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The Inbetweeners (2008)

Rayting:   8.4/10 83K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

Follows four friends and their antics during their final years of school.

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russellcarvell 20 October 2008

The story revolves around Will, a 6th year student who changes school, and tries to 'fit in' with a bunch of equally geeky types. This series made me laugh out loud several times per episode, which is a rare thing for me. It recaptures all the embarrassing awkwardness of late-teen school, where boys are just preoccupied with self-image, and getting laid. This series is very cleverly written, with lots of painful observations, and excellent characters, brilliantly played. I gave it ten out of ten, as nothing has come close to beating it this year. I would've given it 11, it's THAT good. We eagerly await a second series, and it can't come quick enough.

naumanmadridista 1 June 2020

The show literally deserves so much more fame with higher rating and I don't know how things are not like that because this squad is FIT. There was so much potential for the show but alas! The show lasted not for long. I wasn't on the 4th episode and I started grieving about how soon is this hilarious show is going to end. Chemistry is perfect between these 4. I got to know about British people more. It's so good.

kern321 16 May 2008

The Inbetweeners is a breath of fresh air to comedy programs, not over the top stupidity, nor do you have to be at all intellectual to find it funny, the plot revolves around 4 young students entering sixth form and follows there days as your average teenager, its the great mix of characters which makes this worth your time in watching as i'm sure most people can relate to one of the 4, based in the UK the "average" group of friends find them selves in all sorts of awkward, embarrassing and often hilarious moments which all of us would have probably encountered sometime or another in our teen years,I hope to see more of these new actors in the future, this series is just what we needed, a comedy of the new generation.

arj-8 11 June 2008

i watched this for the first time with low expectations despite seeing the adverts for it on e4 i thought that it couldn't be as funny as it looked.

How wrong i was this is a hilarious take on growing up as a teenager no matter where your from everyone can relate to the story. Everyone has a mate who over exaggerates on their sexual exploits! Not to give too much away but i would definitely recommend that you give this a go!

I think if this is seen on a mainstream channel this could be a serious hit!

I challenge someone to watch this and try not to laugh, i failed after about 2minutes!

go-harryo 25 December 2010

I watched this show by accident, thought it was something else. I was immediately hooked and wanted more. Unfortunately, out here in America we only get an edited cut down version, so I had to start searching online for complete original UK versions. It was not easy to find but was well worth the effort. Now I understand they have begun to make an American version; No way in "hell" will it be able to stand up to the original UK series. The show has non stop laughs and situations that almost anyone can relate to. Hopefully the American version doesn't hurt the good name "The Inbetweeners". Also wish would allow streaming on demand in for us fans in the US. BEWARE if you watch one episode, you'll be an instant fan. Great job channel 4!!!

gustavdahlbergh 8 July 2020

This is simply the best comedy series of all time! The humor and jokes just never becomes boring and you can watch it over and over again. The only bad thing about this series is that it's only 18 episodes.

If you are in need of a laugh just turn on the inbetweeners and I promise you that it won't disappoint.

My favorite series of all time! I can only rate it 10/10 because of the rewatch value it offers.

it001k0306 28 April 2009

A couple of mates with similar senses of humour got me into this during the second series and I have gone back and unearthed the first series. Well worth the effort! British comedy is alive and well in the cult shadows! This is hilarious because it represents a comedic image of how tragic most of our lives were as teenagers. It pulls off the awesome trick of being cool whilst proudly boasting central characters who aren't cool. They're not always nice, even. But they ARE true - and you've gotta love 'em for it! Check this out and laugh your nuts off, whilst guiltily hiding the fact that you were either as lovable yet pathetic as the heroes or as cool, snide and, deep-down, insecure as the bullies.

akrbush 29 March 2016

These 4 are really the best! A very funny show. Love the chemistry between the actors. I wish we got to see them grow into adulthood together. Maybe have a show when they are uni or something. It' s a really crazy show. I love how when you watch TV it's to forget about everything else. This show does that to you. You sit and have a good laugh and you know you can never be disappointed!! Great job guys! We need shows like this today. I believe if the show came out in 2016 instead of 2008 more people would have watched it and commented on it! shame it ended in 2012.I haven't seen the movies yet. Will def watch them tonight. Thank you NEtflix for this!

MAYESY-44 26 May 2020

You can't get much better than this comedy series, easy watch, full of laughs and great characters.

hooleydavid 12 October 2018

I'll keep this brief - THIS IS AMAZING!

British humour at its finest. Every episode of every series is just phenomenal. No matter how many times I watch these, I still laugh just as much as I did the first time. Okay, it's very vulgar, but it's worth it in this case.

Must-see series, glad they only made 3 series and didn't force it before losing its edge.

kikkapi20 17 August 2014

Just brilliant...

Painfully reminiscent of my own teenage years, The Inbetweeners is an unbelievably funny look into the lives of four awkward teenage misfits. Very cleverly written and very funny, it's a show I can watch over and over again and cry with laughter just like I did when I first watched it.

The Inbetweeners is a fantastically written British comedy that has quirky and well developed characters and entertaining plots to boot. Don't deprive yourself of this brilliant comedy - go on YouTube now and start watching. You won't regret it.

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