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The Watch (2020)

Action | Comedy | Fantasy
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Country: UK | USA
Language: English

Based on the characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, A group of misfit cops rise up from decades of helplessness to save their corrupt city from catastrophe.

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petra_ste 5 January 2021

There is a moment in one of Terry Pratchett's brilliant Discworld novels where the protagonist's "organiser", a magical device reminding the owner of his daily appointments, breaks, so it starts reciting the schedule from an alternate universe where the characters made the wrong choices with awful results.

This feels like a show made in that darker timeline.

Maybe the producers were making their own steampunk cop show and decided to slap Discworld names on it as a marketing afterthought. Imagine if someone was planning an on-the-road sci-fi/comedy and, by some dark miracle, managed to get the Lord of the Rings license from the Tolkien Estate: cue a LOTR version where a bunch of stoner hobbits and an insane cackling Gandalf ride speeder bikes towards Mordor through a cyberpunk Middle-earth; Aragorn is a woman, Galadriel a dude, Gollum a politically-minded revolutionary and everyone else is missing. That's The Watch. I'm no purist when it comes to adapting books to screen... but when setting, plot, tone and pretty much all characters are unrecognizable, you should just create your own original work instead of bastardizing someone else's.

Some of the actors could have been fine in a proper adaptation, like Dormer as Vimes - if the iconic character had not been turned into a punk Jack Sparrow. Vimes - who is, with Granny Weatherwax, one of Discworld's more complex, nuanced characters among so many memorable ones - was, pre-development, a broken, depressed drunk, not a goofball. Nearly every member of the Watch has been tinkered with in similarly deplorable ways, to say nothing of Sybil.

Also, how do you ruin the running joke of the huge Carrot being an adoptive/honorary dwarf? Why, you cast other tall actors as dwarfs! It takes some special kind of anti-genius to mess this up.

So, as its own thing? Not good. As an adaptation? Offensive, tone-deaf and nightmarishly bad. We'll always have dozens of great Discworld novels, I know, but it's sad we couldn't get a good Watch TV series as well.


dibblah 3 January 2021

After seeing good Discworld TV productions like Hogfather, The Colour of Magic and Going Postal I actually thought that BBC would be able to make something at least as good ...

This is utter crap ... Discworld in some weird punk style.

Characters not even trying to be the characters we love from the books, and that's not even getting into the whole gender swap mess.

If you are a fan of the books watch the old TV movies I mentioned above and give this garbage a pass.

baduffe 4 January 2021

I just watched the two episode debut of The Watch on BBC America and I have to ask why? Why did the BBC decide to go so far away from the source material, Sky did a very reasonable job with Going Postal, hell, even The Hogfather (a Christmas time favourite in our home) and The Colour of Magic where infinitely better executed. I had some hope after hearing Richard Dormer was cast as Vimes, I loved him in Fortitude, but everything here seems wrong. The setting doesn't feel like Discworld, their vision of Ankh-Morpork doesn't fit the theme or style of the books (slowly developed and fleshed out over multiple volumes). The casting is off, not just the removal for key characters (Sgt. Colon and Nobby Nobbs) but the unfortunate idea of casting Lord Vetinari as a completely unthreatening afterthought is baffling, Charle Dance and Jeremy Irons are both still alive and have played the part so much better. There are just too many things wrong with this programme, if you want the real Watch, read the books, if you want to watch Pratchett done well, watch Going Postal.

tdavis-57082 4 January 2021

This show is an absolute dumpster fire. There is no way anyone at BBC is celebrating this show as an achievement.

akshunhiro 5 January 2021

I had no idea what I was watching and I'm a huge fan of the books. From the very first second it was confusing and horrible. All the characters were botched, storyline botched, script botched, editing botched. I liked the idea that Ankh Morpork was some sort of neo-punk medieval city, but that's all I liked because from the very first second, I was confused about what was happening (and this is from someone who has actually read the books several times).

This is a hard pass for any Pratchett fans as this will only make you angry. And I'm afraid that anyone else will have absolutely no clue what the hell is happening.

qrgzizd 25 February 2021

Absolutely rubbish if based on the Watch. They took a bit of this and a bit of that, threw in some adolescent fantasies of really bad fanfic and labeled it the Watch. Had they not attached it to the books which are iconic, it would have rated much better and honestly been barely recognizable as coming from the storyline. This is an epic fail simply because they wanted a name to sell the series. Did they source it to the US with all the BS remakes the US companies are doing? The only one who is halfway accurate is Carrot and I am sure they will muck that up.

aelthric 4 January 2021

How dare BBC America create this abomination and declare it is based on anything Sir Terry Pratchett wrote, the screenplay for this was clearly written by some imbecile who had never seen a Discworld novel before let alone ever read one.

