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The Leftovers (2014)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.3/10 87K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Three years after the disappearance of two percent of the global population, a group of people in a small New York community try to continue their lives while coping with the tragedy of the unexplained nature of the event.

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November 22, 2015star9.6 7829 votesS2E8 International Assassin
December 6, 2015star9.6 7137 votesS2E10 I Live Here Now
June 4, 2017star9.5 6696 votesS3E8 The Book of Nora
September 7, 2014star9.4 5593 votesS1E10 The Prodigal Son Returns
November 15, 2015star9.4 5081 votesS2E7 A Most Powerful Adversary
May 7, 2017star9.3 4434 votesS3E4 G'Day Melbourne
August 24, 2014star9.2 4970 votesS1E9 The Garveys at Their Best
May 21, 2017star9.2 3862 votesS3E6 Certified
November 1, 2015star9.1 4316 votesS2E5 No Room at the Inn
November 8, 2015star9.1 4057 votesS2E6 Lens
July 13, 2014star9.0 5311 votesS1E3 Two Boats and a Helicopter
April 16, 2017star9.0 4211 votesS3E1 The Book of Kevin
August 3, 2014star8.9 4495 votesS1E6 Guest
October 11, 2015star8.9 3993 votesS2E2 A Matter of Geography
May 14, 2017star8.9 3823 votesS3E5 It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World
April 23, 2017star8.9 3709 votesS3E2 Don't Be Ridiculous
August 17, 2014star8.8 4137 votesS1E8 Cairo
April 30, 2017star8.7 3874 votesS3E3 Crazy Whitefella Thinking
November 29, 2015star8.7 3806 votesS2E9 Ten Thirteen

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User Reviews

arandonnelly-02 15 June 2020

In my opinion, HBO's "The Leftovers" is the greatest television series ever created. I may have a huge love for other shows such as The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Fargo and Twin Peaks, but with great works of art, I look for intellectual and philosophical depth and stimulation to keep myself thinking. I love existentialist works of art that meditate issues such as life and death, and The Leftovers is no exception.

The Leftovers is a deep and profound series focusing on a global cataclysmic tragedy where 2% of the world's entire population vanish without a trace, leaving the rest of the world in complete and utter devastation. The series across its three amazing seasons, focuses on two main characters: Kevin Garvey (played by Justin Theroux) and Nora Durst (played by Carrie Coon), as they struggle to keep their personal lives together while facing existential devastation at their losses and the world around them.

The show focuses on so many deep and personal themes that I love to find in great works of art, including life, death, depression, anxiety, love, family, meaning and existence. The show captures all of these themes masterfully in its existentialist representation of humanity and its characters. It combines many of the best elements of some of my favourite movies of all time, like "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Synecdoche, New York" and "The Tree of Life" in its themes of humanity and existentialism, as if all the best aspects of these movies were all rolled into one perfect television series.

The show is also masterfully written, acted, and directed with astounding music and cinematography. It is a masterpiece on so many levels, and because of its infinite thematic depth and amazing story, it is arguably my favourite television series of all time.

yollarbenibekler 4 May 2020

Well... Where do I start? I'm Cem, I live in a small town Babaeski, 200 miles west to Istanbul, Turkey. Forgive me for my english language, I'm still improving. I don't like writing reviews but I had to do it and it had to be this.

On a hot and sunny summer day, I started watching... this. Experience. Just like watching any other TV show, I grabbed my beer and chips, I leaned back and pressed the start button.

Then I couldn't stop. That beer was never finished. Chips gone stale. My mind just gone nuts, trying to comprehend the new reality, the new angle of vision of how I perceive life and death. The existence. Some episodes hit me so hard that I had to lock my room in case anyone enter and see me in tears. Never in my life have I cried with my chin trembling; even in most of the funerals I attended I ever gave a flinch.

I have made mistakes by recommending this masterpiece to everyone I know. Some of them hardly watched the first episode and got bored immediately.

Then I understood.

I understood that only those who can question their existence, their purpose; only those who seek a path to walk can apprehend what is going on in the story. So this show became my -sort of- bible, a sacred altar that hidden deep in my basement. I could only show this altar to those who are worthy. And not many people around me are worthy enough, I realized.

Surrounded by vast fields and lands, populated with a small-talk, small-do people, I felt alone. Got depressed about it. Got drunk, cried, started taking anti-depressants, recovered, found a dull job, watched TV again, went out with friends, got drunk, forgot all about it, forgot all about the show; at least I thought so.

Sometimes, when I'm happy, when everyone's happy and laughing and joking, I remember Nora. I remember Kevin. I remember Matt. My never-seen-in-my-life friends. Then that famous piano solo plays in my mind; like an echo coming from deep. I have an urge to reach them and hug them and tell them it's ok, you got this, everything will be all right. We are just specks of dust in this vast universe and we'll die as soon as we're born. We will not have all the answers we seek in this life. In this vast and scary universe, we only got each other. We only got who are still here. We only got who are left.

