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The Guardians of Justice (Will Save You!) (2022)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   4.8/10 2.8K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When their seemingly fearless leader self destructs, a team of troubled superheroes must confront festering evil in the world and in themselves.

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digitalbeachbum 7 March 2022

This would have been better as an animated. The editing is terrible. It's disjointed and completely low tech. It reminds me of those Power Ranger shows back in the 90's. I know this is a parody but it was a terrible.

I couldn't get a moment when I was interested in the characters. I didn't care if they lived or died. It was boring. There are brief moments of interesting non-dialog, animated scenes, but they are rare.

DarkVulcan29 7 March 2022

If you are expecting an interesting story being told, we'll The Guardians of Justice is not that show, but if you are looking for a fun insane look at superheros, then The Guardians of Justice is what you are looking for.

It has a plot, but you are really looking for the insanity of the plot, combines the grittiness of Watchmen and the 60's campiness of Batman, and somewhat has a little 80's vibe to it. Also knowns being a somewhat parody of Justice League. Never takes itself too seriously. Not a masterpiece, but just a weird ride, I can't help be entertained.

gianmarcoronconi 12 March 2022

Very particular series and with a really strange but still really nice style of direction. The series is full of twists that sometimes tire a little because too many, but are still well structured. Too bad for the ending which is a bit left to itself and without particular care and sin also for the issues addressed which are very deep but seem to pass in too strange and absurd way. But if you are looking for a crazy series this series is the right choice.

IonicBreezeMachine 3 March 2022

When Marvelous Man (Will Yun Lee), the world's most powerful superhero and leader of superhero team the Guardians of Justice, commits suicide on live TV the world is thrown into chaos. As the world mourns the loss of Marvelous Man rumors begin to swirl that Marvelous Man's suicide was staged and was in fact a murder leading to Guardian of Justice, Knight Hawk (Diamond Dallas Page) to unveil the true culprit.

Guardians of Justice comes to us from producer Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe, a series of one shot fan films Shankar produces featuring copyright characters or properties in strange but interesting takes ranging from 5 to 25 minutes long with notable entries such as The Punisher: Dirty Laundry and Power/Rangers receiving positive attention in both fan niches and mainstream. Initially developed for HBO in 2015, the show instead has come to Netflix where Adi Shankar has produced the critically acclaimed Castlevania animated series (with a forthcoming spin-off in the works) and has further series based on Assassin's Creed, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and Devil May Cry planned. Unfortunately Guardians of Justice is not on the same level as Shankar's other Bootleg Universe projects and overstays its welcome from the first episode.

The Guardians of Justice is a very thinly veiled satire of "dark and gritty" superheroes with Zack Snyder's stylistic approach to the DC Universe a clear target. The thing is though, people pretty much already know the issues of DC properties going super dark because these problems have been ingrained with the company's handling of their superhero properties since the miniseries Identity Crisis in 2004 where they retconned the plot point of Dr. Light raping Sue Dibny which spring boarded the DC Universe towards darker subject matter. Add to that the superhero deconstructions like the Amazon adaptation of Garth Ennis' The Boys which is now three seasons and a spin-off deep and the short lived series Jupiter's Legacy there's really not much Guardians of Justice can say that hasn't already been said. So what does Guardians of Justice bring us? It keeps shifting styles every three minutes. The show uses a mixture of traditional animation, 8-bit sprite animation reminiscent of old video games, and traditional filmmaking that makes the show feel like a lower tier version of one of Arrowverse's superhero shows. The style changes are incredibly irritating with the show's tone all over the map and the aggressively dark subject matter mixed with hammy overdone deliveries just left me exhausted from watching it.

I've only seen two episodes of this show, but that was plenty enough for me to say this was one of the worst shows I've seen of recent memory. Adi Shankar is a fantastic producer and from his work on 2012's Dredd and the excellent Castlevania animated series you can tell he's passionate about gaming and comic media, but the Guardians of Justice is just a terrible misfire. It regurgitates commentary on the tonal and creative direction on the past 15 years' worth of DC Comics media but can't say anything new and throws a bunch of random styles at the wall hoping something, anything, will stick. The Boys and Jupiter's Legacy both make the same points, but they're also entertaining and engaging. Guardians of Justice is a sad entry in the Bootleg Universe and pales in comparison to other Bootleg Universe productions by Shankar.

qui_j 5 March 2022

This is the worst satire of the Superhero genre one has ever seen. Managed the first half of E1 and that was a very painful experience. Really required grit and perseverance to stick with it. Where does Netflix find this garbage, and more importantly, why would they pay for it to be aired! This cannot be a lengthy review as the word "garbage" would repeat too often!

MadamWarden 2 March 2022

I had low expectations but honestly, they weren't low enough. I couldn't endure more than 5 minutes of this try hard choppy mess.

Love sci fi, superhero stuff but this is not going to be one.

Be my hero and see if you can endure more than 5 minutes.

surfisfun 2 March 2022

Its a Parody dramedy of Superheroes.

