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The Kominsky Method (2018)

Rayting:   8.2/10 35K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An aging actor, who long ago enjoyed a brush with fame, makes his living as an acting coach.

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November 16, 2018star8.2 1181 votesS1E2 Chapter 2: An Agent Grieves
October 25, 2019star8.2 813 votesS2E2 Chapter 10. An Old Flame, an Old Wick
November 16, 2018star8.1 930 votesS1E8 Chapter 8: A Widow Approaches
October 25, 2019star8.1 886 votesS2E1 Chapter 9. An Actor Forgets
October 25, 2019star8.1 756 votesS2E8 Chapter 16. A Thetan Arrives
October 25, 2019star8.1 744 votesS2E3 Chapter 11. An Odd Couple Occurs
October 25, 2019star8.1 717 votesS2E5 Chapter 13. A Shenckman Equivocates
October 25, 2019star8.1 717 votesS2E4 Chapter 12. A Libido Sits in the Fridge
October 25, 2019star8.1 686 votesS2E7 Chapter 15. A Hand Job Is Forgiven
November 16, 2018star8.0 1104 votesS1E3 Chapter 3: A Prostate Enlarges
November 16, 2018star8.0 893 votesS1E7 Chapter 7: A String Is Attached
November 16, 2018star7.9 919 votesS1E6 Chapter 6: A Daughter Detoxes
November 16, 2018star7.8 1367 votesS1E1 Chapter 1: An Actor Avoids
November 16, 2018star7.8 942 votesS1E5 Chapter 5: An Agent Crowns

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User Reviews

boulechat 18 November 2018

Finally a thoughtful well written comedy WITH NO LAUGH TRACK! Thank you thank you thank you!

ariak-49682 25 October 2019

Just started the second season, finished the second episode!I must say this is even better than the first, season!!Way way better!Great acting, great cast and the comedy is hysterical, really good!So far everything and everyone, I mean Kathleen Turner, Paul Reiser and Jane Seymour, I mean everyone is great!! They just fit the part!!!Truely well done! You won't be disappointed!!

darnellestreet 18 November 2018

It is so refreshing to watch something that appeals to audiences over 50. The subject matter is relevant, the acting is excellent and the only negative is that I've got to wait until next season to see new episodes... and I can't wait!

SpursNo1 18 November 2018

Douglas and Arkin share the best lines between them in this well written, and acted piece of comedy gold.

Tragic, very funny, and totally relevant to the society we live in toady. My only hope is that Netflix stick with the show and produce a second, very worthy season!

One of the best shows of 2018!

ihtf 17 November 2018

Wish it was 30 episodes... fun, great writing, adult stuff.

shuman-58489 17 November 2018

Well, Chuck Lorre has done it again. He managed to team two great actors who had never worked together and come up with a 2018 answer to Matthau and Lemmon. Laughter,Tears and a bit of Bawdiness made me eagerly sit through 4 hours, with hopes of another season to come.

mhdreiling 16 November 2018

Beautiful, funny, sad, heartbreaking, hillarious at times. Outstanding acting, well paced and sharp writing.

And that was just the first episode and a few minutes of the second one.

A must watch.

efd-10467 26 October 2019

The writing in this show is excellent, the actors are one of the best ensembles for a long time.

The honesty and situations reflect a side of life rarely, if ever done in media of recent times, probably Douglas's finest work in a long time, really good viewing.

Herbalicious_690 17 November 2018

Chuck Lorre does it again. What a cast !! Cameos are a who's who list. The script writing is top notch. The acting is stellar, on point, engaging, believable. And funny !! Don't overlook this show, or dismiss it at first glance, you will be missing out on something special. Many shows take quite a few episodes for the cast to reach the closeness and flow of a really strong "ensemble", but this steps right in. Experience in all domains shows strongly - funny, witty, insightful, cutting at times, fresh, relatable, just wonderful. Watch it and spread the word.

jenniferguidry 17 November 2018

Great Actors+ Great Writing +Humor +Sadness Addiction +Aging +Relationships = Perfection

swordsnare 29 December 2019

For someone who usually finds Chuck Lorre's work a little much, this was a genuine surprise. I suppose no laugh track, like Big Bang Theory, Two And Half Men, etc, certainly helps. Alan Arkin's delivery is hilarious and dry as ever. Good seeing some actors and actresses that I haven't seen in a while also.

niccobates 19 November 2018

While Michael Douglas is the acting teacher, it's Alan Arkin who delivers the master class in comedic timing. Delightful all round based on four episodes.

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