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The Legend of Korra (2012)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   8.4/10 112K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

October 18, 2013star9.6 3471 votesS2E8 Beginnings (2)
August 22, 2014star9.6 3358 votesS3E13 Venom of the Red Lotus
August 22, 2014star9.4 2544 votesS3E12 Enter the Void
October 18, 2013star9.3 3070 votesS2E7 Beginnings (1)
June 23, 2012star9.3 2713 votesS1E12 Endgame
August 15, 2014star9.3 2664 votesS3E11 The Ultimatum
October 10, 2014star9.3 2261 votesS4E2 Chapter Two: Korra Alone
December 18, 2014star9.2 1708 votesS4E12 Chapter Twelve: Day of the Colossus
December 18, 2014star9.0 2212 votesS4E13 Chapter Thirteen: The Last Stand
August 8, 2014star9.0 2037 votesS3E10 Long Live the Queen
December 5, 2014star9.0 1458 votesS4E10 Chapter Ten: Operation Beifong
May 12, 2012star8.9 2228 votesS1E6 And the Winner is...
June 16, 2012star8.9 2173 votesS1E10 Turning the Tides
June 23, 2012star8.9 2172 votesS1E11 Skeletons in the Closet
June 9, 2012star8.9 2127 votesS1E9 Out of the Past
July 25, 2014star8.9 1870 votesS3E8 The Terror Within
August 1, 2014star8.8 1832 votesS3E9 The Stakeout
June 2, 2012star8.7 2079 votesS1E8 When Extremes Meet
October 3, 2014star8.7 1892 votesS4E1 Chapter One: After All These Years
November 8, 2013star8.7 1891 votesS2E10 A New Spiritual Age

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User Reviews

lukeloganvladimir 4 November 2019

Going into this series after having finally watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, I was expecting it to be a classic sequel-case with excessive fan-service and more one-dimensional plot lines and characters.

I'm very glad to say this this really isn't the case. The series does not use The Last Airbender as a crutch - it evolves past it, exploring characters completely different to those seen in the original series, all the while expanding the Avatar universe - everything that a sequel should aim for. This show is wonderful journey not dissimilar to ATLA, but it also stands on its own, and is no less enjoyable.

I cannot recommend this series enough to anybody who enjoyed The Last Airbender.

wibi_blue 24 June 2012

When I first watched the series, I thought to myself. The creators of this show must be mad. The amount of Nazi references and injecting political views and ideals into this Nickelodeon show is astounding. This has to be one of the most mature children shows out there. It teaches them to deal with decision making, dealing with loss, sacrifice and how to deal with another Hitler in case one pops up in the future.

I also liked its not a 'Hey, we are the heroes, so lets get rid of what we perceive as wrong because we are always right.'like most kids shows. Legend of Korra gives strongly made backstory of the villains and heroes alike. They gave strong reasons to why the villains are rebelling and why the heroes are going against it. Its not those cliché 'I want to take over the world.' like the first series.

For anyone who does not consider watching this because its a cartoon, its from nickelodeon and its main character is not a slender and well toned skinned hottie. Well let me tell you, this cartoon is like watching a Nickelodeon and Chinese version of the Games of Thrones. Its heart wrenching, blood boiling and a tear jerking show. I'm surprised this is for kids.

smoky_circles 22 April 2012

The Avatar is back and this time she is a teenager who is far from calm and peaceful.

Compared to Avatar: The Legend of Aang, this sequel has its own appeal: it's really energetic, featuring mostly city environments, has an older cast than the one in Aang, and just has an overall faster, flashier and more forceful pace than its predecessor. That makes it a lot of fun, and a very exciting show, but at times it also makes it hard for me to warm up to the cast, and hard to just take a moment of contemplation, peace, and relaxation like I would with The Last Airbender.

Visually, like "Aang", this show is stunning. Beautiful, intricate and unique environments, with lots of fluid and well-crafted motion. Awesome soundtrack with the series' trademark mix of eastern and western music, but "Korra's" music is more rocky and jazzy, to match with the show's tempo, than "Aang's" smooth and calm scores. The storyline seems to be picking up quite nicely as well, with civil conflict brewing up in Republic City. The show is definitely making its own path and tone, and setting itself apart from "Aang".

But I still found myself really missing "Aang's" serene environments, gentler characters, and the cute, quirky humor. In fact I kind of found it hard to warm up to the characters in "Korra"....Korra is overall a very cool character, but is too aggressive and forceful. I hope that changes throughout the show, as Avatar always shows the evolution of its characters. Her newfound city friends, as well, are not that likable and their friendship is a little distant -- Aang, Katara and Sokka's friendship was as naturally progressing, fun, and close as they get. I also really miss the silly humor! Who can forget the cabbage seller from "Aang", and Sokka's silliness. With "Korra"'s older cast and a very serious conflict and villain already introduced and confronted, I really want more humor to balance the show out.

I think the show needs to calm down a bit, take a breath, and let its characters meaningfully interact a little more before ramping up the action to the 1000th degree. Still, a flaw due to excess is better than a flaw due to lack. The Legend of Korra is an excellent and well-crafted show, and I look forward to seeing it form into a series worthy of its predecessor.

mtcousins 20 June 2012

To those uncertain about The Legend of Korra: watch it. It is every bit as good as the original Avatar series was. Set in a more modern world, the new avatar is faced with struggles of a different kind, struggles that relate more to our modern world. Technology is booming, crime is rising, and a revolution is awakening. This is much more real than the last series was.

