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The Walking Dead (2010)

Drama | Thriller 
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Country: USA
Language: English

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.

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Season 11

October 10, 2021Episode 8 For Blood
October 3, 2021Episode 7 Promises Broken
September 26, 2021Episode 6 On the Inside
September 19, 2021Episode 5 Out of Ashes
September 12, 2021Episode 4 Rendition
September 5, 2021Episode 3 Hunted
August 22, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

thatmediaguy 2 February 2018

Have been true fan from beginning, still am, love the show and the characters, BUT.....

the taking on of other people, while realistic, is a bit much and they barely fight again the Walkers anymore. This is sad as the fear, desperation and horror of struggling to survive in a world now ruled by Walking Dead, is how it all started.

So this is a sincere request to the leaders, the writers and producers, get back to fighting and surviving against the Walkers/Zombies!! Please!!!

kerrie_blight 9 March 2019

Series 7&8 were tough, in fact we gave up hope completely and stopped watching. Recently we gave it another go and got through it and series 9 is not disappointing us so far. TWD is back to how it used to be Humans vs zombies with some added dangers! There have been highs and lows but it keeps you hooked. I hope they continue like this.

sammielimehouse-84658 12 April 2021

The Walking Dead is an incredible show, although it has it's rough patches, like every other show. Especially later seasons like seven and eight. But I love it because of how unforgiving and gritty the show is. Because of how realistic the show typically lives I go into every episode wondering who they're going to kill of next, because this show is know for killing off it's characters. Overall, this is one of my favorite shows AMC has ever produced and there is a reason that it has spawned several sequels and even an entire trilogy of movies.


lukeborg-70777 6 March 2019

So far season 9 has really kicked it up a notch. The last couple of seasons did feel like they were starting to drag but with the addition of the new characters and the time jump the mid season finale added has really kept me intrigued throughout the entirety of this season. Hopefully the show will continue to keep things fresh. Looking forward to the future of this show and the direction it has decided to go.

lesdean-20440 11 April 2021

But I can't stop watching this show...Great TV, great writing. Great acting, entertaining storytelling, and scary..

DiCaprio-HardyFan 5 March 2021

Everyone know that The Walking Dead isn't as good as it used to be, those early seasons were groundbreaking in so many ways and because of them this show still gets a high rating from me! Those earlier seasons make this show one of the best shows of all-time! Like most long running shows, it's had its ups and downs but even at its worst it was still the #1 show on cable, in fact it has been #1 every season it's been on the air. The last few seasons without Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) haven't been as good but it's at least starting to get back to being a pretty good show this season. Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Jeffery Dean Morgan (Negan) have continued to carry the show after Andrew Lincoln's departure and I think we can actually look forward to it again!

skybrick736 12 May 2018

The Walking Dead in its first season could not be touched. When it came down to it, the first season had a collection of complex characters, thought provoking dialogue, captivating storylines, great cinematography, and downright scary looking zombies. Its hard to pin-point one thing that is extraordinary about Season 1 since there are so many aspects to talk about. First off, the scenes in downtown Atlanta were incredibly visual and the scenes that took place in more rural areas were very scenic. The undead in the first season had great makeup and special effects too, the zombies had defined faces that really make them feel they were once human. If I had to pick one thing that was great about the first season, its has to be the cast... Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal make great, bad ass lead actors that also have the ability to project a range of emotions. Laurie Holden is also radiant in this season and the surrounding cast of Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Irone Singleton, and Norman Reedus all showcase a great character that can be easily become a fan-favorite to any. Frank Darabont hit a grand slam with the Walking Dead and its fairly easily to see why the shows popularity boomed right away.

Blindfs 10 December 2020

Huge fan from beginning, but the writers and producers are screwing up. Firsts seasons 10/10. When it was all based in a real Apocalypse , everyone getting used to the new real world after landing in a reallity never imagined..

cubsnovak 1 May 2021

I stayed away from waithis show for over a decade. The reason is that I thought,"Great. Another show about zombies. Big deal. I've seeñ that story before..." Well...Yes. Zombies, or rather "walkers", are very much prevalent throughout the entire show.

I love this program because to me, it's all about right v wrong, honour v no honour, using your intelligence, creativity,ingenuity, and your trust in your fellow humans, in order to not just survive a world that you had never known. Not just survive...but to create a community. Heck. Not a community, but a new civilisation. You will follow a band of characters who encounter a plethora of antagonists. Some of these antagonists are simply bad. And some are extremely evil and sadistic.

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