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The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970)

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The lives and trials of a young single woman and her friends, both at work and at home.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

March 19, 1977star9.5 279 votesS7E24 The Last Show
October 25, 1975star9.4 417 votesS6E7 Chuckles Bites the Dust
September 15, 1973star9.1 253 votesS4E1 The Lars Affair
February 24, 1973star9.1 230 votesS3E23 Put On a Happy Face
November 17, 1973star9.0 210 votesS4E10 The Dinner Party
September 14, 1974star9.0 160 votesS5E1 Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?
February 22, 1975star9.0 156 votesS5E23 Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School
October 26, 1974star8.8 165 votesS5E7 A New Sue Ann
September 25, 1976star8.8 144 votesS7E1 Mary Midwife
January 17, 1976star8.7 134 votesS6E18 Once I Had a Secret Love
October 21, 1972star8.6 172 votesS3E6 Rhoda the Beautiful
November 3, 1973star8.6 165 votesS4E8 Lou's First Date
November 9, 1974star8.6 155 votesS5E9 Not a Christmas Story
October 9, 1976star8.6 153 votesS7E3 Sue Ann's Sister
January 8, 1977star8.6 139 votesS7E14 The Critic
February 9, 1974star8.6 137 votesS4E21 Ted Baxter Meets Walter Cronkite
January 29, 1977star8.6 131 votesS7E17 Sue Ann Gets the Ax
September 19, 1970star8.5 400 votesS1E1 Love is All Around
January 13, 1973star8.5 162 votesS3E17 My Brother's Keeper

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User Reviews

bkoganbing 5 September 2019

When television started usually modern day shows be they comedy or drama were set in four cities or the suburbs thereof, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the first not set in any of these, in fact it made sure to film even establishing shots in Minneapolis where the show was set.

I think it was great that the rest of the country got to see and identify with Mary Richards starting a career working for a local TV station. On the Dick Van Dyke Show. Moore was at first just a pretty face. Then it was discovered the woman actually had a gift for comedy. Which flourished on this show.

Three other characters started with Moore. Gruff Ed Asner was the boss, Gavin McLeod was the much put upon engineer and Ted Knight the self centered news anchor. All three starred in their own shows later and all three as well as Moore had episodes centering around their characters.

Some really wonderful characters were added on. Valerie Harper as Mary's friend Rhoda, Georgia Engel as Baxter's wife, another friend Cloris Leachman for Mary. My favorite was Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens the happy homemaker whose cooking show naive appearing character belied a devastating wit. And a lot of these went on to other shows.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show was fun and enjoyable and it spawned a lot of spinoffs. Catch this when its rerun.

edwagreen 23 September 2007

"You're going to make it on your own" was part of the theme song for this hit 1970s sit-com. Luckily, for Mary Tyler Moore, she made it because of an outstanding supporting cast. Moore's dead-pan humor could become dull many times. You would actually be anticipating something occurring. When would it finally come?

Miss Moore was extremely fortunate to have a superlative supporting cast. People such as Ed Asner, Gavin MacLeod, Valerie Harper, Nancy Walker, Georgia Engel and Ted Knight provided the necessary strength for this show to succeed.

Naturally, working in a newsroom with mostly all these characters didn't exactly hurt either.

It may have been cold in Minnesota but the characters on this show provided the necessary warmth.

dougdoepke 12 January 2020

No need to echo other reviewers' main points. In my many years of TV watching, I've never seen better ensemble comedy. The characters, each with a distinct personality, blend into an unforgettable whole, centered on the adorable Moore. From grumpy Lou to silly Ted to those of the magical in-between, the patter moves in and out of the office or apartments like perfectly strung beads. And if one piece lags, don't worry the door will soon open and a fresh chuckle will emerge. That's often thanks to the talents of a Rhoda, Sue Ann, or Georgette. And mustn't forget the other office anchor, writer Murray. Then too, the series writing, producing and directing remain remarkably consistent despite the seven years and cast changes. So here's the sound of my silent hands clapping for one of the most engaging comedies of that period or any period.

DKosty123 15 April 2007

Mary Tyler Moore - a great comedic actress & a great long running sitcom. This show was incredible. The writing always seemed to set up funny situations. The pace of the show was just perfect.

Where & how did they get so much talent in one cast? Besides Mary, there is Gavin McCloud who is brilliant as Murray Slaughter. Ed Asner is the same as Lou Grant, Mary's boss. Where did they find Ted Knight? Ted Baxter is one of the great send-up characters of all sit-Com's & Knight played him brilliantly. Knight made it big with this series, went on to his own series, Too Close For Comfort, & also scored big in the original CADDYSHACK.

