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The Outsider (2020)

Crime | Fantasy 
Rayting:   7.8/10 71K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that's been committed.

Episode Guide

Season 1

March 8, 2020Episode 10 Must/Can't
February 23, 2020Episode 8 Foxhead
February 2, 2020Episode 5 Tear-Drinker
January 19, 2020Episode 3 Dark Uncle
January 12, 2020Episode 2 Roanoke
January 12, 2020Episode 1 Fish in a Barrel

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Top 20 (Ranked)

January 12, 2020star8.9 5224 votesS1E1 Fish in a Barrel
January 12, 2020star8.7 4443 votesS1E2 Roanoke
March 1, 2020star8.3 2721 votesS1E9 Tigers and Bears
January 19, 2020star8.1 3725 votesS1E3 Dark Uncle
February 9, 2020star8.1 3039 votesS1E6 The One About the Yiddish Vampire
February 23, 2020star8.1 2802 votesS1E8 Foxhead
January 26, 2020star8.0 3336 votesS1E4 Que Viene el Coco
February 2, 2020star7.6 3106 votesS1E5 Tear-Drinker
February 16, 2020star7.6 2837 votesS1E7 In the Pines, In the Pines
March 8, 2020star7.3 3110 votesS1E10 Must/Can't

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User Reviews

safira-1 13 January 2020

Starts off pretty straightforward, but then the plot thickens... and you're hooked. Some of the adaptations of Stephen King's stories end up atrocious messes, but this one has real potential! Sublime acting.

If only HBO would release the entire series at once. I hate waiting for new episodes. ;)

henrimagalhaes 2 August 2020

First 2 episodes were very promising and intriguing, directed by Justin Bateman who also performed as a main character. Then the next 8 episodes feel so long, dragging along the story with slow development and minor characters mixing it up.

The reason I kept watching was because of Cynthia Erivo's wonderful performance as Holly. Positive note to Ben Mendonsohn acting too.

In the end, I feel this could have been an 5 episode series or a 2h movie.

michelle_kummer 14 January 2020

Jason Bateman has become one of my favourite actors, he disappeared from the limelight for years and has come back stronger and better than ever before. This show is absolutely fantastic, you are hooked within the first ten minutes and you can't look away so put your phone on silent and your feet up to enjoy this suspenseful edge of your seat mystery! Forget the negative reviews especially about Ben Mendelson's lisp for goodness sake he's a great actor and anyone with negative reviews clearly doesn't appreciate good acting and film!

UniqueParticle 13 January 2020

Somebody give Ben Mendelssohn an award, I love him so much! The acting is impeccable quite captivating already. I'm excited for more I think The Outsider is better than Watchmen by a long shot! 2020 is gonna be so good for shows and movies. I love the music, expressions, and cinematography as well!

Edit:My name is Alex Nolan and I'd love to be famous!

ferg_23 29 January 2020

I loved the first two episodes and was absolutely gripped. Then episode 3 and 4 happened. I was wondering why the style, pacing, even lighting changed for the worse. Why did this suddenly change from an engaging mystery to a slow, arty-farty borefest where the majority of long, lingering scenes are watching people travel on public transport with no dialogue. Far too much time suddenly spent on cinematography than actual story.

Wondering why the sudden change in direction, I noticed that Jason Bateman stopped directing after the second episode and handed the reins over to Andrew Bernstein, who has seemingly made a hash of things. After finishing episode 4 and struggling to stay awake, I'm done.

I only gave it 5 stars as the start was so good.

dsrowold-47133 14 January 2020

When I read this book, I couldn't put it down. The series so far is the SAME WAY - the cast is excellent, the sound editing sets the scene and I am highly doubtful anyone guesses the ending. This is classic Stephen King...believable humans at their worst (and best). Tough to watch and impossible to look away. I hope people stick with the full story (and read the book too)!

Palekastr0 9 March 2020

First few episodes had me thinking this was going to be a great series. The last two episodes made me so angry that im finding it hard to put it into words. For the life of me i cant figure out how they could screw it up so badly.

If you havent seen this yet, please dont you will only get disappointed and frustrated like me. Its almost like they had good writers in the beginning and they got replaced by total amateurs halfway through..

Dont believe the good ratings, they only saw the first two episodes or are involved in making of the show somehow.

Vaxi 9 March 2020

First of all, the story was great. This series had such great potential to be brilliant, addictive and entertaining, but .. What an artistic poop. The story is stretched, situations prolonged. Long music scenes where nothing happens. The series would have been a great 5 episode miniseries. The 10 episodes were absolutely insane to extend the story, which culminated in the final 50 minute episode, where the actual entertainment was 15-20 minutes. 6/10 because this was ok, but not addictive and entertainment what I expeckted seeing the first episode. What a disappointment.

njmcdonald128 11 July 2020

The first few episodes were really good, then each week was worse than the last. The finale was fine, but was hoping for more.

bluesky-83047 21 September 2020

The start was great but the end was ridiculous, it was like a child's play. I felt cheated with the two last episodes. I couldn't understand why they screw it up so badly.

avideodrome-75384 20 March 2020

Really enjoying this adaptation. Faithful to the story. Jason Bateman just gets better as both an actor (been a fan since "It's Your Move" !) and a director; simply but electrifying use of pace, angles & cinematography. He has a delicate touch that leaves you feeling like you're part of the story watching from over a shoulder. Genius.

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