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The Umbrella Academy (2019)

Action | Comedy 
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Rayting:   8.0/10 181K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world.

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July 31, 2020star9.1 4050 votesS2E10 The End of Something
July 31, 2020star8.9 3234 votesS2E9 743
February 15, 2019star8.8 4707 votesS1E10 The White Violin
February 15, 2019star8.6 4071 votesS1E8 I Heard a Rumor
February 15, 2019star8.6 3899 votesS1E9 Changes
July 31, 2020star8.6 3095 votesS2E7 Oga for Oga
July 31, 2020star8.6 3061 votesS2E8 The Seven Stages
February 15, 2019star8.4 4081 votesS1E6 The Day That Wasn't
July 31, 2020star8.4 3624 votesS2E1 Right Back Where We Started
July 31, 2020star8.4 3204 votesS2E3 The Swedish Job
July 31, 2020star8.4 2989 votesS2E6 A Light Supper
February 15, 2019star8.3 4065 votesS1E5 Number Five
July 31, 2020star8.3 3048 votesS2E5 Valhalla
February 15, 2019star8.2 3833 votesS1E7 The Day That Was
July 31, 2020star8.2 3062 votesS2E4 The Majestic 12
February 15, 2019star8.1 4089 votesS1E4 Man on the Moon
July 31, 2020star8.1 3205 votesS2E2 The Frankel Footage
February 15, 2019star7.9 4324 votesS1E3 Extra Ordinary
February 15, 2019star7.8 4677 votesS1E2 Run Boy Run

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User Reviews

as_ilona 15 August 2020

It rarely happens in series that the second season is better than the first.

rlorenzoa 19 February 2019

Very entertaining series about superheroes, where superheroes have a life, a character, dramas and traumas... But what in my opinion raises it above the already good series is the use of music in the movie. Remarkable, impressive, needs to recognized with an award. It's been years (pulp fiction?) since I saw such a perfect use of music for the last time!

rtipping68 21 August 2020

When I decided to give this a go I was expecting a teen "special powers" typical Netflix whining American beauties accompanied by chisel faced men nonsense. The sort of series in which you could not care less about the characters with the obligatory politically correctness to teach us something in a patronising and predictable sort of way. Well I could not have been more wrong on this occasion.

The actors are well cast and you do care about them all. I found the humour was genuinely funny. There is a lesbian relationship in season two and a gay relationship spanning both seasons which went beyond ticking the netflix diversity check box and was rather touching and relevant. Well done for doing a great job in weaving that into the story in a sensitive and meaningful way.

I actually preferred Season two but that is in no way saying season one was bad because it wasn't. Season 2 also covered political issues in the form of black activists and cold war paranoia which was relevant for the time in which it was set. This also was very well done and did not come across as preaching but rather it made me appreciate the struggle facing black people back then and in some way still do sadly.

I was blown away with the CGI concerning the character Pogo. This was a purely CGI driven character and it / he was brilliant. It would seem no expense was spared and the detail is worthy of any blockbuster movie. I don't want to give anything away but you will know what I mean when you watch it.

I tip my hat to the person or people responsible for a great soundtrack.

It would seem that all the ingredients where spot on in making this an entertaining watch for both teenagers and adults alike, a rare feat for netflix. The only other series I have watched that managed this was Stranger Things.

Netflix did good here, the acting was great and the characters and story was wacky enough to deliver humour and seriousness convincingly. Looking forward to season 3.

william-thay 17 September 2020

Hurry up and release season 3. Five is turning 16 tomorrow and if we wait another couple years he'll be an adult and not very smart anymore. Netflix, please proceed with filming.

deandrury 2 August 2020

How this only has 7.9 is crazy to me! The second season is brilliant!!

sammy_dimitrova 17 February 2019

First episode is a little slow, but after that it just keeps coming at you until all that's left are the credits of episode 10. The sound track is fantastic, acting on point, story line brilliantly executed. Can't wait for more!

lynansaysingle 21 May 2021

This is a show that my son enjoys so its good to find one I can watch with him. I do like the story line. I dont think all the actors picked for the characters suit the part. Im just not feeling it for Allison especially Luther. Not as perfect fit as the others. Watched the first 2 seasons and Im keen to see what happens in Season 3. The show does remind me so much of X Men so the concept is not original. Still enjoy it just the same. So watch it if you are a fan of superhero genre.

abhilive-31740 18 May 2021

Success of any movie or show is leave a question behind it and let the audience wait for next installment.

Best part is season 2 complete season 1.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 15 June 2021

The Umbrella Academy is such an incredible show that should be entertaining to all types of different people! I would absolutely recommend it to any fan of superheros, action, sci-fi, fantasy or drama because it has something for fans of all those genres! It may start a little slow for some while it builds up the story and characters, but it gets better and better as the story progresses. I thought Season 2 was even better than the Season 1 and it was just renewed for a third season, which I can't wait for! I'm a huge fan of superhero movies/shows and while I have to say The Umbrella Academy isn't my absolute favorite one, it's still really good and very entertaining! It really does bring a fresh take to the genre!

drb-27517 13 April 2020

Semi super heroes, all born on the same day with different mothers, with most of them acquired to be raised by one man.

Without getting into details, it is perhaps the most eclectic story line concerning folks with special powers. Very unusual, interesting, and the best music I've ever heard as background.

The music. If the story line doesn't intrigue you, the music will. I've had to stop the show several times to "Sound Hound" the music because it is the best soundtrack I've ever heard.

Story line plus the music makes this series a definite winner. It's well worth your time in an era crowded with series of all genres of exclusive shows.

burnsb-71393 16 February 2019

I read the comic for the umbrella academy about a year ago And was so intrigued by the characters. When I heard the Netflix was making it into a show I was so Excited. I was worried that they would change the source material and ruin it but I was so surprise when they adapted into something remarkable. Instead of taking the characters and butchering their storylines and traits , the show improved their backgrounds and arcs in ways I didn't think possible. The concept is very similar to the X-Men, where a group of kids raised in an academy with special powers, however it thrives in the sense that these characters have family drama as well as dealing with their powers. This show is a must watch for those who love the super hero genre!!!!!

lynnboe 6 May 2020

Overall the umbrella academy is a good series, but what raises it above average is the amazing use of music. Absoloutely astounding. The acting is pretty good. Aidan Gallagher does a great job portraying an old man in a 13 year old body, it is a believable performance and it is a great character. When it comes to the rest of the characters, Vanya seemed a little flat, and she didnt give me much up until the last few episodes. The story line with Luther and Allison was unnecessary, and at some point i found myself skipping through them. Klaus is a great comedy relief, but we still see a deeper side to him. Definitely one of my favorite characters.

The first episode is a bit slow, but it gains some momentum at the end. The story line builds up nicely througout the rest of the episodes. At some points the plot seems a little predictable, but nothing that bothered me too much.

I definitely recommend the umbrella academy, and I am looking forward to season two!

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