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The Nevers (2021)

Action | Fantasy | Thriller
Rayting:   7.2/10 6323 votes
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

An epic tale following a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies, and a mission that might change the world.

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Season 1

May 16, 2021Episode 6 True
May 9, 2021Episode 5 Hanged
April 25, 2021Episode 3 Ignition
April 18, 2021Episode 2 Exposure
April 11, 2021Episode 1 Pilot

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User Reviews

rblamanna 3 May 2021

I am astonished at the negative "professional" reviews for this series. It's well-produced, well-written, well-acted, and overall a very engaging series. Four episodes in and I find myself looking forward to the next installment. All of the criticisms I've seen are petty and/or absurd. "The super powers are unrealistic." That is a near verbatim line. "All the bad guys are rich white men." Another near verbatim criticism from the same review. Irony levels of an Onion article.

My review: it's fresh, it's fun, and better in every category than 95% of the modern super-hero / sci-fi genre.

scanlonjg 6 May 2021

Ye gads, the critics really came down on this series because of Joss Whedon's involvement. But give it a chance. It's got an interesting storyline, steampunk influences, and a really great cast. Yes, the storyline is mostly about women, but they are all shapes, sizes, ages, etc. There are male and female heroes and villains. People with unnatural abilities, yes, that's been done before. And will be done again and again. There's nothing wrong with using that as a base. The show is great!

cmstultz 12 April 2021

Quirky and rife with mystery (based on the 1st episode), it drew me in. Fine performances by all the leads; lots of fun details and invention. I'll be watching more. And BTW, could someone please tell the reviewer who rated it "1" that this is a steampunk-infused fantasy/SF series? It's no more a rewrite of Victorian history than "Lovecraft Country" was a rewrite of American race relations in the 1950s, or "Penny Dreadful" an historical documentary about this same era.

onurzcn 6 May 2021

I like show, it good. Pretty ladies.

Seriously, though this is a good show. What the flagella are people thinking? Are people using this show to virtue signal or something?

mysticnox 3 May 2021

And the fact that it's headed up by Laura Donnelly just makes it all the better. She was awesome in Outlander, now she's awesome in this.

What a fascinating idea for a show. Interesting powers too. I can't wait to see what happens next. Please renew this for another season.

qacupzg 6 May 2021

This is my favorite show of 2021. Definitely worth a try. The casting, costumes, story, settings and overall vibe of the show are all top notch.

fatfil-414-451797 4 May 2021

This series is hard to categorise. Kind of fantasy, science fiction, with some semi-lame X-men type super powers thrown in. It's set in Victorian times, add some graphic violence, a touch of profanity, and a huge dose of humour. Classic Joss Whedon. I am bewildered by the negative reviews, and definitely refute the accusations of poor acting. If you don't enjoy this, you should probably be watching The Fast and the Furious 12, or 13, whatever the latest action abomination Hollywood has vomited up.

kimmock-55731 3 May 2021

This isn't a lazy show- there is so much work put into the scenes, characters and acting and it shows in the finished product. So much better then reviews gave it. The episodes are so dense that to catch everything I've found myself rewatching every show. It's a wonderful, escapist, smart show. Can't wait to see where it takes me.

And doesn't that opening theme song remind you of THE MAGICIANS?

MrCods 12 April 2021

Absolutely loved the pilot and if they keep it going like this then they will have a winner with this show. Cannot understand why some others didnt like it. I thought it was very well directed and acted. It is not a history lesson so leave that at the door with this serious action comedy.

kriscahill 24 April 2021

Like s Victorian X-Men meets Penny Dreadful.

I absolutely love it. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

UniqueParticle 12 April 2021

Love the line about being civil and how wild the show starts out! Happy to see Joss Whedon directed/wrote this he's a legend in action plus being part of one of the best horror movies Cabin in the Woods. On and off have seen the previews for The Nevers for awhile I was iffy about it but it's awesomeness!

facesofine 28 April 2021

What a treat to see this fun, action fantasy drama featuring strong female characters!! It won't be the next GOT, but it has action, humor, heart and a crisp dialogue that keeps the momentum at an engaging speed. Some of the fight sequences are fresh takes on old maneuvers, beautifully choreographed!! Hope there'll be more seasons to flesh out the main characters and each of their stories.

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