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The Originals (2013)

Drama | Horror 
Rayting:   8.2/10 125K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A family of power hungry thousand year old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

May 13, 2014star9.6 2665 votesS1E22 From a Cradle to a Grave
May 20, 2016star9.6 1733 votesS3E22 The Bloody Crown
May 6, 2014star9.4 1730 votesS1E21 The Battle of New Orleans
February 26, 2016star9.4 1224 votesS3E14 A Streetcar Named Desire (2)
June 23, 2017star9.4 1223 votesS4E13 The Feast of All Sinners
May 11, 2015star9.3 1277 votesS2E22 Ashes To Ashes
May 4, 2015star9.3 1236 votesS2E21 Fire with Fire
December 10, 2015star9.3 1148 votesS3E9 Savior
April 29, 2016star9.3 1102 votesS3E19 No More Heartbreaks
March 11, 2014star9.2 1582 votesS1E16 Farewell to Storyville
April 8, 2016star9.2 957 votesS3E17 Behind the Black Horizon
May 6, 2016star9.2 952 votesS3E20 Where Nothing Stays Buried
March 17, 2017star9.1 1420 votesS4E1 Gather Up The Killers
January 21, 2014star9.1 1413 votesS1E11 Apres Moi, Le Deluge
December 8, 2014star9.1 1162 votesS2E9 The Map of Moments
February 9, 2015star9.1 1160 votesS2E13 The Devil is Damned
June 13, 2018star9.1 983 votesS5E8 The Kindness of Strangers
July 25, 2018star9.1 983 votesS5E12 The Tale of Two Wolves
January 29, 2016star9.1 943 votesS3E10 A Ghost Along the Mississippi
May 13, 2016star9.1 934 votesS3E21 Give 'Em Hell Kid

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User Reviews

Lee-Richardson1995 12 October 2013

This show is miles better than The Vampire Diaries in my opinion. The show has a brilliant cast, characters, great story and good location. I like the way they have made this show darker than TVD and they haven't kept that 'coming of age' type of show. The originals also gives explanations and goes into some detail about the characters backgrounds and helps you understand the story between the Originals and Marcel. Also, the first couple of episodes have made me wanting more without a doubt. No disrespect to TVD, i like that show, I just think that the way this show focus' on the Original family and the story which they have created makes this show a better one than The Vampire Diaries. Definitely worth the watch.

enochkayiira 4 May 2018

Why is the series ending on season 5. This is the best vampire show I have ever watched. The cast, literal alignment in scripts of the cast, the storyline are all so eye-catching and addictive. I for one am bitterly hurt that my favourite series is coming to an end.

prafulkrsingh2 15 October 2013

This series has gone far too good beyond its expectations in just two- three episodes, the way its story has picked up speed and the environment they are creating is awesome. Klaus' character as usual is classic and its fun to watch him argue with his brother Elijah and sister Rebekah. Talking about The Vampire Diaries, that show is different in its own way, but there is no way TVD should be compared to The Originals as its story has completely moved in another direction. The acting of all characters is awesome and story is mind-blowing. The flashback story they are gonna show seems to be quite fun as it is related to original vampires. Even in The Vampire Diaries I was a bit biased towards original vampires and waited for their part to come (not only me, happened with many people). So all in all its good they separated out original vampires' story from TVD.

Moviesnob411 23 January 2019

I truly cant describe thoroughly enough how much I love this show. This to me is the show of shows. The vampire diaries is a close second but for the older fans this show is the one. So many memorable characters, so many favorites. Makes me cry to think it's over.

monique_isip 30 October 2013

I have been a TVD fan since day 1. However,watching The Original's first episode has made me doubt whether it would be good or not as I thought the story would just rely on it's mother show TVD. However, watching a few more episodes, it is getting better and better and it has actually put me off watching TVD as TVD has got nothing on this show. I have just realized that I have been watching TVD because of the amazing "Originals". The main purpose of 'The Originals' is to show viewers that it is based on family and that is the most important thing. Unlike TVD that is based on sickening stupid never ending romance between the Salvatore brothers, Silus, Petrova Doppelgangers, Elena etc. I'm so fed up of it. Hence why I advice you to give TO a shot guys, this show is amazing.

blueeyedgirl117 15 October 2013

I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan! I wasn't ever really all that interested in the original family when they showed it on Vampire Diaries, nor did I care about them at all.. I found them all to be good actors/actress' but the lot wasn't that interesting... HOLY CRAP! This show is very surprising pleasantly good! Its so interesting and I really like it! Congrats to the creators for making another amazing show and the acting is great!!! The story line is so interesting I cannot wait for the next episode I find myself loving every episode... Julie created another masterpiece. Love the Originals and am so happy to see it succeed along with another new season of Vampire Diaries. So good!

jenna_fukin_b 7 November 2013

I wasn't expecting a vampire diaries spin of to be so good in fact I was kinda upset that they took Klaus away from Caroline ! but my god this show has took over TVD completely I find myself more excited to see what happens I feel like the originals is a grown up version of TVD and I've grew up with it sorta say I love the plot and the twists the drama I hope you give this show a chance because it really does deserve it Klaus was mostly bad in TVD and i think he grew on us all he was such a dominant character he deserved his own show not to mention Elijah his brother as the nice one but will do anything for his family no matter how much they hurt him ( Klaus mostly daggers him and puts him in a box quite allot ) please please if you love TVD you will love this show :) watch it !!

tamster74 27 November 2013

I am SO addicted to this show! I never want it to end! The acting is brilliant...Klaus ROCKS! It keeps me wanting more....I knew I loved vampires for a reason ;) I lost interest in Vampire Diaries very quickly because the story lines were weak as well as the acting....too "teenager" 'ish....this series is more captivating and not so immature. Klaus's character is brilliant, scheming, evil, yet hate to love him/love to hate him! I'm also a fan of True Blood but...there is something about The Originals that has me hooked! :) It is also "believable" with the siblings being the original vampires. Each of them are unique in character. Who knows...maybe they used their "mind compulsion" on me.... and it worked! I highly recommend watching this series; you won't be disappointed! <3

jlcarpenter79 6 May 2018

The only disappointment I have is the cancellation of the show. There are so many ways it could have gone. I enjoyed this show more than the Vampire diaries.

maloyutu 18 October 2013

First three episodes are quite good. Story is fast and balanced. Cahracters are nice also and they have some nice back stories. I only hope that they are keep going strong like in these first few episodes. People who watched VD will still watch VD but its popularity will drop due to The Originals. This is what Ian Somerhalder said about The Originals:"Now, they're going to be taking these characters that mean so much to our show. I'm insanely happy for everyone, but I'm not thrilled. Not that I mind sharing, I just don't want to lose all these amazing actors on our show. Who are the other people who are gonna be coming on the show? Are they gonna be good? Because it's The CW, and everyone has to be pretty, and there aren't a lot of pretty people that can act well." For now I see few new actors in The Originals that do better job than him.

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