This is written, produced and directed by the same people that Terry Pratchett lampooned in the discworld series of books calling themselves the "CAMPAIGN FOR EQUAL HEIGHTS" a group of Humans who claim to be campaigning on behalf of the dwarves (Clearly because they felt so superior to dwarves that the dwarves themselves were incapable of campaigning on their own behalf) yet caring little to nothing what the dwarves themselves might have to say about it).

If this mention of Sir Terry was supposed to get Sir Terry Pratchett's millions of fans on board they have clearly missed the target by at least three Dimentions and a whole Universe.

This abomination stands as testiment that the people who have assumed the mantle of "GUARDIANS OF ENTERTAINMENT" for themselves in the discworld they would be "THE CAMPAIGN FOR EQUAL HEIGHTS" have any sense of humour or even a base knowledge of IRONY (No it doesn't mean having the properties of IRON).

The title and the line "Based on the characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels" promises the Pratchett fan a cornucopia of Discworld feasts (See Nanny Oggs Cookbook) but delivers a dogsh__ sandwich.

hjalsayegh 5 January 2021

After watching some good discworld adaptations like Hogfather and Going Postal I figured... yeah lets give this one a chance.

The word for this thing is "NO"

No discworld is not some weird steampunk land No that's not this character No that not this character either No that's not what this character wears or does you're confusing them with... No, No, NO!

And that's BEFORE you get to gender swap mess they have. The aesthetics are ugly. The characters are that in name only. Their actions make no sense UNLESS you've read the books. If you've read the books your head will start throbbing because again these actions make no sense for this character in the current context.

The people who've made this clearly have no love for Pratchett's work or any consideration for the fanbase.

In The books we are introduced to Vimes piss drunk in the gutter. Literally that's his intro and yet that was far more dignified an introduction than what he got here.

cmansell-29976 3 January 2021

One of the things I keep hearing about this show is that it is not a direct interpretation of Sir Terry's phenomenal discworld, but it is inspired by it. I don't buy it. I think someone somewhere decided that they would cash in on one of Pratchett's most fleshed out segments of the novels, the city watch, in name and name alone, and totally missed the mark. I didn't expect it to be a love letter to Pratchett or fan service, but I did expect the characters to still at least have the same core that made them such treasures to read. Sam Vines is not Sam Vimes, it's true..."That's not my cow." At least not after the first episode. Same goes for each and every character from Angua to Detritus to Carrot to good old Dog botherer. I don't even care about the gender swap. Just give me the impression that there's a Machiavellian mind that's twelve steps ahead of everyone else working its magic behind the scenes, and I'll be happy. But here is where it really stings. You can tell that everyone really is trying. The performances for the most part are committed, albeit misinformed, the production value is decent, aside from Detritus's distracting appearance. And the punk vibe could have actually made for an interesting twist, but it just comes off as forced and therefore, pointless and shallow. I can only hope it gets better.

info-67622 17 February 2021

Get the rights for the Disc world books about the Watch , then decide that Terry Pratchett's version was rubbish and you could do it better !! Why ?? Take the names and storylines from various books , completely change the personalities & background stories and get Richard Dormer to Chanel his Alex Higgins as Vimes !! Avoid !!

toadyblegh 5 January 2021

I don't really know where to begin with this one. The original story was charming, funny and coherent, this is none of those things. It's a hopeless mess of fantasy, punk and industrial landscapes, possibly intended to be edgy but really just cheap and ugly. The acting is terrible, particularly Richard Dormer who is hamming it up as a low-rent, Jack Sparrow wannabe with all the charm of a freshly-filled adult diaper. The whisper thin story jumps around aimlessly and arbitrarily, with very little connecting the various interactions. It's just woeful and sad and tragic.

GazWatson 3 January 2021

I was looking forward to this, even though I was aware it wasn't going to really follow Terry's books. I figured if they were going to go their own way they must have a great story idea. I guess I was wrong, it's terrible, and what's with pantomime style acting!? Surely these actors can actually act? I can only presume they were given direction to act so badly, the bizarre affectations of Vimes make him difficult to watch, closely followed by Angua, almost equally as bad. The only character I've liked so far is Lady Sybil, which if this was a true attempt at a Terry Pratchet book would offend me that they'd changed the character so dramatically.

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