Some aspects of the edit mishmash was very creative in its mixture of different styles, i like the many switches as its unconventrional. I give an 8 for that as it keep me watching.

The love woke aspects start showing more and more by mid season, a bit is find , but putting to much time emphasis on that get ennoying as it is nearly everywhere in medias now.

It lack the right ammout of dry and wet humors/comments for a decent Parody, not enouph to make the series a good one.

The low budgets and desing of the sets and acting direction is less then ok,

Still, recommended watch for the diff styles but the last episode(7) conclusion was overall bad. Series should have been a 9o min movie in retrospective.

krachtm 13 March 2022

The plot: after the world's greatest superhero kills himself on live television, his teammates try to make sense of the tragedy and figure out how to save the world from descending into nuclear holocaust.

This basically comes across as a precocious 12-year-old's Watchmen fan series starring pastiches of his favorite superheroes. Like Watchmen, the story is kickstarted by the death of a superhero. Unlike Watchmen, which put its characters in a more grounded reality, Guardians of Justice celebrates comic book absurdity. And then it throws in every other absurd element of pop culture that it can think of, including anime, superhero cartoons. Video games, etc. Every fight has hit point bars like a video game battle, and a Mortal Kombat-style "finish him!" announcer appears frequently. Nevermind that Mortal Kombat is from the 1990s, and this is set in the 1980s. But I don't think the writers of this show really care about details like that.

The odd thing is that some of the emotional scenes actually have weight. When the Superman character described his misery and killed himself, it was reasonably well done. And then a Mortal Kombat announcer said "Fatality!" and ruined the mood. I guess you're not really supposed to take it so seriously. And there's an element of humor to be found in the show's crazy mood swings. Just don't expect any consistency when it comes to mood or atmosphere from minute to minute.

The other thing that makes this show interesting is the editing. I have a feeling many people are going to dislike it. It's just as crazy as everything else. Characters will start a scene live-action, suddenly turn into a cartoon character, and finish the scene as a sprite from a Commodore 64 computer game. Sometimes I liked how this work, but other times it was done so haphazardly that it was annoying. In particular, I found the video game sequences kind of dumb and pointless. I love retro gaming, but Nintendo-style pixel art as an aesthetic choice is way overdone.

Some of the acting was good, but I didn't like the wrestler who played Knight Hawk, our Batman pastiche. I got the feeling that he was supposed to be intimidating, but he just struck me as goofy and dumb. Given the 1960s Batman TV series, it's entirely possible the goofiness was intentional. If so, it didn't work for me. If you're a fan of professional wrestling, maybe it would work for you. The other characters tend to be played fairly straight, though they have little to no characterization or backstory. Usually they get introduced with enough backstory to tell you which DC comic book superhero they're imitating, though.

Like Six String Samurai and Turbo Kid, this series is desperately trying to appeal to cult movie fans and people who grew up in the 1980s. I think this has potential to live up to its desires, though. It's overboard and crazy like anything trying to achieve a cult following should be. Like any true cult property, it's also got some truly questionable aspects that make you wonder if the creators were visionaries or incompetent. It's got B movie actors that you might recognize and love. And even if you don't love this show, you'll have something to tell your friends about: "You won't believe this crazy, borderline incompetent but kind of cool show I just saw!"

stevebondi 2 March 2022

I have enjoyed irreverent quality superhero shows like The Boys, Invincible, Arcane, The Legend of Vox Machina, and even Jupiter's Legacy, but this low-budget, low-quality-in-every-way, mess was so disappointing! :-( I could not get much beyond the terrible, low-budget cinematography / crappy visuals and weak backstory story telling :-(

RogerBorg 4 March 2022

If I'd seen this muddled mess on YouTube in the mid-2000s, I might have been a fanboi.

However, being force-fed recommendations for it on Netflix in CURRENT_YEAR, I have to judge it against actual commercial shows.

And, oh my, but does it come up lacking. There are no original tropes here, just things that we've seen done many, many times in the past three decades, from Dark Knight Returns, though Kingdom Come and Miracle Man, to The Boys and the more recent The Tick.

The "low budget" CGI is obviously where all the budget went, and even that's not original, being a superhero take on Kung Fury, or a grimdark pastiche of Scott Pilgrim.

The whole thing is just references and callbacks which will appeal to a tiny subset of a tiny audience.

Not good enough. In CURRENT_YEAR, with a Netflix budget, I needed to see an original take, compelling acting, decent sets, costumes, cinematography, lighting, score, foley and editing.

I got precisely none of those, and my rating is generous and mostly out of pity.

diggnuts 2 March 2022

Hasn't this barely original trope been beaten like a dead horse for more then a decade now? The "alternative" take on superhero nonsense that pretends it has "something to say"!

It really is pathetic that writers/producers have latched onto this gimmick just so they do not have to come up with something new, but instead can leech off of a genre that is FOR CHILDREN!!!

It add nothing to a "cultural" subset that by itself is rather empty and flaccid by definition. The number of "alt" superhero shows and movies is utterly rediculas and we as a society should hang our heads in shame for such pulp to be even considerer somewhat viable as entertainment!

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