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The Good Fight (2017)

Rayting:   8.3/10 23K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When Diane Lockhart's life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm.

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August 5, 2021star8.9 238 votesS5E7 And the fight had a detente...
May 6, 2018star8.8 624 votesS2E10 Day 471
July 1, 2021star8.7 279 votesS5E2 Once there was a court...
March 26, 2017star8.5 616 votesS1E7 Not So Grand Jury
April 16, 2017star8.5 604 votesS1E10 Chaos
May 20, 2018star8.5 588 votesS2E12 Day 485
July 8, 2021star8.5 244 votesS5E3 And the court had a clerk...
July 15, 2021star8.5 231 votesS5E4 And the clerk had a firm…
February 19, 2017star8.4 908 votesS1E1 Inauguration
March 12, 2017star8.4 649 votesS1E5 Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate
March 11, 2018star8.4 572 votesS2E2 Day 415
July 29, 2021star8.4 216 votesS5E6 And the two partners had a fight...
February 19, 2017star8.3 727 votesS1E2 First Week
March 18, 2018star8.3 563 votesS2E3 Day 422
May 27, 2018star8.3 543 votesS2E13 Day 492
April 16, 2020star8.3 422 votesS4E2 The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena
June 24, 2021star8.3 381 votesS5E1 Previously on...
March 25, 2018star8.2 567 votesS2E4 Day 429

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User Reviews

perch-60791 26 March 2019

Season 1 was great. Season 2 went political. I'm not a Trump supporter but this was too much. Season 3 is dismal. The political crap and the flowing profanity has brought this series to a new low. Episode 2 sealed it. I won't be watching anymore. That's kind of sad because it was the reason I signed up for CBS Access.

hydearchie 29 April 2018

The Good Wife was one of my all time favourite TV shows and I really enjoyed the first series of this spin off. The cast is amazing and the original storyline was excellent. Sadly, the second series is becoming increasingly exhausting for the overemphasis on a surrealistic version of Trump's America as seen through Diane Lockhart's (stoned) eyes. This is an unfortunate direction for a show that along with the original was so good at capturing the legal and political stories of the day without becoming a partisan rant, which is what this feels like. It is a shame as there is plenty of interesting material to explore without betraying the makers' political bias; indeed, there is material from across the spectrum that is ripe for dramatisation.

gaylebobino 4 April 2019

First off this horrible music, the heck is this "School House Rock" seriously! Too political. Seasons 1&2 were really good, but Season 3 is awful, I pay for CBS Access just to watch this drama, I'm so disappointed. I'm not a Trump fan either, but it's utterly ridiculous how they continue to bash him every episode, and the new loud mouth irritating lawyer with his stupid unrealistic behavior in court, Season three is a far cry from 1&2.

mlahetta 22 April 2019

Love the show, but I hate the cartoon shorts. It totally interrupts the flow of the show. Otherwise great actors, great show.

karenneu1 31 March 2019

Season 1 and 2 had decent writing. Decent, not stellar. After watching two episodes of Season 3, we have vowed never to watch this program again. Writers went beyond kookoo with their political references. The writing was not entertaining or even thought-provoking, it was trash. Pure trash. Too bad, as the cast of actors is really good.

CannibalHouseTheBeginning 20 February 2017

It was a pleasant surprise to see a spin off of The Good Wife. In general, (in my opinion) I find them to be lackluster and solely rely on one character from the original series.

The Good Fight is a breath of fresh air, bringing in the supporting cast of the original in the 1st episode with cameo appearances from actors that had minor recurring roles in The Good wife. IE - Hon Judge Abernathy aka Russel Edgington from True Blood in the 2nd episode.

While I admit it seems a little odd not to have the great Julianna Margulies in the follow up series, the use of profanity caught me off guard coming from The Women's Network, which is where I watched the episodes. I will say it did encourage me to watch it further, as to my recollection, beefing up the language and not bleeping it out, has never been done before.

All in all, I think it has the potential to last as long as The Good Wife, It surely has a strong female cast, all heroines in their own right, which I would expect nothing less from the network I saw it on.

Looking forward to the next episode.

payne0191 15 April 2019

So sad, loved the first season and the second. Who or what took over the writing of this season!!! I watched the first two episodes and that's it I'm done, moving I another show.

lmhouston-70558 1 April 2019

I was excited for the season to start. Not any more. It's gone absolutely crazy this season. Very disappointing.

interspot 22 March 2019

So sad the direction this show has taken since the first season. I was an avid fan of The Good Wife and had high hopes for this series. After watching the first half of the second show this new season, I turned the channel and will not continue to watch this terrible mess of a series. I have never reviewed any T.V. shows before but felt the need to do so for this one. The silly cartoon interludes are bad enough but the ridiculous anti Trump theme you have going is beyond stupid and boring. As a Canadian, I do take some interest in American politics and understand it makes for interesting legal episodes, but the fictional political characters you had in the Good Wife were interesting to watch. This non stop Trump bashing is beyond disgusting. Get over yourselves and your anti Trump rhetoric and start from scratch. You've lost this viewer as it stands now.

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