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Oscar winning producer Albert S. Ruddy's never before revealed experiences of making The Godfather (1972).

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April 28, 2022star8.8 92 votesS1E3 Fade In
April 28, 2022star8.4 118 votesS1E2 Warning Shots
April 28, 2022star8.2 162 votesS1E1 A Seat at the Table
June 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E9 Episode 9
June 2, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E8 Episode 8
May 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E7 Mr. Producer
May 19, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 A Stand Up Guy
May 12, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Kiss the Ring
May 5, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 The Right Shade of Yellow
June 16, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E10 Episode 10

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User Reviews

syd9907 29 April 2022

I got sucked in with The Offer. Incredible sets and definitely period correct. Yes there's some exaggerated performances, and it's bloated as Hell with subplots, and I don't know why, but that's what makes The Offer fun. I'm hooked, flaws and all. I love period pieces, I'm a movie and a Godfather lover from way back.

I know there's some whining, rich painfully out-of-touch with reality Hollywood folks (I've heard it all a million times), name-dropping, and talking about they knew the real people portrayed in this series, saying this not how it happened, blah, blah, blah, and who think they know it all...they're annoying. No one ever said this series was a Ken Burns documentary. Get over yourselves. But for the rest of us who love period pieces, sometimes you just want to time travel for some escapist fun. So take the bad reviews with a grain of salt, because some of these professional movie critics, know the rich people complaining and want to stay in their good graces.

Miles Teller is superb as Al Ruddy and Juno Temple nails per part as his trusted sidekick/secretary/friend/shrink. And though. Giovanni Ribisi is getting dragged for his portrayal of an Italian crime boss, I think he's perfect in that role. And Matthew Goode as Robert Evans is hilarious, and from what I've heard, he's also spot-on. There is no bad casting in The Offer and it harkens back to an era of pure hedonistic pleasure, early 70s fashion and a studio system that had no real vision and The Godfather scared them because it stepped outside of the norm.

leftbanker-1 28 April 2022

After a single episode, I was all in. It's the perfect mix of great acting, good story, and a fun script. I was dubious about this when I saw the trailer, but my doubts were gone almost from the beginning of episode one. The movie was larger than life, so a series about how the film came to be was definitely worth a shot.

I may come back and change this initial euphoria, but for now, this is one of the best things I've seen in a long while. I mean, come on! It's a series about the making of the most epic gangster movie and one of the best films ever made, and it has gangsters in it. What more could anyone want?

The scenes with Coppola and Mario Puzo are genius. They both make the process of writing look exciting, positively thrilling like I've never seen before.

One complaint, and it's major. There are WAY too many scenes shot in almost complete darkness. I am so fed up with this technique and for the life of me, I don't understand why directors think shooting in the dark is so cool. Just about every scene is shot in candlelight, an unlit room with light shining through a curtained window, a club or office as dark as a cave with visibility at about ten feet. If there is daylight, it's only to show characters walking into ill-lit rooms, or shadows playing a prominent role. Puzo and his wife sit in a dark kitchen. Couldn't he pay the electric bill? Turn on a light!

When Puzo sees the line at the bookstore the lighting was so bad that I could barely see anyone. Wasn't the whole point of the scene to show a mob? It was like people hiding in the dark. Why was this scene at night? It was a book signing. You can sign a book during the daylight hours and viewers might be able to see something instead of squinting at the screen.

If it were available, I would have watched the entire series in one night. This could be the best thing ever on TV. I almost want to tell viewers to wait until it's all available before beginning the series so as not to have the anguish of waiting for the next installment in what could be the best TV series ever-no kidding

If you would have told me beforehand that Giovani Ribisi plays Joe Colombo, I would have laughed, or at least been a bit skeptical. He's a stroke of pure brilliance in a series that is loaded with talent and great performances. I had a difficult time recognizing many of the actors because they were so far from anything they'd done before.

Another complaint I have is that we have to wait around until the end of June to see this through to the conclusion. I want it now! This reminds me of a true story. Back in about 1989, a group of friends were sitting in my living room ready to go out for the night when The Godfather came on the TV on some network station. We all promised that we'd go out after watching a few scenes. I mean, we'd all seen it a million times already. Well over an hour later, when Michael goes into the bathroom and comes out with the pistol, there was a message on the screen: To Be Continued Tomorrow.

We all said to heck with that, and someone went out to the video store to rent a copy so we could finish watching it for the 1,000,001 time. I don't remember what happened after that, but we probably went out to a bar and talked about the movie for the millionth time. The moral to this story is don't jerk people around by making them wait. Just hand over the product like they do at Netflix.

dogonlion 29 April 2022

This is now my favorite show. I think it helps to have seen The Godfather, be a fan and have interest in the circumstances in which the movie was made. I think those who think this is boring may have no such interest. With that out of the way, this show is awesome. Ive been having a hard time with cheap biopics made these days with the fake wigs and actors that don't even look like the people they portray. Such bombs are Winning Times and First Lady.

