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The Sound of Magic (2022)

Drama | Music 
Rayting:   7.9/10 1.7K votes
Country: South Korea
Language: English

When she was little, Yun Ai dreamed of becoming a magician. But in reality, she's just a high school student who can't even afford new socks. After meeting a mysterious magician at a carnival, she decides to follow her dream.

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May 6, 2022star9.1 100 votesS1E2 Don't let me dream any longer
May 6, 2022star9.1 85 votesS1E4 Becoming an adult
May 6, 2022star9.1 83 votesS1E5 Curse of asphalt
May 6, 2022star9.0 91 votesS1E3 Merry-go-round
May 6, 2022star8.9 127 votesS1E6 The last performance
May 6, 2022star8.3 116 votesS1E1 Do you... believe in magic?

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User Reviews

hanalisss 7 May 2022

Korean dramas keep getting better and better, I am in love of how they are trying new things and going away from typical cliché storylines.

This is such a beautiful story and it is so brilliantly written.

Started so weird that I kept wondering where it was going, nothing made sense but it did at the same time! All the scenes are so colorful and stimulating and the performances are just outstanding.

You will go through all the emotions watching this and it is very raw. Even though some of the themes are used often in kdrama they managed to explore it in such a different light it feels very refreshing.

I also enjoyed the songs it gave me La la land vibes and I actually think it was well executed.

I am a big fan of Ji Chang Wook and I have literally watched all of his work, he just keeps surprising me with his awesome acting! I thought the girl( Choi Sung Eun, which I didn't know before) Was fantastic as well and Hwang In Youp did great with this role.

Watch it, you won't regret it!

wookiealwayshotashell 8 May 2022

Definitely can't dislike this drama because of Magical, touching and Ji Chang Wook charming face. Great acting from main cast Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop, Choi Song Eun. Just 6 Episodes will make you forget about reality and makes you believe in magic. Not only worth watching but it also has memorable moments.

I thought Ji Chang Wook should have got more screen time. Damn when he says "Do you believe in... Magic ?" it's freakingly cuuuuute.... Story somewhat predictable. But Ji Chang Wook s emotions, handsome face will knock you out.

It's Wookie's charm and magical battle, fighting.

mindhy_eau 6 May 2022

Give me anything with magic, circus and magicians, and Ji Chang Wook on top of that, life is good. Is a musical but is worth it. Six episodes with some wholesomeness along. Do you believe in magic? I do and I hope by the end you too.

kvraaah 8 May 2022

There was an unexpected charm to this show that I can't quite put my finger on. Honestly, when I watched the trailer, I wasn't even one bit interested. I can't believe I didn't know it was a musical until I saw it on my Netflix homepage this morning. I think that's what drew me to watching it: I'd never seen a musical K-Drama before, and especially with Ji Chang-wook and Hwang In-yeop, I practically leaped at the play button.

Annara Sumanara is a joyful drama: it's beautiful and magical; nostalgic and astounding. I honestly don't have anything to say about that because I finished it only a few minutes ago. I've barely even processed the ending. The songs are quite good and the episodes are each very interesting and immersive. If I was a bit younger and didn't rush to finish the show in one day, it probably would've been 10/10 for me. I think it's a must-watch, for sure!

arunnsh 6 May 2022

I loved the show and the story. Great performances by everyone. Hwang In-Yeop shines as Na Il-deung and impresses with his acting skills and portrays his character and his various emotions with finesse, Choi Sung-eun as Yoon Ah-yi delivers an amazing performance and shines in her role. Ji Chang-Wook as the wizard Lee Eul is just amazing, he does justice to his role and impresses you with his skills. Nam Da-reum as the young Lee Eul also delivers a very strong performance and impresses you with his acting skills. Overall a wonderfully acted series with some very strong performances.

All in all a great show to watch. Very feel good, walks you through various human emotions and stories. Only issue I can think of is that it can be a little bit slow paced at times. But even with that accounted for this is a GEM of a Show and is definitely a must watch.

Short_and_to_the_point 8 May 2022

I binged this in a day. It was a bit slow in the middle, as most series are. It was still enjoyable and it did have little twists here and there which made my keep on guessing and wanting to watch more. I'd welcome a second season if they wanted to do that!!

originalavaone-28070 7 May 2022

To the team that created this gem. This was pivotal to my mental health journey. I received the powerful statements, suggestions, and information given. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for the journey. It blew my mind. This is the absolute best Kdrama I ever seen.

cdayoning 9 May 2022

The music and video are excellent, and Ji Chang-wook's acting is also excellent. I think I saw a musical. I keep listening to the OST.

Rieul's magic comforted me, too. Thanks!

jcwusa 7 May 2022

As expected Ji Chang Wook conveys a poignant emotions perfectly in each scene. He draws the viewer into the character. Wish there were more scenes with him in it!

reyesantos-52976 7 May 2022

The drama should be nominated in oscars acadamy awards. This was honestly an amazing experience. Definitely one of the most creative and visually stunning dramas I've ever seen. Feels like it was made to binge and just lose yourself in.

gulervadbruzgar 7 May 2022

I really like the show. It's a beauty to have it in a musical style. The acting is very good. I don't know what to say to Mr. Ji chang wook in particular. He was so sweet. He's like a child. This show has made me feel better and I'm happy to watch it. I'm sorry about my bad English.

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