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The Terminal List (2022)

Action | Thriller 
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Rayting:   8.2/10 7.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A former Navy SEAL officer investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high stakes covert mission.

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Season 1

June 30, 2022Episode 8 Reclamation
June 30, 2022Episode 7 Extinction
June 30, 2022Episode 6 Transience
June 30, 2022Episode 5 Disruption
June 30, 2022Episode 4 Detachment
June 30, 2022Episode 2 Encoding
June 30, 2022Episode 1 The Engram

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Top 20 (Ranked)

June 30, 2022star8.9 353 votesS1E5 Disruption
June 30, 2022star8.7 296 votesS1E6 Transience
June 30, 2022star8.6 300 votesS1E8 Reclamation
June 30, 2022star8.5 264 votesS1E7 Extinction
June 30, 2022star8.4 378 votesS1E4 Detachment
June 30, 2022star8.2 432 votesS1E3 Consolidation
June 30, 2022star8.1 696 votesS1E1 The Engram
June 30, 2022star8.1 497 votesS1E2 Encoding

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User Reviews

loco_73 3 July 2022

This is the type of entertainment that used to get made on a fairly regular basis yesteryear. Not anymore. Shows like this one are far and few between these days. A show which doesn't preach, insult or attack it's audiences or tries to force-feed a specific message of anykind. It is a series that is unabashedly entertaining, interesting and a pleasure to watch start to finish. The themes and ideas of this show are woven into the storyline and plot points as well as the journey of the characters. No empty virtue signalling or moral grand-standing here.

"The Terminal List" is an edge of your seat mystery-spy-action-thriller with a healthy dose of revenge seeking thrown in there, one that while not necessarily breaking any new ground (there are other similarly-themed series and movies of varying levels of quality) still manages to feel fresh and put it's own spin on the genre.

The show is not necessarily an easy watch and is at times grim and darkly-themed. But that is part and parcel of the story and the different paths the characters have to undertake. Which is also what makes for such compelling viewing.

Some may point to perhaps the overly long run of the episodes. I personally, do not mind that one bit. The series is eight episodes long...and you actually get your money's worth. I am sick and tired of these series that are only six to eight episodes, where individual episodes sometimes a have a forty minutes or less runtime...looking at you Disney Plus! Besides, this is actually a positive, because it allows the show to breathe, the story to unfold properly and the characters to actually develop in a meaningful way.

In addition, perhaps most importantly, this a very solid, well made, cast, acted, written and directed series. I am aware that it is based on the books by James Carr (I'm assuming this series will get more seasons), which I have not read. It speaks to the effectiveness of the series, that it draws those like myself, who have not read the source material, to this world and characters. Of special mention is the pilot/ first episode, directed by Antoine Fuqua himself, who puts on a clinic on how to properly start a show and set the tone. Chris Pratt is no doubt a standout here but by no means the only one. Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, JD Pardo, Riley Keough, Jane Tripplehorn, Jay Courtney are all good in their respective roles, as are others not mentioned here. The cinematography, action sequences, the music also nicely round off the whole deal.

"The Terminal List" is an example of talented people in front and behind the camera, working on a project they care about and are invested in.

jaimemedina-36288 1 July 2022

I'm usually not a Chris Pratt fan. I hated the idiotically named "Tomorrow War". But The Terminal List absolutely delivers. It's gritty and tense, violent and engaging. It rings ever so slightly like a Jack Ryan movie with threads of the Manchurian Candidate. It keeps you thinking and keeps you watching. Perfect weekend binge.

Supermanfan-13 1 July 2022

The Terminal List is an action packed thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire series. It's absolutely loaded with star power led by Chris Pratt and also has incredible performances by the rest of this great cast including Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Jai Courtney, Constance Wu, JD Pardo & Jeanine Tripplehorn just name a few. You don't get that kind of star power (especially Pratt) for a tv show unless you have a good show on your hands. This show is full of action but it's not a mindless action show, it has a good story that keeps you entertained throughout the show.

James Reece (Pratt) is a commander of a Navy Seals platoon that's wiped out except for him and his buddy. He gets a concussion and when explains to his bosses what happened they tell him he's wrong and have their own story of what actually happened. They keep telling him he's wrong and the trauma is why he's not remembering but it's much deeper than that. The only who who believes him is his buddy (Kitsch). Turns out he is right and the US Gov't has an agenda and are against Reece, who's a decorated and respected soldier. What is the Gov't trying to protect? Again, it's a great action show that will absolutely keep you entertained!

exoticcat 2 July 2022

Love that he was properly trained for this role. Good actor. I recommend this series . The plot is well known nothing new but entertaining...............

sk-mckenzie 1 July 2022

Wow this beat my expectations as I a am a fan of the books and was not sure how this was going to be. It is really good - Pratt does an excellent job with the PTS and showing by his features and face the internal turmoil of loss and trauma. Production values are solid and the story is well paced and each episode makes me want more. Plus I buy into the whole premise of people needing to pay a price. This thriller is not for the faint of heart I highly recommend it. And for the book series the audible version is also excellent. I listen to it on long runs or hikes.

murphy-77692 1 July 2022

Chris Pratt does a hell of a job in this. I thought him being in comedy centric roles would throw it off for me but I was wrong. If you like violence and vengeance then this is the show for you.

busaman 2 July 2022

Chris Pratt never fails to entertain. We all know the genre is basic but we can pretty much all relate. If you have not served you have at least known someone or seen news related stuff. There is still so much more that can be done with this if they want.

My one and only wish would be that Taylor Kitsch had a little more screen time. Between Chris having training for ZDT and Taylor for Lone Survivor they really bring that SO mentality to the screen.

Most creators use a platform like this to try to pound their agenda into your face. Well they can pound sand and creators like Chris and Taylor can get my viewing time.


MoistMovies 2 July 2022

Seen some of this before, but the execution was very well done.

Chris, when he's not restrained by Jurassic Park crud. Has pretty decent range of emotions for a modern actor. I'd like to see him take on some very heavy subjects that are not just action.

He could pull off a great role in the right type of indie horror film from A24 productions.

Much more respect to him after this series.

I won't go into plot, but it's Chris's show. He executive produced and obviously had a lot of say in this. Not making it politically biased like so many films are now.

Great escapism for 7hr It's shot well and the military aspects seem well researched so a squad moves tactically and they shoot properly. Not John wick style.

I think I saw 1 score votes purely for being too dark in some scenes..... adjust your tv.... far out people. Contrast and brightness are changeable....

deacon_blues-88632 3 July 2022

Awesome production value, cinematography, acting, writing, dialogue, and action sequences. I can't see any weak aspects, but I gave it a 9 just to be restrained. Could very easily been a 10! Maybe an actual specops person would be more critical, but that's not me. Loved every second of it! Sad it ever had to end!

tgagovidigal 1 July 2022

If you like military thrillers don't miss this one.

Chris Pratt is great and there are a lot of great support cast, that helps tell this story.

I have no clue why Amazon doesn't advertise this type of series more. They did the same with Reacher.

antdizzle 2 July 2022

This show an is action packed throw back to the adrenaline packed, masculine hits of the past. Chris Pratt gets hate for who he is in Hollywood but he brings it here along with Taylor Kitsch in a heart pounding thrill ride of a show.

bjjao 2 July 2022

I really liked this series.

Nice action, great story, good actors, good direction.

Constance Wu is great as always.

I usually think about Christ Pratt based on his action comedy performances, but he does hold his own in this thriller.

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