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The Sopranos (1999-2007)

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Country: USA
Language: English

New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

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srk08914 24 July 2020

There are no words in dictionary to describe the awesomeness of this tv series. Right from the beginning, you get drawn toward charisma and simplicity of Mr Tonny Soprano( RIP James). Without James Gandolfini, this tv series would have been a normal mob based ordinary story. James made this series something extraordinary

feddomw 29 March 2019

Name any other show you like, I've watched it. And the other great ones, all of them. Numerous times. Loved them, even. But this is the best thing ever made, bar none. This is not Goodfellas Godfather shlock. This is the finest character study ever filmed. And James Gandolfini is the most mesmerizing protagonist in television history. Come at me.

Jeremy_Urquhart 23 April 2020

The Sopranos is a TV series that has gained the reputation of being one of the "greatest TV shows" of all time, and I think it's a title the series deserves. It's one third of what I like to call the "holy trinity" of TV dramas, the other two being the much loved Breaking Bad and the critically acclaimed The Wire. It's such a great TV series that even a 20,000 word review would struggle to explain every single thing about the show that works, and I know you're about as willing to read a post that long as I am willing to write one, so I'll try not to draw this one out too much. That being said, there's a lot about this show that I want to say, and a lot of praise I'd love to throw its way, so here goes.

The Sopranos works on so many different levels it's staggering. It's a complex character study, a tense crime drama, a relatable family drama, and sometimes it even feels like a weird, twisted sitcom. There's moments of brutal and shocking realism right alongside surreal dream sequences and scenes ambiguous in nature. There's suspense, black comedy, surprising deaths, and even the odd tear-jerking moment.

Every character is fascinating, as barely anyone is purely good or purely evil- almost every character is a different shade of morally ambiguous grey, and this is what makes almost every character, major or minor, so interesting. The stand-out character of course is Tony Soprano; the show is about him after all. He is absolutely flawlessly played by James Gandolfini, who has done other stuff in his career, but never anything as memorable as his role as the lead in The Sopranos. Here is a character who feels like such a real person it's damn near scary- I feel like I know Tony better than some people I see in real life on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This is perhaps one of the most fleshed-out and well-developed characters in the history of entertainment. Throughout the 6 seasons we see dozens of Tony's therapy sessions, with each one adding something to the character. We see many of his dreams too, with these sequences putting the viewer directly into his head and allowing us to see his most personal thoughts and feelings. He interacts with countless other characters too; in fact, almost every character in the show interacts with Tony on at least one occasion. It's a credit to both Gandolfini and the writers that the character of Tony Soprano felt so real throughout the show's run.

That's not to say Tony's the only well-developed character on the show, because that's not true at all. Almost every character has depth and is interesting in their own way- personal favourite characters of mine include Livia Soprano, Tony's delightfully crabby mother who's obsessed with control, Ralph Cifaretto, an absolutely horrible colleague of Tony's who is so much fun to despise, and Adrianna, a character who starts out as being there mainly for fan service, but becomes one of the show's most sympathetic and interesting characters further down the line. I would like to talk more about the characters, but honestly, to do so may cause this review to move into spoiler territory, because like I said before, nobody on this show is ever really safe from death. One character may appear to be the kind of person who'd last all six seasons, but may well be "whacked" after just a few episodes. On the other hand, there's characters who could only be seen in the background occasionally throughout the first season w

pronins 23 July 2020

This is The Godfather of TV series. I've rewatched all 86 episodes a few times and it's quite amazing how they'd kept up the quality over so many episodes. Aside from the great acting and writing, the directing is incredible - there are many scenes where nothing special happens, yet the atmosphere makes these scenes unforgettable. Character development at its best: I felt like I was there, experiencing their world throughout the series. A masterpiece.

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