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The Sopranos (1999)

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New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

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May 6, 2001star9.7 9726 votesS3E11 Pine Barrens
May 23, 2004star9.7 6226 votesS5E12 Long Term Parking
June 3, 2007star9.6 6013 votesS6E20 The Blue Comet
April 9, 2000star9.4 6090 votesS2E13 Funhouse
April 2, 2000star9.4 5563 votesS2E12 The Knight in White Satin Armor
June 10, 2007star9.3 8733 votesS6E21 Made in America
December 8, 2002star9.3 5445 votesS4E13 Whitecaps
November 10, 2002star9.3 5250 votesS4E9 Whoever Did This
April 4, 2004star9.3 4902 votesS5E5 Irregular Around the Margins
May 20, 2007star9.3 4859 votesS6E19 The Second Coming
June 6, 2004star9.3 4700 votesS5E13 All Due Respect
March 28, 1999star9.2 5857 votesS1E12 Isabella
April 4, 1999star9.2 5821 votesS1E13 I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
May 13, 2001star9.2 5000 votesS3E12 Amour Fou
March 12, 2006star9.2 4902 votesS6E1 Members Only
March 18, 2001star9.1 5290 votesS3E4 Employee of the Month
May 13, 2007star9.1 5172 votesS6E18 Kennedy and Heidi
May 20, 2001star9.1 4886 votesS3E13 Army of One
April 8, 2007star9.1 4864 votesS6E13 Soprano Home Movies
February 7, 1999star9.0 6698 votesS1E5 College

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User Reviews

Johnny-Sack 11 March 2006

The Sopranos is arguably the greatest show in Dramatic Television history.

Its hard to think of another series that boasts so much intelligence, sublime writing or first rate performances.

Across its epic scope it produces fresh and iconic characters and a constant level of high quality. Centering around the life of one Tony Soprano, a man who lives in two families. One is the conventional wife and two kids nuclear family the other a huge New Jersey Mafia group, of which he is the boss of both. Played by James Gandolfini, of True Romance and The Mexican fame, Tony is a fascinating, scary but also likable guy. Full praise must be given to Gandolfini for making a womanising and horrifically aggressive brute a genuinely identifiable and perfect leading man. Contemporay American drama has never had such an arresting and iconic figure as Tony.

The cast of hundreds never boasts a flat performance and such stand out characters like Paulie Walnuts and Ralph Cifaretto will stick in your memory for ever.

The true genius of this tale however, is the creator and writers bravery and revolutionary take on a conventional drama series. Twenty minute long dream sequences, powerful and original use of symbolism and metaphorical imagery and truly shocking scenes of violence. Yet all this style is met by truly touching themes of love, honour and respect for family. The series never becomes cold hearted or gratuitous.

With TV now competitive and often poor The Sopranos stands tall above the rest as America's most original and compelling drama. Forget Family Redifined. This is Television Redifined.

Inglourious_Basterd21 26 August 2006

What can you possibly say about a show of this magnitude? "The Sopranos" has literally redefined television as we know it. It has broken all rules, and set new standards for television excellence. Everything is flawless, the writing, directing, and for me, most of all, the acting. Watching this show you'll find yourself realizing that these characters are NOT real. The acting tricks you into thinking there is a real Tony Soprano, or any character. This show is also very versatile. Some people don't watch the show because it's violent, it's not all about the violence, it's about business, family, and many deeper things that all depend on what you, as a fan see. For me, I don't like when people refer to the show, a show about the Mafia. For me, it's a show about family. A family who, through generations, happen to be apart of the mob. Overall this is a masterpiece of a show. This is what television should be. Right here. Complex characters from stunning acting, magnificent story lines from brilliant writing, and what do you get when you mix these ingredients together? A show that defines excellence, and dares to be different.

prodigy3010 5 May 2018

I ve just finished watching "The Sopranos" for the 4th time. I think its flawless. I wouldnt change anything about it. Cant wait to watch it for the 5th time.

mrsambo-63680 14 July 2020

Simply the best writing, and the best acting... I've seen it five times and it never gets old... I'm an absolut tv and movie geek, thousands of hours invested in this "lifestyle" and still nothing beats The Sopranos... And nothing will ever beat it... James Gandolfini steals every second of his screen and non-screen time, makes you wish these guys would still be in the 20th seasson if James would be alive! Can't wait for The Saints of Newark... Johnny Boy Soprano played by Jon Bernthal OMFG!!

pronins 23 July 2020

This is The Godfather of TV series. I've rewatched all 86 episodes a few times and it's quite amazing how they'd kept up the quality over so many episodes. Aside from the great acting and writing, the directing is incredible - there are many scenes where nothing special happens, yet the atmosphere makes these scenes unforgettable. Character development at its best: I felt like I was there, experiencing their world throughout the series. A masterpiece.

BlackJack_B 9 March 2001

The only show on T.V. worth watching in a sea of bad. Great acting, excellent music, intriguing storylines, and even hilarious situations are combined with HBO's no-holds-barred content. James Gandolfini is mesmerizing as Tony Soprano, a lynchpin in the Italian Mafia. However, instead of seeing Tony as just a one-dimensional thug, we see that he has a life outside of his criminal activities, and that's what makes this show different from it's competition. It's a different side to the story of criminals, that they have normal lives when not breaking the law. The entire supporting cast is brilliant, especially Edie Falco, as Tony's wife Carmela, a deeply religious woman who stands behind her man despite all of his sins and Lorraine Bracco, as Dr. Jennifer Merlhi, Tony's psychiatrist; a woman who fears him when she is giving him therapy, but secretly is attracted to him when they're apart. This is indeed "the show that revolutionized T.V." See it!!!

helgethuv 24 April 2006

The Sopranos is one of the best TV-shows I have ever seen. If you like gangster/mobster/mafia movies, I can strongly recommend "The Sopranos". The show is mainly about Anthony "Tony" Soprano and his life as a father, husband and leader of a mob in the 21st century. The show is (as far as I know) realistic, compared to many other mafia shows and movies I have seen. The actors fit like a glove to their parts. This show made me realize how good many of these actors are in other shows and movies. This show has it all; humor, action, drama, good music, good actors, good "behind the camera" people and a good plot. The show displays all sides of the mob business; "buisness", private life, the cops/FBI point of view, the victims side of the story and much more.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 28 July 2020

The Sopranos is universally thought of as one of the best tv shows of all-time and is at the top of every "best ever" list ever created for a reason...because it is! There's nothing I can say about this incredible tv show that hasn't already been said. All you have to do is read through the reviews to see how loved this show really is. It's absolutely perfect!

feddomw 29 March 2019

Name any other show you like, I've watched it. And the other great ones, all of them. Numerous times. Loved them, even. But this is the best thing ever made, bar none. This is not Goodfellas Godfather shlock. This is the finest character study ever filmed. And James Gandolfini is the most mesmerizing protagonist in television history. Come at me.

deanomcd-566-801276 17 May 2020

This is the greatest show of all time. Nothing compares. James Gandolfini is absolutely outstanding. I could write a novel on how good The Sopranos is. Absolutely fantastic.

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