The characters are built incredibly realistic, too. Korra is a revolutionary heroine: she is realistic, imperfect, hasty, rebellious... all the things that a teenager girl really would be. Faced with difficult decisions, she doesn't always choose the right ones, yet she always learns from them. The other characters also show these strenghts and weaknesses along with equal depth to the characters of The Last Airbender.

While different, troubled, and darker than the original, everyone should give The Legend of Korra a chance. It has many wonders to be seen as of yet and her story is only just beginning.

lars-laukens 14 June 2012

The Legend Of Korra is a very worthy successor of the first series. It's a totally different environment, and the circumstances are also entirely different, but you can see that the makers of the series have put a lot of work and effort in the second series. The only downside I can think of is that, because the series will only concludes two seasons, is that, in my opinion, everything's a bit rushed. It's like they want to fit a lot of content into the 2 season time-frame. On the other hand, the series is brilliantly detailed, just like its predecessor, and has it's typical quirky humour. And the tension that they're building up throughout the show is an excellent way of keeping people tethered to their screens and to the series!

backuntri 14 May 2012

I enjoyed the previous series, "The Last Airbender," and I had been checking every month or so to see if the new "Legend of Korra" had been released yet. Yesterday I realized that five or six episodes had been released so I watched them all while typing up some notes for school. I have to say, the first couple of episodes I was pretty worried. Many of the characters seemed very harsh and unlikable. Yet, as I got to know them better, I really started to like them and enjoy the show. "Legend of Korra" is lacking the hilarity which made "Airbender" so fun to watch, yet it is replaced with more menace, intrigue, and (I want to use the adjective "page-turning") excitement. The bits of humor that are present are perfect and I think they have captured a good balance. I'm really hooked. 9/10. The one missing star is in case the show takes a turn for the worse.

haris_manda 21 May 2012

Legend of Korra appeals to be way more mature than its prequel: The Last Airbender. Whilst that gives an edge to Korra, it also removes that childish and innocent humor enveloped in rather serious conflict.

Still, do not be fooled - Legend of Korra is an impressive animation work; it goes flawlessly in graphic and motion design, it doesn't lack a humor nor a good, intriguing story. Korra is basically everything Aang wasn't: She's stubborn, hasty, inpatient and not as shy as Aang. I think they made quite a good move here since we already have three season with over twenty episodes to watch a mindful, calm and shy Aang. The gathering, or gang if you wish, are also kind a different. There's that innocent, teen "Love squared" as I like to call it which is more amusing than serious, though. Then there's again one "wisdomous" guy with only patience and non-conflict solution on his mind. There are also many others; lots and lots of different characters that you will surely enjoy in. It's actually still early to judge the show because it unravels itself episode by episode. As the more episodes are aired, the more you realize about the story of Republic City and all its mysteries.

To short the long talk, Legend of Korra is most likely more mature than the Last Airbender (which actually brings another question: if Tenzin is the Aang's only child (or so I understood), then there's only four (upcoming fifth) remaining Airbenders - We'll see), with not so much a childish humor (which is still there, don't worry) and a story which untangles really slowly and forces you to watch the show from episode to episode. If you loved the prequel, you'll love its sequel.

SkefOnline 10 July 2012

The Legend of Korra starts pretty high paced and the new avatar is found fast, in contradiction to the previous series (where they take more time with the intro). This means that the adventure also start fast. Also, note that you should have seen the "Avatar, the Last Airbender" before you watch this one.

They have put some new concepts (for this series), like: after 70 years there is new some new technology, more love story, and a lot in the city (where Aang travels a lot over the entire world). I like this, but I have the feeling that there is a little too much, like too much new technology and too much love. I would have found it better that some technology is still being developed or missing (which other technology could be made clumsy in use). But there are also some new cool elements, such as the way of telling what has happened "previously on avatar", and a new sports game.

The humor is still good (I had a very good laugh somewhere in episode 10), and it's nice to see some of the previous (aged) characters back. I rate this 8/10 because of I really like the concept of newer technology in a fantasy world. But not higher because some elements are a little too much (to my opinion). Anyway, I couldn't stop watching and saw this entire season straight.

joshkej-84077 30 June 2018

The reason why Avatar: The Last Airbender was so great was because it took a fairly simple good vs evil conflict, and as the story progressed, it became more nuanced and morally gray by exploring the ambitions of the heroes and villains.

The exact opposite holds true for The Legend Of Korra, where every season starts off with the potential for a complex and nuanced story, yet almost always turns into a contrived, black & white, good vs evil conflict, and every seemingly sympathetic villain turns out to be a generic Big Bad that just used the Philosophy of the Day to hide their true intentions, with Season 2 being clearest example of this.

The characters are all bland, with the possible exclusion of Korra's teacher, Tenzin. Team Avatar itself feels extremely disconnected and its members treat eachother less like best friends and more like awkward coworkers. The humor is cringey, the romance is horrific and the writing feels like Fan Fiction at times, with some ridiculous new additions to the Avatar Universe (Pokémon Spirits, Giant Demon Kites, Laser Titans and Giant Robots FFS)

Overall, The Legend Of Korra is superficially entertaining, and what it has in visual appeal, it lacks in depth and emotion. It focuses more on trying to be edgier and darker than Avatar that it completely loses focus on crafting a good story and compelling characters, thus the supposedly "mature themes" fail to leave any impact.

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