. People with savant syndrome may have low IQ scores but can be "savants" or talented at something such as art, calculations, memory, etc. Shaun has an excellent memory which aids him when operating on patients. People doubt him at first, but are then amazed when he saves someone's life. This show is probably on par, more on less, with any other medical/hospital/etc show in terms of drama. I'm just glad that there's accurate autism representation on TV and that people with autism are not idiots who can't fend for themselves and need to be pitied and babied over.

Veritas99 18 February 2021

First three seasons were good, but season 4 became a regular PC lecture...Like...dr. Browne "worked so hard to please the white people.." in which way? By learning hard and being serious at work? This means pleasing the white people? Otherwise, what would she do, party all through medical school? That is white people are doing to become doctors?

CouchYam 21 February 2021

I know that medical/legal/tech TV shows/movies are strictly entertainment and require total suspense of disbelief but I liked the first season where Murphy is able to mentally synthesize a solution (using fairly good CGI) from a wide variety of disparate data.

But season after season, the show is less about Murphy and like so many shows has degenerated into a bad soap opera.

Season 4 is a total dismal failure. Suddenly, the show has taken a new turn. We're very liberal, politically and socially, but this season is a bridge too far.

I used to look forward to watching this show for light entertainment but now I'm getting annoyed so why should I continue watching? I'm predicting that this show will be cancelled after this season.

nkishudak 1 April 2020

The first season was really great, the second was enjoyable. Half of the three was okay, but since then just went down and the last two episodes...jokes. So disappointed.

sloanjw-74689 19 November 2017

I am an intelligent high school student who is very socially awkward and introverted. My life goal is to become a doctor and work at a hospital, and save lives. I can relate to Shaun as a character, but I also love the subplots and story lines that the flashbacks reveal, and this was the first show ever to genuinely make me cry. I love this show, and would love to see it grow and develop, along with the characters and the plots.

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