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The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022)

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Country: USA
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A love triangle between one girl and two brothers. A story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.

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Season 1

June 16, 2022Episode 7 Summer Love
June 16, 2022Episode 6 Summer Tides
June 16, 2022Episode 5 Summer Catch
June 16, 2022Episode 4 Summer Heat
June 16, 2022Episode 2 Summer Dress
June 16, 2022Episode 1 Summer House

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June 16, 2022star8.8 104 votesS1E6 Summer Tides
June 16, 2022star8.4 147 votesS1E7 Summer Love
June 16, 2022star8.0 111 votesS1E4 Summer Heat
June 16, 2022star7.8 105 votesS1E5 Summer Catch
June 16, 2022star7.6 119 votesS1E3 Summer Nights
June 16, 2022star7.5 130 votesS1E2 Summer Dress
June 16, 2022star7.2 162 votesS1E1 Summer House

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User Reviews

rockyservacio 17 June 2022

Even though I haven't read the books, I still came to like it in the end--hold on, let me rephrase that, I actually came to love it! There's no single episode that doesn't make me chuckle or smile because of its romantic scenes. All in all, it was an unexpected experience because I actually watched this series with low expectations because I thought this will be full of cringe scenes, but I was wrong, instead it made my day complete! 10/10 for me. Keep up the good work!

P. S. I think every season needs to end with a Taylor Swift song because her songs are just sooo good!

roxyss 20 June 2022

Very difficult to identify with the story or the characters, everyone is supposed to be good but they behave horrible and show it as something normal. Also, there were very uncomfortable scenes to watch :0.

tamartins 19 June 2022

I read so many bad reviews saying how poorly was adapted but I guess people didn't pay attention that the author itself created e co-wroted the series so I guess all the changes from the books were made because she thought it would fit better. I'm in the middle of the book right now and so far the series was much better and the changes elevated the stories for me. Oh and also if you're a middle age man and you're saying this is trash then maybe you should watch appropriate things for your age and your wonderful IQ. And for the one that only paid attention to the politics, belive nobody that cared about the romance and the untangle of it paid any mind to it. It's a great series, very easy to watch and will hold your attention for sure. And the tracklist is great! Highly recommend the show!

vanessxisabelle 19 June 2022

It's 4am and I just finished binging this show in one night. I am not gonna shut up about this for a while istg i'll tell everyone i talk to about this. The plot, the tropes, this is RIGHT up my alley it's insane. Everything from the summer-house vibe, old childhood friends turned into love-triangle, the friendship between the moms (!!!!!! Oh my GOD), the girl best friend... the list goes on - i'm so obsessed. Belly is me, I am Belly. It's insane how much I relate to her. The volleyball tournament scene AHHHH and oh god how much I cried. The Fourth of July episode already wrecked me out of various reasons but the final episode? Excuse me??? I swear to god I can't remember the last time a show or movie has made me sob like a baby on this level and broke my heart into pieces. I'm happy with the kind of hopeful/happy-ish ending but still. Also, I've had an inner battle going on for a while about whose team I'm on but I think eventually I might actually be Team Jeremiah which is really surprising to me. Oh god I can't stop rambling about this. Anyways, this show is so much better than I expected. I would've been happy with regular clichée teen romance but it's so so much more than that. Haven't read the book but gonna start reading asap tomorrow.

kislyankak 18 June 2022

They changed it so much. 😭 It's nothing like the book. If you've not read the books, then it's just an average modern teen show. But if you loved the books, this show is basically trash.

rachelsmithliverpool 21 June 2022

I have not read the book so I can't comment on how like the book it is. However, watching this series is so refreshing, I am watching the episodes with a smile on my face reminiscing of my own times in summer that looked like this. This is a show that both older teens and adults will enjoy and also feel something with. I just enjoyed all of this and the Taylor swift songs only made it more enjoyable and fresh!

kelley1231 18 June 2022

Jeremiah is by far the best character of the series. Such a cute tween book to series adaptation. There's many layers and relationships from parents to children that everyone can connect with.

callijacquelle 17 June 2022

Let me start by saying, I love the books. Love them. They're so warm and sweet, and I was so nervous when I heard there was going to be a tv series. I thought the series would never be able to match the tone the books I have... I was wrong! Thankfully so! This series kept that warm and sweet feeling and followed the books so well. Loved it! Excited for the next season!

anacristimar 17 June 2022

This show is simply amazing, it is fun to watch, it is amazing, the soundtrack is perfect!! All the actors were amazing, the history was pretty good, they stayed loyal to the books but added so many amazing things that made this show really perfect, i cant wait to rewatch it!!! I am waiting for season two already.

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