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The Perfect Mother (2021)

Rayting:   5.8/10 515 votes
Country: Belgium | Germany
Language: English

Convinced of her daughter's innocence in a homicide, a devoted mother soon uncovers unsettling truths as the line between victim and perpetrator blurs.

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May 5, 2022Episode 4 Episode 4
May 5, 2022Episode 3 Episode 3
April 28, 2022Episode 2 Episode 2
April 28, 2022Episode 1 Episode 1

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April 28, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E1 Episode 1
April 28, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 Episode 2
May 5, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Episode 3
May 5, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Episode 4

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User Reviews

Fendilicious 6 June 2022

Watchseries; This series was short, only 4 episodes, by the end of the second episode, I had already figured out everything about Anya, and how it would end, nevertheless, it was easily watchable.

Fendilicious 6 June 2022

This series was short, only 4 episodes, by the end of the second episode, I had already figured out everything about Anya, and how it would end, nevertheless, it was easily watchable.

iangibbcon 10 June 2022

The Perfect Mother watchseries. Ok. Holds interest since you want to know ending. The mother looks confused the whole series. Her face is frozen. Tthe daughter and son are 2 whining rich kids. The ending leaves you wondering, with mom standing on the steps totally confused again. Give it a try.

danybur 12 June 2022


Packed with some interesting ideas, this short Belgian police miniseries fails to shake off its listless tone for most of its run, due in part to unconvincing performances. She is also not helped by certain implausible aspects of the script.


Anya, a student, is arrested in Paris on suspicion of a murder. Hélène, her mother, travels from Berlin to help her. From the beginning, we know that Anya (Eden Ducourante) is not telling the whole truth, and the series is a path towards solving the murder.

This Belgian series has some interesting ideas but does not translate them well. The Perfect Mother doesn't work well either as a thriller or a family drama. The script has some inconsistencies (1) (among others, the participation of the lawyer that Hélène contacts, certain alternatives to the investigation that both undertake; see spoiler zone below) and as a drama, everything looks tired and listless, due in part to the cold performances of Ducourant (yes, I understand that it hides things) and a Julie Gayet in the role of a mother whose perfect world is progressively falling apart. Nor does the subplot that takes place in Berlin with Anya's father and brother contribute much. On the other hand, the issue of illegal immigration appears, and the series manages to convey some effective messages in this regard.

Anya had elements to be an interesting character, especially because of her motivations and contradictions, which the series exposes, but there is something wrong with her staging and they do not generate much dramatic interest.

The miniseries is very short and could have been a movie. As usual, the last chapter picks up the aim and the rhythm and the series concludes with a successful ending.

nardip-32122 5 June 2022

Good 4 part series with a murder mystery at its heart. The final episode has a few good twists. Lead actresses and actors well played. Better than user rating for sure probably reflective of french and german language dialogue ( curiously Netflix offers English dubbing for French language dialogue only with German language dialogue undubbed - this leads to awkward juxtaposition of certain characters speaking English and then German depending on what dialogue they are speaking).

Htisc 6 June 2022

I ended up really enjoying this. The four episodes moved along well and thought the plot was pretty good. Definitely worth a watch. Though it switches between Paris and Berlin it is clear and not at all confusing. A good way to spend about four hours.

Whatevernext 6 June 2022

I really enjoyed this, it is a typical French drama, fantastically full of twists and turns, I watched back to back, it has a good story line and the characters are believable.

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