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The Royals (2015)

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Drama about a fictional British royal family in modern day London.

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christophersarles 17 September 2019

It was great! Can't believe you ripped us off with that ending. It will be a long time, maybe NEVER before I get involved in another show on your network!

blanbrn 24 April 2015

Been watching this new series the very first one ever made for the E! network and I must say "The Royals" does deliver! True this probably is not how the typical royal family acts in England, but still this series is feel good feel free fun! The series no matter how good is fiction and it has plenty of family drama as it follows the times of this British royal family not just thru London, but thru the world of their travels! And even though this family tries to keep tradition they have plenty of their own vices from heavy drinking to having a lot of sex! True keeping the price of fame is a royal job all together while facing public scrutiny! Anyway the real eye candy treat is seeing the still hot and beautiful Elizabeth Hurley play the cougar type Queen Helena! Mrs. Hurley anytime I see her it's such an eye candy treat as she is the wings and shoulders of this series! So check out "The Royals" it's a feel good time and it's good to see Mrs. Elizabeth in a series.

jamesrcunliffe 31 March 2015

I've enjoyed every minute thus far. The writing is witty and while at times predictable, it's a real laugh to watch the kids get even or get back at those that cross them.

The acting is good and I think believable. I especially like the fresh faces (William Moseley, Alexandra Park) and the choice of Elizabeth Hurley as Her Majesty.

The show thrives on the conflict between family, royalty, responsibility and the vagaries of youth and mischievousness.

If you've seen The Tudors, it has that feeling with a modern day twist.

This does not represent the real Royal Family in any way but it is still fun to watch.

Elizabeth Hurley should be listed first in 'Stars', not Joan Collins.

despina-petrovska 2 February 2017

I must admit when i saw the first episode i was thinking to stop watching because it seams to me like some terribly show whit all this first page sex scandals, princes whit drug addiction, prince who sleep whit employee. But i give a second chance, and i was surprise that i actually love this show. I love all the drama that it going on there. I love the characters especial Prince Liam , Jasper, The King Simon. Some may say that this is an waste of time show, whit no story, but i can assure you that there is a story, about love (between Jasper and Eleanor),about family (between Liam and Eleanor), about power (between Cyrus and Helena), and about honesty no matter what ( King Simon ) . It is a nice show , whit a good story, good actress, and a message to chose love every time , because the power will just destroy us . So this is why i love this show and i'm looking forward for new episode and a new season i hope . Enjoy

DrSchwartau 11 August 2018

Hey guys - extraordinary production! Please don't stop with the 4th season!!!

cravalhog 7 August 2019

I loved this series from episode 1. My guilty pleasure. Recently got to re-watch the entire series thanks to Amazon Prime. But...I need closure. Season 4, and final season, left me hanging. So many questions and no answers. When I found out the Royals was not renewed for season 5, I was in disbelief. Please finish this series E! Even if just a few short episodes, which is impossible, considering all that was left up in the air at the conclusion of season 4. Give us something, it can't end...with no ending.

marcusdestorm 3 February 2017

From the outset, the whole encompass of The Royals, is that the real Royals of Great Britain are nothing like The Hensdridge Family, who are more dysfunctional in their reign than the Windsors. However, putting a breath of fresh air into the scripted series, it isn't long before the choosing of a favorite character begins to take.

With several to choose from, including Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor, Queen Helena, King Simon (in series one), Prince Cyrus and of course, Lucius and Ted who are the Royals confidant's, many would argue that Liam and Eleanor are the top runners - until Season 2.

Finding this series very easy to get into (maybe because I am a Brit), and follow as willingly as a Elizabeth Hurley Fan (which I'm not), my one and only fear was that it would be cancelled. But, I believe that what makes it successful, is simply the United Cast (including Jasper Frost), who bring to the forefront some amazing acting.

Now onto the 3rd season, it is hoped that The Royals will continue, as is, with occasional, and not flooded adding of new characters who will spoil the whole development. Certainly rating this show with a High 9, I certainly do agree that this series may not be for everyone - as previous Reviews have shown - but, this aside, not all Brits watch with anticipation those Political Programs that are about Presidents and Senators we don't view on a day-to-day basis (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood aside, of course).

kileemonica 23 September 2018

I'm loving "The Royals" but why would you end it this way? I want more...

cho_chang_ph 18 March 2015

When the first time I heard about The Royals, I was thinking of the Tudor-type drama but it turned out to be a modern day Royal Family arrangement, with significant relations that we knew today.

I was very intrigued on the TV Trailers and to know more on the main characters in general perspective. Likely they put it more in twist so that it would not look like the real Royal Family. So when I first watched the pilot episode, there are so many twist and turns that the mystery would be unfold for the later episodes. And in the end you will want more of it.

I was admired on Elizabeth Hurley's portrayal of Queen Helena - something that I never saw her like that on TV. And also London playing the character city in order to embrace the essence of the story.

I would give this TV series a chance to show it what it made of, and to prove that it is not cheesy enough to watch it in the first place.

skyewashburn 27 April 2015

this show is the cherry on top of my weekend after a long week. Absolutely love the over the top writing. Sometimes there is a need to escape the reality of carpools,sports,bedtime stories etc and consume yourself with some good "not so" old fashioned fun. With so much violence and negative/repetitive 24/7 news, this show is refreshing. Too much political correctness these days. Hoping for a season 2 with just as much scandalous antics and drug and sex fueled episodes that are far from the royal reality. My four children know that mom is not to be interrupted for one hour on Sunday evenings. At the end of the show I come back to the real world and kiss my children goodnight. If The Royals does not get picked up for a second season, well, FML. ha

sweety_pi 21 March 2015

It's kind of painful to watch with the pop music underscore. I wonder if it's more painful to watch for a British citizen or an American? I wouldn't write it off just yet. There are some subtle actions and dialog that make it interesting. Can people be so on/off with their feelings and behavior? How can I get ten lines out of this? Of course the settings are beautiful. Almost there. I wonder if the writers will handle the question of funding the ongoing Royal lifestyle versus the private wealth that they hold. All sorts of other interesting aristocrats to add to the mix. Can they make the commoners interesting? They can also handle royal privilege versus duty versus common privilege and duty.

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