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The Larkins (2021)

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Country: UK
Language: English

A new adaptation of the classic novel The Darling Buds of May by H.E. Bates following the warm hearted, wheeler dealing adventures of the iconic Larkin family in the idyllic Kent countryside.

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xmasdaybaby1966 11 October 2021

With this history-changing episode of the show formerly known as fans favourite The Darling Buds Of May (now The Larkins); ITV has excelled itself.

The Larkins has the 1950s countryside full of ethnic minorities which was followed by Angela Black where modern London is full of white families.

My mum moved to the smallest town in Britain in 1988 where there were no ethnic minorities (even now there is just the Indian family at the Spar shop) yet roll back 30 years before and the English countryside is full of fusion.

A classic that should have been kept well alone.

Keep it real.

crumpytv 13 October 2021

The majority of other reviews have already expressed my feelings about this unnecessary remake.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at casting meetings for contemporary dramas.

If people are selected to play characters by virtue of their ethnicity and not historical accuracy, then by definition it is racism.

loversofmovies 17 October 2021

Okay how about leaving the white cast white? Why do these lefties keep recasting white characters black? Also all the actors are rubbish. Believe me, don't waste your time. Could you imagine changing a black character to a white character? There would be WW3. How about being original and create different characters? What's wrong with that?

teachermarkthailand 11 October 2021

Another annoying and unnecessary revisionist view of a bygone era.

Somehow what used to be an all white neighborhood has been all prettily colored in by lefty nut-jobs.

It used to be that TV companies made stuff people wanted to watch. These days TV drama is merely a device with which to lecture and 're-educate' the citizenry to a new wacky way of thinking.

It's a horrible kick in the balls and no reflection of either the book or the original series... which is far better in every single way that matters.

desimonici-898-584421 11 October 2021

I know it seems racist to say this and I don't want to be that way but as others have said this would not have been a multi-cultural society at that time. For some of us and what we know about the Darling buds of May etc adding characters of non-Caucasian ethnicity is just more tokenism and sometimes we could live without it. Not that it doesn't have its place it's just lets make it appropriate. Anything else is patronising.

stuartpbottomley 10 October 2021

This lacks the charm and warmth of the 90s version with David Jason. Half the cast of this seem to doing a poor impression of the previous incarnation equivalent characters. The other half don't fit the part they are playing. When I heard this was happening I was really hoping it would be almost as good if not better than the Darling Buds of May.

Foxtrot-Alpha777 10 October 2021

I was never a fan of the original adaptation so it was always going to be a hard sell but with Bradley Walsh doing a very poor impersonation or David Jason's version of spa Larkin tipped me over the edge.

It's never a good idea to try and do another version of a much loved (not by me) series and this demonstrates why.

phil-83737 11 October 2021

I didn't watch the original which was the Darling Buds of May. I gave this a go because I like Bradley Walsh. His wife in the show was also very good in No Offence.

Oh dear how I wish I'd not wasted my time. My wife and I switched this off after less than 30 mins, simply awful.

jjparish 16 October 2021

Should never have been made. Its just a parody of the great work of HE Bates. Set in a 1950's small english village but reimagined by 2021 tv executives to look and feel nothing like a 1950's english village. The casting director should be out of work. Its not diversity its just rediculous tokenism.

ianbrumpton 11 October 2021

I'm biased in that I really liked the original and rewatched it two or three years ago and fell in love with it all over again. Viewers who watched that classic version aren't going to warm to the remake as it doesn't add anything to it aside from some modern sensibilities in terms of tone and casting diversity.

For those that didn't see the 90's The Darling Buds of May this is a half-decent family comedy in the same vein as the Durells which the writer Simon Nye also adapted and the Indian Doctor with Sanjeev Bhaskar, but probably not as successful as either of those shows.

I like Bradley Walsh and thought he was great in Dr. Who, but he doesn't have the comic talents of David Jason who made the original so enjoyable. This is more of an ensemble piece and sadly falls a bit flat, the humour is lacking and so is the cheeky spark between Ma and Pa Larkin. 5/10.

Mark Price 11 October 2021

I so wanted to enjoy it as I am a big fan of Bradley Walsh but no effort was made to freshen the storyline or even the plot. The script was weak and acting felt like they were going through the motions. The mains leads were look-a-likes and didn't need to be. There is a difference between paying homage and being mimics. It had a Disney family movie feel about it. Will trying again next week to see if it grows on me but I am sceptical.

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