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The Sinner (2017)

Crime | Mystery 
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Rayting:   7.9/10 99K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Anthology series that examines how and why ordinary people commit brutal crimes.

Episode Guide

Season 4

December 1, 2021Episode 8 Part VIII
November 24, 2021Episode 7 Part VII
November 17, 2021Episode 6 Part VI
November 10, 2021Episode 5 Part V
November 3, 2021Episode 4 Part IV
October 27, 2021Episode 3 Part III
October 20, 2021Episode 2 Part II
October 13, 2021Episode 1 Part I

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best The Sinner Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 13, 2017star8.8 2841 votesS1E7 Part VII
September 20, 2017star8.6 2591 votesS1E8 Part VIII
August 23, 2017star8.2 2378 votesS1E4 Part IV
August 2, 2017star8.1 3341 votesS1E1 Part I
August 16, 2017star8.1 2443 votesS1E3 Part III
August 9, 2017star8.0 2629 votesS1E2 Part II
August 30, 2017star8.0 2306 votesS1E5 Part V
August 1, 2018star8.0 1974 votesS2E1 Part I
September 6, 2017star7.9 2269 votesS1E6 Part VI
August 8, 2018star7.8 1593 votesS2E2 Part II
August 15, 2018star7.8 1463 votesS2E3 Part III
September 12, 2018star7.8 1339 votesS2E7 Part VII
September 5, 2018star7.8 1332 votesS2E6 Part VI
August 22, 2018star7.7 1423 votesS2E4 Part IV
February 6, 2020star7.5 1721 votesS3E1 Part I
September 19, 2018star7.5 1547 votesS2E8 Part VIII
August 29, 2018star7.4 1344 votesS2E5 Part V
February 13, 2020star7.2 1417 votesS3E2 Part II
February 20, 2020star7.1 1393 votesS3E3 Part III
February 27, 2020star6.7 1369 votesS3E4 Part IV

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User Reviews

derezonajazz 28 September 2018

Couple of things: Jessica Biel never ages. Pullman can pull off weird disturbed detective well. This is a series that will keep you guessing till the end- very unusual, very dark and very disturbed. You won't feel good about yourself at the end in the nicest possible way. Very addictive and I loved the soundtrack too! Check it out.

aoifemfc 21 June 2020

Season one & two were brilliant! however season 3 was the biggest let down with the most ridiculous story line ever. I kept thinking each episode would get better but to no avail.

lmlewi 13 March 2021

I watched seasons 1 & 2 in a matter of days. I loved the show and thought it was a great treasure. I was so excited when season 3 came out. I don't know if there are new writers or what changed, but this season was just simply unbearable to watch.

I ended up having it on to finish the story but literally looked for household chores to do during the episodes as that was more exciting. So disappointed. I hope if there is a season 4 it gets back on track.

robsav-39658 18 March 2020

Season 1. Great

Season 2. Average

Season 3. Garbage.

emoweeee 15 July 2018

I don't do many reviews on here. Usually only if something is extraordinary or horrible. This show had me on the edge of my seat the whole season from start to finish! Jessica biel has always been a good actress, but her performance in this blew me away! Hope she does more dramas like this in the future.. she's a natural.

atlasmb 11 August 2017

Cora (Jessica Biel) is a normal looking young woman who commits a shocking crime in full view of many witnesses. As viewers, we witness the crime also, so there is no doubt of her guilt.

Means and opportunity are never in question, but what is the motive? That is the central mystery around which this series revolves. And it is the question that drives police detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) to dig deeper despite Cora's confession of guilt.

Ambrose is a sad sack character who seems to commune better with nature than with people. Perhaps he understands compulsion and seeks to unravel his own while investigating Cora's.

In the first episode, Cora says, "I never thought that I would have a normal life." This is a major clue that her behavior may be rooted in her early years. Throughout the show, there are flashbacks to various happenings from all periods of Cora's life--clues that form pieces of the jigsaw puzzle solution.

As for the acting, most of the heavy hauling involves Biel and Pullman, who are convincing. The tone of the show is moody, suggesting the turmoil that lies just beneath the surface.

It remains to be seen if the writing can weave a tale that keeps the story interesting over the course of the 8-episode season. This is a good start.

Update 8/25/17: After four episodes, I am raising my grade to "8". The story is riveting. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes a good police mystery.

emaksimen 27 March 2020

Incredibly boring with most dialogs and action without any sense. Slipped from my ten stars for first two seasons to shameful three.

kmanley-14044 22 March 2020

Season 3 is so stupid with an unbelivable plot! It's miserable to watch! Hoping that season 4 redeems the series.

winnie3378 15 March 2020

This season is so bad it's almost unwatchable. Bill Pullman has one expression the whole time. He's ineffectual and gets himself into the stupidest situations. Matt Bomer has one look too. It's the wide eyed look of someone who's just sat on glass. There's no one to like in this season. No one to root for. Hated it.

feev 27 March 2020

First 2 seasons are definitely worthwhile but the 3rd took a BIG nosedive.... We actually stopped watching because it was so painfully SLOW..... There's some sort of "big reveal" which they keep milkin' episode after episode... Got sick of waiting!!

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