I have a beautiful girlfriend now; best imaginable. I'll marry her. She will always be with me till death. But that emptiness will always walk with me. I will not even mention this gap in my heart. This thought. This black stain that haunts me and keeps me up at night. We are in a scary universe and we are alone. Nobody will hold my hand when I die. Nobody will keep holding my hand when I walk the inevitable, cold, misty road. I'll be scared. God, what will I do when that time comes? A speck of dust like me, what importance I have anyway. I live and I die. I'll become a tombstone in this world, catching somebody's eyes in a year or so, for a moment, and forgotten eternally.

This is heavy. I don't know if this knowledge; this realisation, this "upper consciousness" is a blessing or a curse. Now that I'm "aware", I value every second of my life. Never I got bored since I realized how little time we got left. No matter how dull is my job, I have cared for everyone and everything that needed my attention and my help. I gave more than I take for myself granted. I 'll continue to help and bring joy to everyone I can reach.

But t

riseagainst1090 29 November 2015

Never before have I written a review on IMDb. Not a single one. Have been using this site since I was a young teenager (I am 25 now) and although I have been moved by and enthralled with television series and films in the past, never before has one compelled me this much to feel the need to formally post a review. That being said, The Leftovers made me write a review because it is one of the most criminally underrated, under watched and overlooked shows on television today (in America, at least). It is an absolute shame because this show is a true artistic and philosophical marvel. It forces you to truly think and truly feel while you are experiencing it, and that is something too few television shows and films do today. Nowadays, too many want a movie over a film; a show over a series. This masterpiece of a season, season 2, will be looked back upon one day as one of the greatest television seasons of any show all time. It is that rare new gem hidden amongst the knockoffs and hand me downs. Light years ahead of any competition.

Without giving any spoilers, I will tell you that this show is like absolutely none you've ever experienced before, even with any possible similarities it has to other shows one could possibly compare it to (maybe Twilight Zone, Lost, Twin Peaks or Black Mirrors). The Leftovers has completely its own style and tone through amazing production value and direction. Not to mention, the writing and acting are both phenomenal and mind blowing. The depth and range of the characters and the actors playing them are beyond remarkable. The way it is shot, edited and the way they incorporate both the show's AMAZING score (beautifully haunting beyond measure) and outside songs into it make it into one totally cohesive and extremely powerful piece of art. This show is special beyond any comparison and moves you upon its own merit.

The Leftovers deals with mystery, philosophy, spirituality, loss, pain, love, hate, truth and fiction and what it means to truly understand and deal with all of these things. Not to mention the supernatural and unexplainable elements of life, nature and humanity themselves. And it is a true marvel to watch.

Please watch this show and you will not be disappointed! ( Well, unless you have awful taste and don't know what art is or you just don't like things that make you think and feel and question ;P ) Great things ahead for this series! Love love love what Lindelof Perrotta Leder and co are doing. Truly special to see every Sunday! 10/10

tika-saralidze 14 January 2019

I still want to find TV series that will impress me more than Leftovers, but nothing is closer to this show . I envy all of you who haven't watch it yet

DiCaprio-HardyFan 23 March 2020

The Leftovers is not only one of the most underrated TV shows of all-time but it's one of the best tv shows of all-time! Do yourself a favor and watch this amazing television show!

alirezafa-03504 6 October 2020

Sometimes you enjoy a good show. Sometimes you see a great show but don't feel attached. Sometimes you think there's something wrong with something but can't put a finger on it. Sometimes you don't think about anything. You just wanna take your time and think about it. See probabilities. Asking yourself questions that's left behind, a thing you fell isn't clear, but in a good way. It's not empty, it's not like they couldn't do anything with it and decided to stop playing with it and trying to make you wonder about nothing. No. Maybe sometimes we really don't know anything and what's our choice? By mentioning it you may fell in a trap cause you can't answer it. Like a road going to nowhere, but actually there IS this road. I'm okay with this type of not answering and not knowing. Leftovers is a normal show. Normal actors. It's not a masterpiece by any serious norm. But I can taste love and life within this show, episodes, book. Maybe because I choose let the mystery be...

Ps. Eng isn't my mother tongue. Excuse the mistakes.

IonicBreezeMachine 6 May 2020

When Lost was on, I wanted to like it, but the contrivances used to extend the mystery and conflict well past the point of tolerance were a turn off. In The Leftovers the aspects of Lost I didn't like are put to much better use because there's never any resolution promised for the events that transpire and it's more a character study of how broken people deal with extraordinary circumstances which they have no control over. Each season feels unique in how it gives us a view into a world that is shaken to its foundation. Not every aspect of the show works for me as I was never fond of the Guilty Remnant cult or Liv Tyler's character in relation to it, but given how they're a cult and they're not the focal point I was more forgiving of this plot point than The Others in Lost. At its core The Leftovers is a show about broken people trying to fix themselves in a world that is almost as broken as they are and it exceeds what it sets out to do.

tsunder-36663 2 May 2020

I watched this series week-by-week as it was released from '14-'17 and found it to be a great show. But then I took the time to binge watch the show again after it had concluded in '18. I was absolutely blown away by the rich character development and exquisite storytelling, as well as the phenomenal acting by every character in the series. The way in which this series evokes emotion and empathy out of the viewer is simply astounding. It's almost difficult to explain this show to someone who hasn't seen it before due to the ambiguities and nuance that make it such a great show. This show has single-handedly made me a massive fan of both Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon, and that isn't to minimize the roles and performances of the rest of the cast, but those two were clear standouts. This series will go down as one of the greatest, and one of the most underrated (at least viewership wise) of the 2010's. I highly recommend giving this show a viewing and sticking with it because it only gets better and better as the series progresses.

robchat 23 July 2014

I am from England and I just so happen to be visiting some friends in the USA where this show has just come out and is presently on episode 4.

