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The Lincoln Lawyer (2022)

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Rayting:   7.7/10 5.1K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An iconoclastic idealist runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car in this series based on Michael Connelly's bestselling novels.

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May 13, 2022star8.5 127 votesS1E9 The Uncanny Valley
May 13, 2022star8.4 139 votesS1E10 The Brass Verdict
May 13, 2022star8.4 125 votesS1E8 The Magic Bullet Redux
May 13, 2022star7.9 142 votesS1E6 Bent
May 13, 2022star7.8 162 votesS1E5 Twelve Lemmings in a Box
May 13, 2022star7.8 126 votesS1E7 Lemming Number Seven
May 13, 2022star7.7 304 votesS1E1 He Rides Again
May 13, 2022star7.7 215 votesS1E2 The Magic Bullet
May 13, 2022star7.7 189 votesS1E3 Momentum
May 13, 2022star7.6 161 votesS1E4 Chaos Theory

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User Reviews

bosporan 13 May 2022

A drug rehabilitated lawyer with two ex-wives a daughter and penchant for cars is thrust front-and-centre into a high profile case following the death of a friend. This comes complete with a practice and more secondary cases than he can cope with.

This intriguing premise sets up an opportunity-filled backdrop for a legal procedural series. The show takes this, adds a strong cast, well crafted and delivered dialogue and an interesting plot and runs with it at a good pace.

Some cinematography choices are awkward, particularly the shots with variable focus and some orange casts, though overall it functions as required. Mickey's driver, Izzy is often used as a plot explanation device, but despite being obvious, feels natural and in keeping with the storytelling.

This is end-to-end engaging, entertaining and enjoyable - highly recommended.

zorroaca 16 May 2022

Very bold to give Manuel Garcia-Rulfo the lead... and it seems that it's hard for a lot of folks to take in... but his soft approach does the job and he's a great fit for LA. It seems that the entire character development was a gamble... I think one that will pay off in the long run. I should give it a 7... but it gets a 9 to counter balance the folks who are just plain wrong. I finished the series in 3 sittings... liked it a lot.

albertval-69560 16 May 2022

This is an enjoyable first season of the show that's based on Michael Connelly's novels. The tandem of David Kelley and Ted Humphrey succeeds in bringing to the screen the gritty story of smart defense lawyer Mickey Haller, his associates and family.

The viewer identifies with the ups and downs of Haller's legal career. But one is impressed by his passion for the law and genuine concern for his clients. The movie is able to capture his deep humanity amidst his flaws. Aside from Haller, all the other major characters are relatable: Cisco, Lorna, Maggie, Trevor Elliott, Hayley and even detective Griggs.

The plot lines are well-conceived and quite entertaining. The twists pique the viewer's attention while the drama resonates. In particular, the way Haller is able to unravel the magic bullet, connecting one crime to another, and use it at trial is ingenious. Serious students of criminal law and procedure will definitely appreciate the law and the free tutorial it offers them.

Bring Season 2 on. We can't wait to find out more in the life of Haller and company.

Cinephilia1508 16 May 2022

Ok i just finished this show and i am still not understanding why people have given it low ratings. It deserves at least 8-8.5 for sure.

I was very skeptical about watching this because of low ratings and not so good reviews but i thought let's give a try to couple of episodes and then decide.

I end up watching 6 episodes in a go.

I have seen THE LINCOLN LAWYER movie and we all loved Matthew McConaughey so Manuel Garcia-Rulfo was looking like a wrong cast.

I think he is also one of the reasons not enough people are watching this show because he is not a big name but he is actually good as The Lincoln Lawyer.

I liked his acting and surely will check out his other work as i also don't know him much.

And about the show it has all the ingredients for a crime thriller drama.

The acting,the pacing of the show and the production everything is good.

If you like shows like BOSCH or other court-room shows give it a try and you will end up liking it.

Waiting for the 2nd season.

Let's hope Netflix won't cancel it.

It deserves more attention & love than it's getting.

Some movies and shows get unnecessary hate and this show is one of them.

Felixhug 17 May 2022

I loved the show. Its time well spent, enough suspense, twists and entertainment there. I think i would have given it even eight, but there were a few things that did not work well for me. One was the casting, writing and eventual acting of the courtroom counterpart of the Lincoln Lawyer. Somewhat he came across a bit phony.

I thought the last two parts were unnecessairy and did add nothing to the story. So to me it fell a bit off a cliff in part 9 and 10.

Other then that, great entertainment.

nhermida 16 May 2022

For those of us who like lawyer/police/detective stories, this was perfect. I couldn't stop watching, and very tempted to give it an even better star rating ... (I may come back and change it, but I'm generally stingy in that area).

In general, anything I've read or seen by Michael Connelly has been very good.

Don't understand why there are some bad reviews. Can't wait for more Lincoln Lawyer series.

KejB 18 May 2022

But intriguing. Let's see how they stack up when they don't have an "unsolvable case" to propel them. It's a less-slick more-humble Suits. I like it. It's refreshing to have more human characters, although it is not enough for many people. And I felt pretty good when Mickey nailed his case, very exciting story-telling.

But remind me to never get a Lincoln if the damn thing sounds like the wheel bearings are permanently in need of replacement!

EngineerSahab 16 May 2022

This one is good and I honestly believe that this show has the potential to turn out to be the best one in this genre if they work on building up of characters of the supporting cast and a little more intensity in the plot.

Something like family in real danger, evolution of supporting cast, a haunting past and little more paper work and a space for court room drama in each episode.

Overall a winner!

mcdp-40391 16 May 2022

Please do not listen to the bad reviews. This show is very well done. I'm not familiar with the lead actor, but he did a good job, was not a miscast, and neither were the other actors, who also acted well enough. With an interesting plot plus courtroom drama (my favorite), this is my kind of show!

neilgeorgeadams 16 May 2022

Very watchable The Storyline is perhaps a little predictable but none the poorer for this. A few twists and turns as is typical of the genre. I like the portrayal of the family and work dynamics.

For those that saw the movie, the TV series may seem somewhat lighter in delivery, however, it remains engaging ... well worth watching.

JohnM63 17 May 2022

Great series. Interesting story line that develops through sometimes surprising twists. Acting is above average and as far as I'm concerned: I see no problem at all with the casting choices that have been referred to in other reviews. The only thing I think is a little too much are the alternatively lighted scenes in which the lawyer explains the tricks and traits of his profession. It feels forced upon the viewer and interupts the story. Not a really big deal, but definitely not a plus; there's no need for it. The second thing is the final episode. In this episode all storylines are proper finalized, but the whole episode feels a little awkward, as if the produces suddenly realizes that he only has a budget for 10 episodes and it's time to wrap things up. Again, not a dealbreaker, but could have been done better. All in all: worth you while and worthy of a second season.

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