The Offer looks genuine and the actors are all awesome and established. Try to find a photo of the real Mario Puzo and compare him to the actor. They look like brothers. Same with the Francis Ford Coppola character. I had no problem being fully immersed in the story. The first episode set things up real nice and I can't wait to watch more.

BoringJoe 30 April 2022

I'll keep this short and sweet. Being a huge fan of The Godfather I already had insight into a lot of the mayhem that went into making this masterpiece. I mean the powers that be did everything they could to keep it from happening, and yet, through a lot miracles it made it through the fire. I'm 3 episodes in and am getting to see several of those instances play out, as well as getting better insight into them with a more nuanced play of the facts.

Having seen a professional reviewer take a dump on it somewhere else I tell you pay no mind. I've learned to stop relying on paid critics. Too often they have an agenda, and in this day and age I'm tired of the agendas when it comes to my entertainment, aren't you? Give this one a watch. It's a beautiful thing seeing what went into one of the greatest movies ever made.

indialm 29 April 2022

Matthew Goode as Bob Evans is some wonderful casting and he has the persona and voice down pat. If you are interested in how movies are made and who the people are behind them you'll find this fascinating. If you aren't, you won't.

terrylarosa 29 April 2022

I know nothing about the making of the movie so it's all unknown to me. Great casting and acting. The people saying this is boring or badly done are beyond delusional. So far it's grand entertainment and my wife and I are immensely enjoying it. Can't wait to see the actors playing the roles. If you don't like it don't see it. Some of us are really finding it delightful. Always fascinating to see the suits try to ruin a movie by cutting corners.

Headturner1 30 April 2022

The trailers for this and wasn't sure I wanted at add Paramount again( as it never has a lot of new stuff). I saw I could watch the first episode free last night with my Prime so I did. F--- Frank Sinatra! Lol I do not think you have to have seen the Godfather to like this. I can't even remember the movie. Yes I'm old enough I am one of the few that didn't get into the movies( even tho Pacino is my favorite actor of all time)! I still am enjoying this especially since I was fascinated with big studios growing up ad watched all the shows about them. I do however think anyone under 40 probably won't appreciate it. I forget the actor who plays the guy with the weird voice( thought it was Hugh Jackman) ? I don't like him. I love Juno Temple and most of the cast and was just looking and saw Jake Cannavale is in it! I love Bobby( didn't know he had a son. Can't wait what to see what he brings to the table. So judging off one episode I'll wait until all the episodes are released and just buy Paramount to watch. To be continued. Lol.

txgunner-68963 29 April 2022

I read some negative reviews of this show before watching it. I was unsure I would appreciate it, being a dyed in the wool The Godfather fan. To me this takes the story and kind of gives it a Scorsese treatment. You know, exaggeration of the clichés and all that, and I think it really works for this modern day take on it. I have no idea if this is an accurate account and I couldn't care less. It is entertainment, so STFU and enjoy it.

The only reason I only gave this 8 out of 10 is that I have only seen one episode. I reserve the right to change it up or down after further reviewing.

newman1969 28 April 2022

*If you liked the movie The Godfather.

The series is fantastic! If you've ever wondered how movies are actually produced or what goes into making a movie, you will be severely educated and entertained. I think the casting was great! It's answering a lot of unasked questions, but I love that!

petercarlsson-92297 1 May 2022

This is a well made treat for all of us that love "The Godfather" movie.

It's also an extremely well made and entertaining show with loads of interesting hints of how famous scenes from the movie was invented. We get to follow both the movie producing and making process and at the same time we get to know about the mafia and their opposition against the movie.

We also get a series without the usual virtue signalling and PC-garbage that most productions have today.

It's not easy to make a show about one of the best books and movies ever made. But this show have put a lot of the lore and different facts about this in a show that is a joy to see.

I really look forward to the rest of this refreshing and interesting series.

nicolebrendan 29 April 2022

I'm so hooked, enthralled, the acting is incredible!!

It's witty and gripping, a great show. I'm at episode 3 and have to wait a few days till new eps come out and I'm busting. I have never seen the godfather, yet this show is soooooo enthralling with its brilliantly written characters acted superbly.

coleektorrd 1 May 2022

Just watched the first three episodes while simultaneously having The Godfather without sound on the TV.

A test for a show to be good is when it takes you into that Realm of suspension of disbelief and engagement in the story. So far, the series exceeds that.

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