Then, the is Rhoda & Phyllis who spun from here into their own series. While their series were not as good as this one, they definitely contributed to this one. Let's not forget Betty White as the indomitable Sue Ann Niven. This show was good enough to her, & she played her character brilliantly. This was her springboard for Golden Girls later. She is even better than this.

Not only did Mary turn the world on with her smile, she widened the world a lot by introducing a lot of great character actors in their best career roles. This show could be touching & sentimental at times as well. This show has it all.

Sargebri 1 April 2004

This truly was one of the first ensemble driven situation comedies in the history of television. Even though Mary Tyler Moore was the star of the show, the fact was that the series truly revolved around her relationships with not only her friends at home, but her friends on the job and when those two worlds collided, sparks usually flew. Also, this show was really funny when Valerie Harper was still on the show playing Rhoda. She and Mary were polar opposites (Mary the cheerful optimist and Rhoda the angry cynic). However, those differences was what made their relationship shine. Cloris Leachman was also perfect as the over bearing Phyllis Lindstrom. And lets not forget the other characters; cynical Lou, the optimistic Murray and, of course, dimwitted Ted Baxter. This show definitely one of the all time classics and made Saturday nights worth staying home.

Another interesting fact about this show is the fact that it debuted during the final season of the original series about a single woman trying to make it, "That Girl". However, while Ann pretty much was still an innocent little girl at heart that had a boyfriend and often still relied on him and her parents to get her out of jams, Mary Richards proved that she could be single and live her life on her own terms.

ronnybee2112 31 August 2020

This show is just great in my book. Witty writing,ridiculous yet plausable situations, all supported by very good acting from a talented cast. Sure,some episodes are better than others,but all are worth watching-even the 5-8 episodes that aren't very good ! Out of all the episodes over all the years,perhaps 5-8 of them are not so good...but they are still watchable and aren't completely bad.

I cannot say that about too many other shows. I really enjoy and appreciate this show !

Monika-5 15 October 2000

I always enjoyed The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The characters were all funny, especially the goofy fights between Ted Baxter and Murray Slaughter. Lou Grant ("I hate spunk!") was always good for a laugh, especially the episode where he ended up drunk on Mary's doorstep!

Of course, the real two stars of the series were Mary Tyler Moore (duh) as Mary Richards and Valerie Harper as her best friend, Rhoda Morgenstern. My all-time favorite episode is the second one, where the two host a small gathering at Mary's apartment for two potential suitors, and everything goes wrong!

A true classic, and it earned every Emmy it got.

roghache 24 April 2006

This is a classic, one of my favourite television series of all time and surely one of the best sitcoms ever. Mary Tyler Moore is absolutely brilliant in her portrayal of the vulnerable and incredibly endearing Mary Richards, who embarks upon a career as an associate news producer in a small Minneapolis TV newsroom. Of course she was so compelling that it became difficult for her to shake the part and embark upon other roles. To most viewers, Ordinary People and other ventures notwithstanding, Mary Tyler Moore will always be Mary Richards.

Mary's relationships with the other employees in the newsroom and also her apartment neighbours make the series. The assorted newsroom characters include her gruff & cynical but lovable boss, Lou Grant, the friendly & witty news writer, Murray Slaughter (with whom Mary enjoys a genuine camaraderie), and the absurdly vain & egotistical news anchor Ted Baxter, who cannot pronounce anything properly and invariably makes a complete fool of himself both on TV and off. The banter between Mary and her boss, Mr. Grant, is especially hilarious and the mutual respect & affection touching.

Ed Asner masterfully portrays the news room boss, Lou Grant, with Gavin MacLeod playing the likable Murray Slaughter and Ted Knight the idiotic Ted Baxter. Later regulars include Georgette, Ted's friendly but naive blonde wife, and Sue Anne Nivens (Betty White), the annoying, man hunting domestic diva and star of the TV station's cooking program.

Mary longs for romance but meanwhile has close, dependable friendships not just at her job but also at home. She has an adorable bachelor apartment with a sunken living room. Upstairs in the attic apartment of this Victorian style house is the colourful, wise cracking Rhoda Morgenstern, played to perfection by Valerie Harper. The dialogue between the two is always priceless. Daring but cynical, Rhoda is the exact polar opposite to the more timid but always cheerfully optimistic Mary. Downstairs is the overbearing, irritating Phylis Lindstrom, played by Cloris Leachman.

Mary was something of a role model for the independent single career woman of that era. She had her trials and insecurities but invariably managed to cope on her own. Not only that, but she's always such a genuine lady. This series with its focus on friendship as opposed to romance is infinitely superior to the programming of today where the plot lines of the young career women tend to revolve around sex, often with a different man practically every night. These screenwriters could learn a little something from the Mary Tyler Moore Show writers about class, humour, character development, and relationship portrayal.

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