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The Prince (2021)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Animated series takes a satirical look at the life of young Prince George from his time at home in the palace to primary school with commoners.

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Season 1

July 29, 2021Episode 8 Owen
July 29, 2021Episode 7 Date Night
July 29, 2021Episode 6 Vacation
July 29, 2021Episode 5 Charity
July 29, 2021Episode 3 Playdate
July 29, 2021Episode 2 Tea
July 29, 2021Episode 1 Unfollow

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July 29, 2021star7.1 71 votesS1E8 Owen
July 29, 2021star6.6 53 votesS1E9 School Musical (1)
July 29, 2021star6.4 52 votesS1E10 School Musical (2)
July 29, 2021star6.2 46 votesS1E11 School Musical (3)
July 29, 2021star6.1 56 votesS1E6 Vacation
July 29, 2021star6.0 62 votesS1E4 Beverly Hills
July 29, 2021star5.9 53 votesS1E7 Date Night
July 29, 2021star5.9 49 votesS1E12 The Flummery Tart
July 29, 2021star5.8 61 votesS1E3 Playdate
July 29, 2021star5.7 74 votesS1E2 Tea
July 29, 2021star5.7 58 votesS1E5 Charity
July 29, 2021star5.2 117 votesS1E1 Unfollow

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User Reviews

jennboucher 1 August 2021

My teen boys didn't last 5mins.

I on the other hand sat through 8 painful episodes waiting for something better to download.

What ruined the caricature the most was how far removed some of the characters were from their real life counterparts. What's the point? Especially William and Catherine. Just no. Not funny at all.

Bringing the kids into it is a bridge too far and quite frankly a bit sickening.

The depiction of the late prince Phillip is way too soon and utterly heartbreaking. And only made worse by finding out this project started before his death...

I even feel sorry for poor Camilla.

But what surprises me the most is well known talents such as Orlando, Dan Stevens, Lucy Punch, Sophie Turner... actually thinking this was good. Let alone in good taste. Orlando said the words clever, witty and affectionately done? What the actual F??? Is he high?

It isn't even original and lends so much from family guy.

I think they will regret this for a long time. Cummings should have his OBE revoked. Shame on him.

kwoodley-92803 1 August 2021

Shameful and clichéd bullying of a young boy, who has no means to respond.

tc-66620 1 August 2021

This show is offensive not only does it rely heavily on Family guy it's a disgusting show that is made by a sad man who basically posts purely about Prince George and his siblings. It's wrong. What gives this man the right to make this show targeting children and his family he doesn't even know its bullying. Also why has this been aired when it's clear the language is vile and the there are children that are real in real life mocked in it. All these people that find this funny are wrong and clearly don't care about children's safety. This goes against what we teach our own Children not to make fun of others. This show is wrong and should not have been aired. It's run purely on little George and his family that we don't know anything about! I stand with the British royal family this show is vile!

steph868-936865 31 July 2021

They could have done this without the kids in it and with some lessons in comedy and animation and then maybe it wouldn't be the abomination that it is.

just_an_oli87 31 July 2021

Satire is fine. Mocking the royal family is fine. But who decided it was was good idea to center this around children? Can you imagine being that age and finding out an actual television show has been created about you, much less to make you look like a shallow, pompous jackass, with other renditions of your family?

Had they centered it around the adults, left the kids out of it and handed it over to some writers who were talented and funny enough to make the jokes land without time sensitive cheap shots, this could have worked. As it is, you end up with an unfunny, boring and insulting attempt to take literal children down a peg. I feel bad for even giving it a shot with the three episodes I subjected myself to.

Skip this one, so hopefully it is canceled and falls into obscurity before those kids are old enough to stumble across it.

bohemianbrunnette13 31 July 2021

I am writing this review in response specifically to Orlando Bloom and Sophie's Turners delusion that their children are above being accosted by the paparazzi, but mocking children in the royal family is justifiable. And this is coming from someone who throughly enjoys dark humour. But this show simply articulates the privilege that modern day Hollywood elites expect and live in.

Aside from that glaring issue, the jokes fall as flat as the unimaginative animation style, and make poor japes at other members of the royal family who are legal adults as well. Very disappointed, especially considering that Bloom and Turner have both starred in films that I hold in great esteem.

phvxshkg 31 July 2021

Insulting, disgusting and vile are the world that come to my head when I think of the idea of bullying the British Monarchy to make them seem spoiled and cruel. Awful jokes and punchlines hammer the idea that there's more than the creation of a sitcom but a sense of hatred for the royal family. It's offensive, cruel and disgusting, wouldn't even give it 1 star. 0/10.

Mel-22933 31 July 2021

Many of these actors fiercely protect their own children from any intrusion but it sits comfortable with them to set young children up to be mocked and possibly bullied and teased by their peers at school. They're shameful hypocrites. Do as you please with satire using adults but leave kids alone.

syeda93 1 August 2021

Even the 90s Spitting Image had the decency to leave William and Harry out of it, bullying children (regardless of status) is disgusting! I'm sure Sophie Turner and Orlando Bloom will be more than happy to share pictures of their own children so we can mock and degrade them too!

Bojo375 30 July 2021

A boring ego project in which real, non-fiction children are unironically mocked and satirized by a rich and out-of-touch Hollywood writer/producer - who self-indulgently voices the main character in a weak imitation of Baby Stevie from Family Guy, thanks to his middling voice-over ability.

A tired, classless, irresponsible, and totally unnecessary attempt at cashing in on passé tabloid pop culture.

ajdsmith 31 July 2021

The Windsors is a brilliant satirical take on the royal family - taking elements of the characters (excluding, I presume out of respect, HM The Queen) and taking them to their logical conclusion.

This fails to do that. All the characters seem to be based on a strange fiction, and almost none of the jokes land.

If this didn't include the royal family, it would still be unfunny. Don't waste your time.

VikiLauda 2 August 2021

....It is now perfectly fine to mock & bully 8 year old, 6 & 3 year old children!

I just caught the first episode of this & it's unfuny, dull & very boring. I could not get a laugh out of it. Now don't get me wrong I loved Family Guy when it was on & never missed an episode. But the Prince is just painfull. Would it be acceptable to do a cartoon that mocks & bully's disabled children or children living in desperate poverty. Of course it would not be! I also think this cartoon has a nasty, spiteful political ring to it because after we dared to vote for Brexit, socialist globalists have vowed to get rid of the monarchy & split the British Union, in petty revenge. So sad.

Don't waste you're time with this cods wallop. You have far more important things to do with 14 minutes of you're life!

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