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The Lake (2022)

Rayting:   5.9/10 589 votes
Country: Canada
Language: English

Justin returns from living abroad in the hope of reconnecting with the biological daughter that he gave up for adoption. His plans go awry when he finds out his father left the family cottage to his stepsister.

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June 16, 2022star9.0 24 votesS1E6 Midsommar Madness
June 16, 2022star8.7 15 votesS1E7 Trust Issues
June 16, 2022star8.5 18 votesS1E5 Mommy Queerest
June 16, 2022star8.4 19 votesS1E8 No White After Labour Day
June 16, 2022star7.8 26 votesS1E2 Game Night
June 16, 2022star7.8 20 votesS1E4 The Simplex Solution
June 16, 2022star7.8 13 votesS1E3 Picnic at Raven's Rock
June 16, 2022star7.5 35 votesS1E1 Tilt-a-Grrl

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User Reviews

fdaughte 18 June 2022

Cute relaxing and comforting just what I was looking for, I always enjoy Jordan Gavaris and wish he was in more . The setting for this one is quite lovely.

Matthew-WH 19 June 2022

I have really enjoyed every minute of this new series. It is a light and easy watch with many laugh out loud moments. The cast is fantastic and all do a great job of selling their characters. The series gives a Schitts Creek vibe with the community of the lake at talent shows and meetings. Genuinely a happy watch which is just what I needed. Hoping for a season 2!

kigaiyuuto 18 June 2022

A perfect summer show to be binged on a weekend. This is for adults though because there's swearing, sexual references and drug use. There's 2 storylines - the adult plot revolving around Justin and Maisie-May and the teen one with Billie and Killian although the second half of the show have episodic theme to it. Production value is high and everything looks pretty. Ulrika steals the show for me. And there's a surprise guest star on episode 4.

For some reason this show is ignored by MSM and so far only 3-4 youtubers bothered to review this with less than 100 views each. That's sad because THIS IS A GEM and there's not much comparison to this. I only know Awkward. From MTV that aired for 5 seasons in the 2010s. This show is what Amazon lacks, they have too many serious dramas but not enough comedy.

This is the kind of show that I can watch on a daily basis and wish summer never ends.

Zen-Balance 24 June 2022

Not G Rated show. The rating is more like tv-14 or MA. The language content is quite mature, small kids won't understand. The rating should be changed.

veryprivateswag 18 June 2022

Overall this show was pretty meh, with some really bad amateur writing and story lines.

Julia Stiles must be really hard up for work to have agreed to be in this.....

shoppsi 22 June 2022

You know, I was so looking forward to a lighthearted summer show but this is so crude it's like an attention seeking 12 year old wrote the so called jokes/dialogue. I understand that I'm older but seriously, does EVERY new show have to be so crude? Why does everything for an adult audience have to equal obnoxious crudity?

cjandt 19 June 2022

I liked the diversity and quick wit. Easily relatable as far a sibs go and cottage country- hey mine is 40 min north of there. I really hope theres a season two. Great cast as well! Cheers.

hqpfrirxz 18 June 2022

The story line is well laid out and believable, nice to have a show that does not go far afield of reality.

The cast is superb, save for Julia Stiles: if it had not been pointed out she is in the show, who would have noticed?

Cinematography is excellent, which is impressive given almost all of the show is filmed outdoors.

Well worth the time.

andrea_page 20 June 2022

It's nice to finally have a light and yet ranchy drama to combat all the dramatic comedies flooding everywhere. But maybe don't watch with your kids hahahahha.

robynrobynjonjon-84387 21 June 2022

Lake beauty? Check.

Nostalgia if you grew up spending summers on a lake? Check.

Happy to see actors you have liked for years (Julia Stiles)? Check.

Good acting? Half-check. Some yes, some no.

Potentially funny premise? Check.

Ability to judge how this series will really be, as far as content and how far across boundaries it may go, watching trailer?


Finding it increasingly difficult to choose funny shows that are relevant, and yes, maybe a little edgy (I'm not a prude, though I do like wholesome shows...but, my point being I am alright with a few adult situations, language, etc to a degree)...

but good gravy, there is some extraneous innuendo and reference in this to the point of distraction. Were you trying to go for a gross-out comedy feeling disguised as funny situational humor?

Like one reviewer said, I might have expected this from Netflix, but...(which is why I now only subscribe to them a month at a time to watch a series that has been released, and then I cancel my subscription)...

I kept hanging with some of the ridiculousness for a few episodes, but just now I saw/heard a set of lines that made me say I'm out. Could have been a good run, but nope.

Ripshin 26 June 2022

It's apparent, that this series WANTS to be the next Canadian "Schitt's Creek." But, NO. Awkward. Poor writing. Performances are so-so. Jordan Gavaris is grating. Julia Stiles is slumming. I've binged this thing, on a Saturday night. Eight episodes. Honestly, I'm likely stopping halfway through the final episode. THAT'S how MUCH I don't care. Not interested in the conclusion.

mariajackson-11379 19 June 2022

Social topics can be approached with humor or at the very least respectfully in order to convey a message, if that is what's trying to be achieved. This show failed at it miserably. It seems like every single social topic was touched on in such an awkward manner that I couldn't get thru the 1st episode. If I want to be upset by social topics, I'll just watch the news.

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