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The Kids in the Hall (2022)

Rayting:   8.5/10 882 votes
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

The iconic Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall return from the dead with a reboot of their ground breaking sketch series.

Episode Guide

Season 6

May 12, 2022Episode 8 Episode 8
May 12, 2022Episode 7 Episode 7
May 12, 2022Episode 6 Episode 6
May 12, 2022Episode 5 Episode 5
May 12, 2022Episode 4 Episode 4
May 12, 2022Episode 3 Episode 3
May 12, 2022Episode 2 Episode 2

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best The Kids in the Hall Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 12, 2022star8.9 47 votesS1E8 Episode 8
May 12, 2022star8.5 48 votesS1E7 Episode 7
October 8, 1991star8.4 102 votesS3E2 #302
October 2, 1990star8.3 103 votesS2E2 #202
December 4, 1990star8.3 99 votesS2E9 #209
May 7, 1991star8.3 83 votesS2E22 #222
May 12, 2022star8.3 54 votesS1E6 Episode 6
May 12, 2022star8.2 94 votesS1E2 Episode 2
May 5, 1992star8.2 85 votesS3E21 #321
May 5, 1992star8.2 84 votesS3E22 #322
May 7, 1991star8.2 84 votesS2E21 #221
May 25, 1994star8.2 83 votesS4E22 #422
May 25, 1994star8.2 83 votesS4E21 #421
May 12, 2022star8.2 73 votesS1E3 Episode 3
May 12, 2022star8.2 70 votesS1E4 Episode 4
May 12, 2022star8.2 56 votesS1E5 Episode 5
December 16, 1993star8.1 107 votesS4E7 #407
September 25, 1990star8.1 103 votesS2E1 #201
December 10, 1991star8.1 98 votesS3E10 #310
April 9, 1991star8.1 95 votesS2E17 #217

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User Reviews

fleck05-485-208981 13 May 2022

They're back! I watched them when I was a kid... like them. Now I'm old... like them. The stripper sketch was painfully realistic (gravity really does a number on the nards).

It's the kids! They're older, cranky and taking full advantage of premium video by being a wee bit dirtier. Hearing their opening theme music makes me so happy.

Thank you for this one, Prime. You brought a smile to my oft cranky face.

vsnsfmt 14 May 2022

I laughed. Oddly I was waiting fer 30 Helen's agreed hahaha. I really hope there's more I enjoyed it like the good old days. 8 episodes wasn't enough.

rgu-29744 14 May 2022

Original Canadiana with hints of Monty Python. Hilarious. Ignore the low ratings, put aside your puffy airs and enjoy. "In Oshawa auto workers and strippers are in the same union". Funny as hell. Was never a fan of the originals...30 fricken years ago! Liking this so far. The "last fax" scene is great "I like sleeping with couriers because they come fast" Lighten up and enjoy.

inacan-90-894261 14 May 2022

I remember the show in the 90s. I remember seeing them on tour in the 2000s and I was surprised how happy I was to see them back.

It's rude, it's bizarre but it's authentic Canadian humour and I missed it terribly.

The Shakespeare sketch hits on so many levels you have to see it to believe it.

ksdilauri 22 May 2022

New versions of old hits are always chancy, but these guys have lost none of their comedy skills whatsoever. Except for some physical aging, they're just as effective-and hysterically funny-as they were umpteen years ago.

Loses a point for its "updated" profanity, though. Some people will undoubtedly get their knickers in a twist at this (good) but the Kids don't need F-bombs, graphic language or nudity in their skits. Yeah, it's common these days, yadda yadda, but it's still unnecessary and offensive to a lot of folks. These guys are skilled and plenty funny. They don't have to sink in the sewer to get laughs, as lesser talents do.

rebel5 13 May 2022

If you thought there was a chance these guys would mellow with age, you're sadly mistaken. This is probably the edgiest material the Kids have ever done. Fan favorite characters are back along with all-new over-the-top creations. No one does surreal comedy like these guys. If you're not easily offended and won't fall to pieces over politically incorrect humor, this is for you!

govinda22 15 May 2022

People are saying just for the fans? Im from uk and have a but if a warped, dark sense of humour. Ive never seen the original so can't comment, but i was in stitches at some scenes with 2022 series! One of the most surreal sketch shows ever, and i loved it!!! Im difficult to please humour wise, critical...but i just cant get over this sketch show. Watched all in one sitting...i was confused, couldnt take my eyes off the was amazing lol. I hope they release more series ..8 episodes are not enough. Ive got to watch all again incase i missed anything. It was also a delight to see 2 older men jumping up and down naked haha...absolutely hatstand!

ebmilkyway 14 May 2022

Only 8 episodes made for the return season? I loved the show during my early teens and got so excited to see that they'll be returning with new sketches. If you never watched their original run, I recommend you check it out while we wait for the next season. Really good to see them return.

OliveNymph 15 May 2022

I really loved it. They had enough nods to the old series and Brain Candy to delight fans. It was great revisiting popular characters too. I can't really see people who aren't familiar with the original getting as much out of it, but if you remember and loved this style of humor it'll make you smile and laugh.

asifali-on-imdb 18 May 2022

..if you're like me who gets a headache from laughing too hard. I can't believe I already finished the Season 01. Now, God knows how long I have to wait until I can laugh out out again. :(

I thought 'Just for Laugh Gags' was the funniest thing in Canada, but this show proved me wrong. It's hilarious on a whole new level. The cast, their getups, little skits--all so funny!

It is not wrong to say that Amazon did invest into something great. And, I hope it keeps doing it. I am on to the older The Kids in the Hall now.

A MUST WATCH if you want to LAUGH!

jnlurie 13 May 2022

Even if you didn't watch the old series you should watch this follow up. The humor runs the gamut from juvenile to high brow and they do it seamlessly.

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