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The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (2022)

Rayting:   6.8/10 7.4K votes
Country: Turkey
Language: English

The story of erotic film producer and director, Ersan Kuneri, in the 70s and 80s.

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May 13, 2022star8.1 883 votesS1E3 Cooperative Kemal
May 13, 2022star7.3 461 votesS1E7 Er-Man
May 13, 2022star7.2 436 votesS1E8 Couldn't Get Enough
May 13, 2022star7.1 535 votesS1E5 Faqbadi
May 13, 2022star6.6 590 votesS1E4 Bad Stuff
May 13, 2022star6.5 712 votesS1E2 The Midwife's Hunt
May 13, 2022star6.4 451 votesS1E6 Blue Box
May 13, 2022star6.2 1101 votesS1E1 Dry Murad

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User Reviews

ozgencsutlu 19 May 2022

Sadly, the format "every episode has another adventure" has not overcome the boredom. The effort to be funny with memorized jokes and rhetoric games is no longer requested.

notsoelegant 19 May 2022

It doesn't necessarily mean that it's good just because it's better than today's Turkish TV. I smirked a lot throughout the series, but I don't remember a single moment when I laughed out loud. I could have evaluated it differently if it was done by someone who has just entered the sector, but when you look at this cast and budget, it's normal for people to have some expectations. Unfortunately, it did not meet the expectations.

walkeradam-82336 19 May 2022

I like Cem yilmaz stand-up's he got talent. Ut can't say the same for his movies and this tv series. Sadly the series contains many bad jokes, bad stories and pushing some messages which are not necessary.

He depicted 70-80's yesilcam which counterpart of hollywood movie industry. The main charecter actually came from the movie called "gora" in a short scene. But Cem yilmaz couldn't write proper stories in this series.

I think problem is that cem yilmaz forgotten he works for entartainment bussiness. No body expects an oscar from him...

mustafahsndmr 13 May 2022

Either you like it or not, i don't care. I enjoyed a lot, it was funny and well written. Thank you Cem Yilmaz, it felt much better. Caglar Corumlu you are an incredible detail :)

oalpertopcu 14 May 2022

I wasn't very fond of his recent show and films but this one has been a pleasent surprise.

Film quality and details that reflect 80s Istanbul atmosphere were superb.

It also sets a good tone between jokes and subliminal messages.

I am not sure if jokes make any sense in English but it's a fun to watch and never to be taken so seriously.

bjkserdark 13 May 2022

The series is comedy from start to finish, each episode consists of 1 movie, and many of the movies are volleyed until they come to the TV series. Merve Dizdar, Ezgi Mola and Nilperi had it poured into Sahinkaya. I wish Rasim Öztekin was alive and took a role in this series.

combatci 13 May 2022

People are looking for excuses to lynch. It was a very good and different series. Actors, characters, places are great. Each episode has different topics and it's pretty cool. I advise. Watch and let everyone watch.

exelans_sbdka 13 May 2022

I think Cem Ylmaz's interesting sense of comedy should be appreciated. Those who watch the same type of comedy series should not come to this platform and complain. I think you should experience different kinds of comedy.

Chef74 14 May 2022

After reading the reviews with no real review and polarized ratings of 1 and 10's, I actually expected a cult movie like "Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam". But this isn't.

The series starts with Kuru Murad which is kind of unfortunate. In my opinion, this is one of the worst episodes. It is pretty much horny teenager jokes. Maybe they wanted to characterize porn industry as just genitals and no brains. Whether this is real depiction or just sarcasm, tasteless it is nonetheless. To be clear Netflix did a great job translating to English, so 90% of those silly Turkish jokes made it to the subtitles.

I saw that people wrote that there is no story. To be fair Seinfeld or Friends were also shows about nothing. They didn't have a real story or a real message. But the writing and execution were superb. So you can make a movie with no real story line and succeed. This Netflix series is NOT that. At least it is not consistent. The writing and acting is hit or miss. I would rate some episodes 3 while some others 7-8.

The first episode was a mock of Kara Murat. They did an awful job. Almost unwatchable. I forced myself to watch the 2nd episode; that was kind of funny with some signature Cem Yilmaz jokes. Episode 3 goes down again; totally pointless. Episode 4 becomes absurd and funny and so on.

If you are native Turkish speaker and you can ignore the first episode, you may find episodes that you can like. If you are American, you may also find some good jokes (English translation is not bad).

PS: I am not trying destroy Turkish cinema. What is this automatic reaction to any negative reviews? Please don't be "hamamcilar birligi baskani".

egek-48958 19 May 2022

Decided to update my review after zafer Algoz's unfortunate comments about Gibi. It has great actors (except Zafer Algoz) but scenario is a mess, tries to be edgy and clever but fails miserably.

coflaky 15 May 2022

The series takes off badly. Frankly saying, the first episode is just bad. I guess many people watched that and stopped watching. But I believe it's a mistake. Starting with the secon episode things get better. Then it makes an early peek becaus the third episode is the best one among the eight. But after that it never falls down to the the level of first one. So overall, it's really worth watching. Almost 90 percent of the jokes are for the Turkish audience. It's a shame that enjoying this show fully is almos impossible for an international viewer but it's the formula of the show. The more you watched Turkish cinema of the 60's, 70's and 80's, the more you love this show.

okanbsd 13 May 2022

He is a great actor and writer but if you start watching it with that feeling and opinion, most likely you will be disappointed. I liked the idea of this project however it did not meet my expectations. I gotta admit that he is one of his kind but maybe we have to be more understanding, cause everyone expects him to do better things than gora which is the best, has been done years ago. Hence, some times even for Cem Yilmaz, creativity is a level that can not be easily reached. But I still respect him.

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