I have just watched all four episodes and came to IMDb to see what people have to say about it. I am really surprised that the reviews are so negative by so many people!

This show will do really well in Britain (that's England, Scotland and Wales - the UK includes Northern Ireland too) because British drama is often gritty, solemn, and very very dark. And so is this show.

No one in 'The Leftovers' is happy. Everyone is mourning the loss of their loved ones in the aftermath of a a global event in which 2% of the world's population inexplicably disappeared. They are also dealing with the pain caused by the subsequent suffering of people around them, and its consequences.

This show has top notch acting by all concerned and is driven by the development of the characters, and the unfolding of events that now follow the rapture.

Nothing is explained in the beginning and the viewer is supposed to attempt to piece together what is going to unfold as the season goes on and the events slowly start to make sense to us.

It seems to me that here in the US, many people do not like thinking when watching the television. That might sound harsh, but it is truly beyond me how a show like this can get so many poor reviews when a show like 'Teen Wolf' (which I also saw for the first time a few days ago) is praised to the hilt.

The episode of 'Teen Wolf' I watched cut between 4 separate scenes like a Latin American soap opera that consisted of a guy pointing a gun at two Mexicans who were trying to get him to say some words out loud, and a lacrosse game with an angry werewolf and some very shocking acting.

'The Leftovers', on the other hand, is fantastic captivating storytelling; rather than a show whose purpose is to dumb down a nation, it requires people to use their brains and think about the darker side of the reality we actually live in today.

As a side note, the British actor Christopher Eccleston loves this kind of material. Check out the original British version of 'Cracker' or 'The Second Coming' (in which he plays the return of the son of God) to see what I mean. British cinema is no different. Christopher Eccleston stars in both 'Shallow Grave' and 'Jude' - two excellent dark and depressing films that show the depths of human suffering that the values of society perpetuate.

In episode 3 of 'The Leftovers', his character the priest attempts to save his church with an idea that seems to come from supernatural inspiration. The underlying question in the episode is whether or not he is on a path of good or evil in the way he chooses to do so.

'The Leftovers' is intelligent and it is thought-provoking. The writing is excellent, and the quality of this show, to my mind, is indisputable.

Nevertheless, I don't think that the content of this show is for everyone. Episode 3 in particular was so sinister that it was tough viewing. And not everyone wants to deliberately delve into a world of misery once a week. Just don't watch something like 'Teen Wolf' instead!

anotherbombay 10 August 2014

I am so disappointed to see the negative reviews on here. Damn it! I hope HBO isn't reading them, because I'm already hoping for season 2.

I have watched 5 episodes so far, and I am captivated by it all. The writing, the acting, the lack of easy answers.

The writers are screwing with our heads, making us squirm at every turn. Pushing us way past our comfort level. We have two choices when that happens, we can turn away or look. It is horribly confronting and painful to watch at times.

It is the saddest town in The world. No one catches a break in Mapleton. Nothing is working right. The question most of them do not want to ask is "Why". There are no heroes here. Or rather , there are no heroes that aren't complete villains as well. There is no black and white. Endless shades of grey and no easy answers. it's messy and complex and just like real life.

And just when I think I can't watch another second, it is so sad and painful, the writers give us a moment so beautiful and loving, so full of grace, I think I will cry.

The show isn't about where they went. The show is about our breaking point. We all have one, and this show makes us squirm and takes our breath away and confronts us with magic and nihilism and ask ourselves "what is MY breaking point"?

It's perfectly done.

aggelosandreou-17839 4 August 2018

People just want straight answers. They want everything to be explained to them. They want the mystery to have some sense of purpose and meaning.

I am - conveniently - talking about both the protagonists of the story AND the viewers of the Leftovers.

This is by far THE most profound, perplexed, underrated drama I have seen in the last decade.

It was ignored by the average audience and many people hated it because it didn't abide by the rules of the mainstream storytelling.

But for me, I was drawn into that world because it was the first show to reflect with so surgically the human need for answers.

Pure masterpiece.

priyasalvatore 17 August 2020

It's just sad that more people haven't watched a show like this and this show isn't talked about enough but people only watch what's popular on Netflix these days. This is ART. I've watched some 70 shows so far and this is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite, along with Breaking Bad and GOT and all that. THIS IS THE SHOW. IT'S A PERFECTLY well made show, people watch it! Please. Good things need to get the appreciation they deserve. It's sad it's just sad that it's an 8.3 on imdb it clearly deserves a 9, to say the least. A good, profound story, with well written characters and smart writing, perfect soundtrack, cinematography and what not. It went way way way under the radar. It deserves more.

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